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Presentation I did for Chris Loar in my Leadership class.

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  1. 1. My HeroDavid Knox
  2. 2. What is a Hero?A hero is an admirable person who possesses courageousand noble qualities.A hero based on my definition is an individual that isadaptable to situations, irreplaceable to their businessor community, and humble about their feats.What is a Leader? A leader is a person delegated to a position of power and is tasked with organizing and motivating others to reach some common goal or goals.
  3. 3. Are all “heroes” leaders? Hero Hero• Heroes, leaders, and followers are usually distinct but inter- related Hero Hero• Hero can be a leader follower, both, or neither Follower Hero Leader• Good Samaritans, anonymous donors, animals, people that Hero feel obligated to do right but don’t want recognition can also Hero be heroes Hero
  4. 4. William BernardChristopher Loar(Chris Loar)
  5. 5. Feats and Accomplishments DJ, Producer, and Promoter for Stylasaurus Rex  Video game soundtracks/noises Business Owner and Entrepreneur  Helo PC Hawaii  7th Day Youth Services  Main Events, LLC  Gaming Tournaments  Wild Things Trivia Night Yoga Instructor at YMCA
  6. 6. Leadership Traits Finds a balance in personal and professional life Delegates responsibility often  Relies on volunteers  Inspires others to get involved Always networking Reciprocates Sets goals and leads with honesty  Accountability is key Organized  Calendar  To-Do List Humble and Kind High in “Soft” Surgency Aware of strengths and weaknesses Theory Y Leadership
  7. 7. What Chris Thinks of Chris A leader and role model  Encourages friends and family  Works with youth groups Has learned more from failure than success Wanted to work for himself and is doing what he wants Holds very high and strong values for family and friends Does not see himself as a hero  Would be o.k. with it if people thought he was
  8. 8. Why Chris is my “hero” Has accomplished all of this with no college education Lived in Hawaii and didn’t stay there forever  That takes guts Always very upbeat and positive Constantly giving back to his community Inspires and motivates others to do great things
  9. 9. Conclusion Delegator of responsibility and goal attainment Recognizes his own shortcomings and compensates by utilizing other people’s skills Adapts to any business or personal problems very well Is a unique and interesting person that is irreplaceable to the community and his friends Humble person that only believes he is doing what is right Fits the criteria as both a leader and a hero