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Company Profile

  1. 1. Skylark Infocomm Pvt. Ltd.Outsourcing Solutions<br />Your customer satisfaction partner<br />
  2. 2. COMPANY PROFILE<br /> Skylark Infocomm, a BPO, web design sales and production, networking company, has been in Ahmedabad and serving the Homes and Small offices in the US and UK since 2010. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO Services) is just one dimension of a much more fundamental thing happening today in the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) industry. Our company is a reliable offshore provider thatwith our highly educated and skilled professionals will render you with the superlative back office and front office outsourcing solutions.<br />Skylark Infocomm Pvt. Ltd.Outsourcing Solutions<br />
  3. 3. Our Mission<br />“What you believe, remember, we can make you achieve it.”<br />Our solutions for you are unique and are derived from industry best practices and modelled to suit your specific requirements. Quality is an inherent featureof Skylark Infocomm Pvt. Ltd. and we confidently assure you that our solutions are the best in the business.<br />
  4. 4. Our values <br />The way we do business requires making choices, and the choices we make are based on our corporate values, which are:<br /><ul><li>Honesty
  5. 5. Friendliness
  6. 6. Teamwork
  7. 7. Communication
  8. 8. Productivity
  9. 9. Efficiency
  10. 10. Success</li></li></ul><li> If you need some quick reasons why you should consider Skylark Infocomm Pvt. Ltd. as your inbound  as well as outbound call center solution, here are a few:<br /><ul><li>We can manage both low volume and large volume accounts.
  11. 11. Each account receives personal attention. We customize each account to the </li></ul> individual company.<br /><ul><li>We are equipped to manage every inbound application from order taking to </li></ul> web site live chat support.<br /><ul><li>We always provide 24/7 live customer service attention.</li></ul>We are equipped to provide various types of OUTBOUND & INBOUND services like:<br /><ul><li>Sales and Up sells
  12. 12. Customer Services
  13. 13. Order-Taking
  14. 14. Lead Generation
  15. 15. Tech Support
  16. 16. Help Desk Services
  17. 17. Appointment Settings
  18. 18. Surveys
  19. 19. Market Research</li></ul> OutBOUND/InBOUNDservices <br />
  20. 20. Other Services<br />EMAIL SUPPORT<br />Email is increasingly becoming the most popular form of communication. Companies are forced to adopt new market strategies to maximize their reach to keep themselves apart in market competition and to meet up with an ever increasing demand of high level of service and response. That makes email marketing more relevant and rationalized. We can provide your business with email support service packages like:<br />Customer care<br />Technical support<br />Order fulfilment Verification<br />Complete query resolution<br />Automated response<br />Computer-aided response<br />Manual response<br />Benefits<br /> 1. Highly Secure<br />2. Highly Accurate<br />3. Cost Effective<br />
  21. 21. Other Services<br />CHAT SUPPORT<br />With Skylark Infocomm Pvt. Ltd.  you can actually provide your customer with a human interface to help the customer navigate through the process. Our representatives will guide your customers through all processes. They will handle any complaints and suggestions courteously in a strictly professional manner.<br /> Our Chat Support services Include:<br />Purchase processes<br />Online Filing of Insurance Claims<br />Online Credit Applications<br />Technical Support<br />Website Response through Live Chat<br />Endless other activities<br />
  22. 22. Other services <br />BACK OFFICE SUPPORT PROCESSING SERVICES<br /><ul><li>Software Development, Web Design & Development, Document Management, Database Builds, Data Harvesting, Direct Mail Campaign Alerts.
  23. 23. Data entry - Data conversion, data entry, form processing, word processing with accuracy, security and timeliness.
  24. 24. Transcription - Documentation of voice recordings or patients medical records.
  25. 25. Research.
  26. 26. Gathering, analyzing and reporting information.
  27. 27. Web layout and creative design</li></li></ul><li>Infrastructure<br /> Skylark Infocomm Pvt. Ltd. is based in Gujarat, India and operates out of a state-of-the-art delivery center located at Ahmedabad (Gurukul Road).<br /> Company has spared no efforts in providing a perfect working environment, which focuses on quality and timely delivery. <br />Highlights of our infrastructure include: <br /><ul><li>Office Space : 750 sq. ft
  28. 28. Operating System : Windows server 2003, Windows Xp
  29. 29. Dialer : We are using Predictive Dialer+Auto Dialer with all the necessary features.
