Upgrading from Windows Live Messenger to Skype


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Windows Live Messenger and Skype are coming together! If you used to use Messenger, here’s a quick guide on what you need to know about Skype for Windows desktop. http://blogs.skype.com/category/tips-tricks/

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  • 1 big question: where is the icon to tell me about new mail and where is my popup when I receive new mails........ and no pinning hotmail to my workbar isnt good enought.
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Upgrading from Windows Live Messenger to Skype

  1. 1. Upgrading from Windows Live Messenger to Skype
  2. 2. I used to use Messenger,what do I need to knowabout Skype for Windowsdesktop?James is probably the city’s moststylish accountancy student – and anexpert on training shoes and tradingcurrencies. He used to use Messengerwith a webcam, but since he got a newPC, he updated to Skype to keep intouch with his girlfriend... and to gethold of his broker via IM when it’s timeto make a trade.He’s here to help you get to grips withSkype for Windows desktop:
  3. 3. 1With Skype, you can sendinstant messages (IM) just likeMessenger. But it also givesyou free voice and video callsto other people on Skype. Lessmoney on your phone bill,more money to buy sneakers…To get started, sign in to Skypewith your Microsoft account(it’s the same as yourMessenger ID).
  4. 4. 2Your Messenger contacts willbe automatically added toSkype, so all your contacts –your friends, family andcurrency brokers – are in oneplace. If you only want to seeyour Messenger contacts,select All in the contacts listand then Messenger.
  5. 5. 3Categories and groups don’tmigrate to Skype, but you canset up lists in seconds.Right-click on the Contactstab and select Create new list.Give it a name then searchthrough your contacts andright-click to add them to it.
  6. 6. 4You can also make somecontacts Favorites so theyappear at the top of yourcontact list every time.Right-click on the contactname and select Add toFavorites, or left-click, holdand drag their name to the topof the list, then release.And if they stop your beingfavorites, you can just dragthem back down!
  7. 7. 5To write a message, click on acontact, and an IM window willappear on the right. To send,simply hit return or the Sendmessage button.
  8. 8. 6Add an emoticon by clickingon the smiley face in the IMwindow, or just type the usualshortcuts :-).
  9. 9. 7To share a file like a photo,drag and drop it from yourdesktop or file folder into theIM window – or use the plussign at the top of the windowand select Send file. You canshare contacts this way too.
  10. 10. 8All chats are kept under Recentso you can go back to find thephoto or file you were sentyesterday, last week or even afew months ago.
  11. 11. 9If you want to have a groupchat, click on Create a groupat the top of the contact list,and drag contacts into it – orjust add someone to yourcurrent chat using the plussign, then selecting Addpeople.
  12. 12. 10Adding new contacts is easy.Click on the Add a contactbutton at the top or use thesearch bar at the top to searchby name, Skype Name orMicrosoft account. Of course,all your Messenger contactshave already been merged toSkype.If there’s someone you haven’tseen for a while, why not givethem a video call – free fromone Skype user to another.