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Tips for Hotel Managers and Owners


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Tips for Hotel Managers and Owners

  1. 1. 5 Hotel PMS Must Haves Presented By:
  2. 2. 5 Things to consider when shopping for a hotel PMS In this changing hotel marketplace, hotels need to be armed with all the tools to create great guest stays. You need more than the average PMS, you need a GMS – Guest Management System, to help you manage your guests before, during, and after their stays.
  3. 3. USER-FRIENDLY, INTUITIVE DESIGN: Look for a PMS that is logical and has an intuitive navigation. This will assist with a reduced learning curve for your staff and streamline operations for an enhanced guest experience.
  4. 4. FLEXIBLE REPORTING: Your Property Management System should allow for easy access to your hotel KPIs and provide valuable trending data to assist in making decisions on your hotel operations to provide the best guest visit.
  5. 5. GUEST ENGAGEMENT TOOLS: Essential to the GMS… guest engagement is key to a successful operation and you need tools to engage your guest before, during, and after their stay. Great Stays = Great Reviews!!
  6. 6. Scalability: Select a PMS that is scalable to fit any size or type of property which can accommodate future growth. For multi-properties, ensure you can easily switch between properties to compare KPIs.
  7. 7. Integration: Select a Property Management System that interfaces to all aspects of your operations from front desk check-ins to reputation management for a full GMS platform.
  8. 8. GMS is the new PMS Enhancing guest experiences occurs at every stage, long before the guest enters the property. The best Property Management System should work for YOU and help you increase guest satisfaction and experience. RoomKey PMS has the solution to create great stays!
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  10. 10. 866.514.5888 ContactContact 1.800.234.5695