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Text message adoption by older populations


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Should mobile marketing efforts be pursued for older demographics?

Published in: Marketing
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Text message adoption by older populations

  1. 1. Text Messaging Adopted by Older Populations
  2. 2. So, what are mom and pop doing with their mobile phones? Not much some would say - since the advent of the typewriter, many would feel that using those tiny little touch screens or just trying to figure out how to hit SEND, would create a source of frustration and confusion – but not so.
  3. 3. Many naysayers believe that texting is just a teen phenomenon, or an annoying activity that should be stopped at the dinner table. What is surprising is that the young are quickly becoming the minority in the mobile community. In fact, the fastest growing age demographic for text users fall within the 45 to 65 age range, soon to meet or exceed messaging by those in their 20’s.
  4. 4. Some other interesting facts-- Additionally, according to the Nielsen Co. these baby- boomers sent an average of 323 texts per month over the last year; a 75% overall participation increase by this older generation. Elderly people prefer mobile phones, especially men who have an overall usage rate of 60% Women of age 65 to 74 years make more use of cell phones, with 51% sending texts last month. Of those aged 45 to 54 being active text users last year, 23% sent a message almost daily and 43.6% received information on their phone about a product, service, or brand.
  5. 5. Now let that last statistic resonate for a moment… over 43% of those indiscriminate text users wanted to learn more about a purchase, using a cell phone. That is in excess of 100 million potential customers!
  6. 6. These are people who have maintained brand loyalty over time, and when translated to spending power, that’s an average of 65% of the U.S. household income sitting in a wallet, waiting to receive a compelling promotion or offer at a favorite store or restaurant.
  7. 7. One cannot say online marketing and computers have become passé. Yet last time we checked, grandma shut off her internet connection and adopted her cell phone in lieu of all the unread emails filling up the inbox.
  8. 8. The budding youth will always grab the latest tech toys, but if your business wants to jump on the wave of next level marketing, do not miss this opportunity with the older generations.
  9. 9. Remember – through the ages into the next millennium, word of mouth has proven the most effective form of advertising.
  10. 10. In fact… You might be texting right now.
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