Enable SAP Agility & Get the Most Out of the Cloud


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Emergys and Skytap are partnering together to ensure that customers are getting the most out of the cloud—particularly as it pertains to their business critical, enterprise applications like SAP.

This webinar reviews how these two companies leverage the cloud to empower your business to:

-Rapidly enable optimized business processes and applications without capital expenditure
-Enable significant TCO benefits by performing development, testing and training in the cloud
-Accelerate business innovation and embrace consumer experience in your business through cloud-delivered platform as a service

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Enable SAP Agility & Get the Most Out of the Cloud

  1. 1. www.emergys.com May 22, 2014 ENABLE SAP AGILITY & GET THE MOST OUT OF THE CLOUD
  2. 2. www.emergys.com TODAY’S PRESENTERS MARK HUESMAN mhuesman@emergys.com Sr. Solution Engineer Emergys Corp. TONY PEREZ tperez@skytap.com Cloud Solution Architect Skytap
  3. 3. www.emergys.com  Phones will be muted  Please send all questions to sgrady@emergys.com  All participants will receive a recorded copy of today’s webinar ENABLE SAP AGILITY & GET THE MOST OUT OF THE CLOUD
  4. 4. www.emergys.com ABOUT EMERGYS Innovation for Agile Results MARKET LEADERSHIP As a leading Business Transformation company, Emergys has established a track record of successful project delivery and of providing support services to enterprises and non-profit organizations, across numerous industries. OUR UNIQUE BUSINESS MODEL  Global Delivery Capabilities; Onsite, Near-site and Global Resources  24x7 Global Support and Implementation  State of the art Development Centers  We apply Design Thinking to solve the complex and the not-so- complex problems, satisfying our customers 10 out of 10 times  Proprietary industry templates and methodologies for implementing best practices  Leader in Delivery & Global Support Services Serving Companies of every size OUR GLOBAL  Headquartered in RTP/Durham, NC  Founded in 1998  Approximately 400 employees worldwide  Offices India, Mexico, Canada & China OUR KEY PARTNERSHIPS  SAP - Gold Level SAP Partner since 2008 - Strategic VAR since 2011 - Consulting Services Partner - Partner Center of Expertise (PCOE) Certified  IBM Premiere Partner  Microsoft  Rockwell Automation  Provider of a range of services for multiple Fortune 500 companies since 1998
  5. 5. www.emergys.com ABOUT SKYTAP Our Company:  Focus on building better software faster  20,000 users  Founded in 2006 Our Technology: Skytap provides SaaS-based development/test environments. We remove the inefficiencies and constraints that companies have within their SDLC.
  6. 6. www.emergys.com SKYTAP CLOUD ENVIRONMENTS  Multi-VM environments with software defined networking  Spin up test environments on demand and in under a minute  Create environments only when needed, pay for what you use Create Custom Environments  Create golden templates of build & test environments  Create fresh instances of environments from golden templates  Create multiple copies of the environment in parallel Repeatability Debugability  Save failures frozen in time templates for further investigation Flexibility  Run application components in Skytap Cloud or on premise  Connect components together using self-service VPN connections  Use projects to enable teams to work together  Use one-click publish URLs to share resource outside your organization Collaboration
  7. 7. www.emergys.com Source: Saugatuck Technology, 2012 Cloud Business Solution Survey, Global, N-228 (Feb 2012) of new enterprise IT spend will be cloud-based or hybrid by 2016 Source: Saugatuck Technology, 2012 Cloud Business Solution Survey, Global, N-228 (Feb 2012) Approach Leverages Existing Investments BUSINESSES ARE ADOPTING CLOUD
  8. 8. www.emergys.com 80% 50%36% of global enterprises used SaaS vs. 19% of small companies of Global 1000 companies will have sensitive data in the cloud by 2016 of new applications will run in the cloud By 2020, the cloud market will reach $241B 1) Forrester 2) IDC 3) Gartner 4) Forrester. 36% of companies with >20,000 employees had adopted SaaS in 2010, vs. 19% of companies with <500 employees. BENEFITS OF CLOUD FOR ENTERPRISE
  9. 9. www.emergys.com APPROACH TO INNOVATION Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014 Mobile Device Diversity & Management Mobile Apps & Applications The Internet of Everything Hybrid Cloud & IT as a Service Broker Cloud/Client Architecture The Era of Personal Cloud Software Defined Anything Web Scale IT Smart Machines 3-D Printing Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2013
