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Camlock applications: Homestay / Short stay solutions

- One single App to manage many hostels property
- Digital door lock, sensors, cameras, actuators works together
- Schedule pass code for digital door can let the owners' life easier.
- Cloud video summary can let the owners check the hostel easier, if they want
- CCTV solution

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Camlock applications: Homestay / Short stay solutions

  1. 1. CamLock Applications Homestay/ Short Stay Solution V 1.2
  2. 2. 10 BIG PROBLEMS for Short Stay 1. Guests will accidentally bring the keys with them. 2. For electric door lock users, once the guest has left, it is very inconvenient to change password. 3. Guests that books for 1 person, but arrives more than one person. 4. A camera outside to see who goes in and out. 5. Items stolen inside; even cameras are taken away. 6. Placing the keys under the mailbox or a key box outside can still worry other people. 7. When there are a lot of properties, it is very difficult to contact the guests. 8. Afraid that guests will burn things. 9. Guests also likes to be free. 10. When manager and property are not on the place, sometimes will encounter guests leaving without turning power off.
  3. 3. Case: HomeStay in Pingtung, Taiwan Background Mr. Han is a highspeed railway taxi driver, at the same time started opening his own B&B in different locations. Everyday we will be travelling back and forth from High Speed Railway Station and his B&Bs. Problem 1. Guests does not come in the appointed time to check-in. 2. Guests sometimes forgets to return the front door keys, causing other guests to be locked out. 3. Guests sometimes forgets to lock the front door. After using Skywatch CamLock: 1. No need to wait for guests to check in. He creates their password remotely and shares the code to the guests. 2. No need to provide key for the big door. All guests have their own specific password which are only valid during their stay. 3. No need to worry whether door is locked whenever guests goes out.
  4. 4. Case: Residence in Taichung, Taiwan Background Ms. Li has a house in Taichung, however due to work, most of the time is in Taipei. Requirements 1. Needs an electronic door lock that can be controlled remotely. 2. Camera to be position near the door, where it can capture the person’s face. 3. With cloud recording.
  5. 5. Case: Luxury Guest House in Yilan, Taiwan Background Mr. Chi is a trader from Taipei with luxury guest house in Yilan. Requirements 1. Can remotely share passcodes to guests, and would not require him to personally go to the guest house to open the door for guests. 2. Can see remotely who enters the door, at the same time can greet them. 3. The decorations inside the house are valuable, hope to view them accordingly. After using Skywatch CamLock: 1. No need to rush to the guest house to help friends or visitors open the door. 2. If there are instances that can meet with friends, can see them and talk to them remotely. 3. When door lock is unlock, camera will take a snapshot allows him to manage everything.
  6. 6. Case: Residence in Taipei, Taiwan Background Mr. Shu recently built a new house and installed several cameras and CamLock inside the house. Requirements 1. Whenever he arrives home, he wants to disconnect the camera however, he thinks it is very troublesome to unplug 2. A way to turn the camera back on again remotely. After using Skywatch: 1. No need to give keys to nannies. 2. Whenever he wants to close the camera, he can simply close the smart plug and he can double check status of camera too all in one app.
  7. 7. Case: Motel in Cebu, Philippines Background Hotel Owner wants to save energy for his motel. Requirements When customer checks in, he opens the power. And once they check out, he wants to cut all the power in that room remotely.
  8. 8. Started in 2011 Inventec (TW 2356), one of the largest ODM in Taiwan, and Vivotek (TW 3454) largest network camera manufacturer in Taiwan, have invested in Skywatch as an AIoT Artificial Intelligence IoT Team. ISO 27001 Certified Company