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Skypos - Web based POS Software System


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SkyPOS, the best in point of sale (POS) systems which not only makes the retail process very easy but also makes your customers visit again. Our system integrates all your business processes and saves time & efforts spent in doing the same retail & business processes by other means, such as manually.

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Skypos - Web based POS Software System

  1. 1. SkyPOS Online POS(Point of Sale) Software
  2. 2. SkyPOS- Advantages Web-Based Point of Sale Software
  3. 3. SkyPOS Faster, Easier and Cheaper Installation To Make Your Life Easier Is Our Top Priority
  4. 4. SkyPOS Use it from any operating system or device SkyPOS is an online POS software as replacement to the traditional dedicated POS system. It saves lot of your money spent traditional POS system as it works on any PC, tablet or mobile and has almost negligible subscription fee.
  5. 5. SkyPOS Reduced Paperwork With a web-based POS system, sales for all stores can be tracked in the same database, which mean that each store is not required to generate their own individual paperwork in regards to sales. As well, since orders for multiple stores can be placed together, fewer invoices are generated, which can help the accounting process operate more smoothly.
  6. 6. SkyPOS Define User Rights Another advantage with web based POS Software is that you can give user rights to your employees according to their department. This eliminates the mistakes like duplication, interference or negligence.
  7. 7. SkyPOS Real Time Reporting To Admin SkyPOS online POS software gives complete control over the important statistics required to run the business smoothly.
  8. 8. SkyPOS Customer Birthday & Anniversary Database With SkyPOS Online POS Software you can add more value to your services by offering Good wishes to your valued customers on their anniversaries and birthdays etc. Thanks to records maintained by SkyPOS.
  9. 9. SkyPOS Customer Ratings You can get your business reviewed instantly by your own customers. Skypos Web Based Restaurant Software has this feature of taking customer feedback.