  30. 30. No. of Machines : 35 (Intel Core 2 Duo)
  31. 31. Internet : Air Tel (4 mbps Unlimited)
  32. 32. UPS : 5hr backup
  33. 33. No. of Agents : 50 (expandable to 100 employees)
  34. 34. Team Leader : 2
  35. 35. Quality Controller : 1
  36. 36. Operations Manager : 1
  37. 37. Photo copier, Scanner & Printer – HP</li></li></ul><li>Working Environment<br /><ul><li>Competency - Your talent is always respected. We honour commitment to work
  38. 38. Engagement practices - You would never know that we may plan to celebrate your achievement with!!!
  39. 39. Lively work ambience that encourages initiative & innovation and creativity
  40. 40. Training programs in popular technical, soft-skills and management areas.
  41. 41. Treat everyone as equals & value differences.
  42. 42. Collaborative attitudes that unite individuals and teams
  43. 43. Employment benefits: Allowances,freemeals,and incentives
  44. 44. Career growth and stability for all employees
  45. 45. We believe in working hard and celebrating success harder!</li></li></ul><li>CURRENT PROCESSES<br />Along with our Strategic Partners BLUEHORSE SOFTWARE we are providing affordable Website development packages. We offer a wide range of IT services like Website designing, e-commerce solutions with the help of our creative designers and skilled developers to cater our clients globally.<br /><br />
  46. 46. CURRENT PROCESSES<br />We provide quality service for many industries. The main domains we serve currently are: <br />Lead Generation (Auto Loan Leads), <br />Accidental Claim Process (Insurance UK),<br />KPO (Web-based- Cut/Copy process).<br /><ul><li> We generate almost 1000 automotive leads
  47. 47. We accomplish cut/copy of 350 pages per agent per day for Web-based process
  48. 48. We intend to generate upto 2 sales per agent a day for UK accidental Claim process.</li></li></ul><li>Management Team <br /><ul><li>Mr. Sureshbhai K Shah: Independent Businessman</li></ul>He is currently a Managing Director at Skylark Infocomm Pvt. Ltd. He is already Director in Turkey Red Mills Group since 1990 and having experience of various businesses for more than 20 years.<br /> <br /><ul><li>Mr. Kunal S Shah:  Director</li></ul>He has done Masters in Business Administration in U.K. He has an experience of working at NHS in U.K. He is a young and dynamic person with variety of business and management skills, also having potential to run the company with constant growth and endeavor.<br /> <br /><ul><li>Ms. Pinakini B Mangukiya: Head-Operations</li></ul>She has pursued her Masters in Sustainable Environmental Sciences with Diploma in Management Studies from the Kingston University, England. She has an experience of working as a Product Specialist at a reputed call centre for British Telecommunications in U.K.<br /> <br />
  49. 49. Management Team <br />Other Management Personnel:<br /><ul><li>Ms. SuchitraMohanty : Business Development Manager (Web-Design UK/USA/India Process)</li></ul>Graduate in B.Tech from B. P. University of Technology, Odisha. Got selected On-Campus Interview for IndiaNICInfotech Pvt. Ltd. as a Sr. Yahoo Store Developer. Has experience of core-sales and developing in Web-designing Campaign from past 5 years. <br /><ul><li>Ms. Tejal Bhatt: Operations Manager She has been working in the BPO industry for past 7 years playing different roles ranging from Customer Service Executive to Business Development Manager. She is one of the top notch ranking achievers in Gujarat in bringing clients and business to this industry.
  50. 50. Mr. NeogiChauhan : Floor Manager - Auto Loan Lead Generation (USA), BDM - Web-Designing & Development Marketing (MLM), Sales – Accidental Claims Campaign (UK).</li></ul>He has been working into BPO (IT/ITES) Industry since last 6 years, who started his career as Call Center Representative as well as Individual offshore professional. <br />
  51. 51. Voice AGENTS FOR LONG DISTANCE SERVICE<br /><ul><li>Mr. Rohit Singh : Has experience in Patni Computer Systems for 1 year.
  52. 52. Mr. MayurChandelia: Has worked in M-phasis for 6 months.
  53. 53. Mr. KeyurPanjwani: He has 6 months experience in domestic process(Idea).
  54. 54. Mr. DwarkeshUpadhyay : Has worked as Customer Executive in M-phasis for 1 year.
  55. 55. Mr. Harsh Bhajwani: He has 6 months experience in domestic process(Vodafone India).
  56. 56. Mr. AkshayDhalgara: Has worked as Customer Executive for 10 months.</li></li></ul><li>Contact us<br />Skylark Infocomm Pvt. Ltd.2nd floor, Mansi Point,Gurukul Road,Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 00919687571753alt:<br />
  57. 57. THANK YOU<br />Visit<br />for more details.<br />