  10. 10. www.emergys.com  Client engagement model for a responsive business  Executive real-time visibility into KPIs and analytic insights  Rapid time to value for new products  Modern consumer IT experience for client, partner, and employee engagement with business  Flexible OpEx spend vs. CapEx What we hear from Customers CUSTOMER DRIVE TO INNOVATION
  11. 11. www.emergys.com WHAT IS CLOUD A standardized IT capability for services, software and/or infrastructure that is delivered via internet technologies in a pay-per-use, self-service way. Forrester Research: The Evolution of Cloud Computing Markets (July 6, 2010)
  12. 12. www.emergys.com EMERGYS IS HELPING COMPANIES MIGRATE TO THE CLOUD BY APPLICATION ERP, HR, CRM, SCM, GTS BY GEOGRAPHY BY PROCESS MAINTENANCE, IMPLEMENTATION,UPGRADE, PLANNING, STRATEGY More and more companies are migrating to the cloud. How they are migrating varies – some are migrating by application, geography, and business processes. How you decide to ride the waves of change and growth, is up to you!
  13. 13. www.emergys.com TRANSFORMING YOUR BUSINESS IN THE CLOUD Emergys and Skytap are helping companies create the perfect cloud landscape to meet your businesses’ requirements. Our cloud enablement services and solutions will accelerate your move to the cloud and create a secure, highly scalable global IT environment that allows you to boost productivity, cut costs, and offer more value.  Rapid deployment  Industry best-practice processes  Rapid time to market of new business offerings  Great integration across business functions  Deep analytics & insights  Rapid prototyping  Rapid training Rapid Time To Value From Best-of-Breed Practices  Higher service availability (HA architecture)  Better business continuity: Backup-Restore, DR  Avoid owning and operating infrastructure  Automation of routine operations  Reduced burden of operations not core to business  Efficient upgrades  Ride commodity cost curve of infrastructure Higher Quality, Efficient Operations Opex Spend Proportional To Business Usage Subscription-based pricing  Start small, scale incrementally (not over-provisioned for future peaks)  Adopt modular functions incrementally
  14. 14. www.emergys.com Business Objectives • Adopt best practice processes quickly • Evaluate Cloud • New Offering First Use-case • Specific business process – Sales, Purchasing, HCM • Analytics in Cloud (HANA, QlikView) • PoC in Cloud Forward Plan • Additional business process areas • Broader integration • Business Optimization New Application Build • CAPEX to OPEX • Reduce TCO • Shutdown legacy system(s) • Business Continuity • New Offering • Dev/QAS in Cloud • Backup in Cloud • Disaster Recovery in Cloud • Migrate from underperforming legacy system(s) • Production in Cloud • Improve service quality (HA, BCP) • New Offering Existing On-premise Applications STAGED CLOUD ADOPTION
  15. 15. www.emergys.com ECC PROD DB Soln. Mgr. Portal Other CRM BW Enterprise Data Center BC/DR Cloud DB BW ECC CRM Dev/Test Cloud (Skytap) ECC DB BW CRM VPN Internet User & Admin Consoles  Rapid Delivery, Upgrades, Validation, and Prototyping  Dev/Test in Cloud in Phase 1; Production in Cloud Phase 2  Snapshot and Clone system images for Backup, DR  Provision & Scale Infrastructure to Need on Demand CLOUD ERP DELIVERY
  16. 16. www.emergys.com WHAT IS EMERGYS CLOUD ERP? Applications for business process automation delivered as a service from an agile, elastic platform Environments Function Service API SCM Operating software Infrastructure Facility HCM CRM Analytics More Administration ManagementMobilityBusiness Emergys Cloud ERP Quality
  17. 17. www.emergys.com Rapid on ramp for cloud adoption, infrastructure capacity is highly elastic (up or down) OPEX vs. CAPEX Recorded as a monthly operating expense Enabling the variable vs. fixed cost scenario Significantly reduce maintenance & monitoring ongoing expenses Business model change from one time to as needed Improve time to market by reducing time to deploy applications BENEFITS OF CLOUD ERP WITH SAP & SKYTAP
  18. 18. www.emergys.com QUESTIONS & ANSWERS SESSION WITH… MARK HUESMAN mhuesman@emergys.com Sr. Solution Engineer Emergys Corp. TONY PEREZ tperez@skytap.com Cloud Solution Architect Skytap
  19. 19. www.emergys.com GET STARTED TODAY Free Trial for Emergys Cloud ERP with SAP Sign Up for Your Free Trial Today! Contact Us to Plan & Launch Your Roadmap to the Cloud Upcoming Events Visit Us Online www.emergys.com/freetrial sgrady@emergys.com www.skytap.com SAPPHIRE NOW & ASUG Annual Conf. 6/3 -6/5 – booth #488 www.emergys.com
  20. 20. www.emergys.com WATCH THE FULL WEBINAR – ON-DEMAND Click Here: http://j.mp/SAP-Skytap