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TFMA Presentation - Transforming Client - Agency Interactions

Josh Gilbertson, Co Founder and Business Development Director at SkyDox, presented the following presentation at the Technology For Marketing & Advertising exhibition from 28th - 29th February 2012 at Earls Court in London.
The presentation discusses how cloud computing can improve client - agency interactions.

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TFMA Presentation - Transforming Client - Agency Interactions

  1. 1. Transforming client - agency interactions Josh Gilbertson Founder and Business Development Director
  2. 2. Cloud computing is a reality © SkyDox 2012 |
  3. 3. Company reasons for businesses movingto cloud tools?  Reducing Cost  Enabling Remote and Mobile working  Increasing Productivity  Increasing Business Agility  According to Forrester ROI figures range from 38% to over 600%
  4. 4. Create, Share and Manage… “more, better, faster, friendlier” Marketing Department Agency Goals  Run lean  Client interaction  Delivery speed  Client engagement  Quality output  Differentiation  Simplify  Simplify  Mobilize  Mobilize
  5. 5. A changing environment creating issues:  Connectivity and internet penetration  The growing amount of digital information  The proliferation of remote devices  The introduction of Gen Y into the workforce
  6. 6. We are connected and the connectionsare getting faster  More than 2 billion people use the Internet worldwide  Europe leads the world in fixed broadband adoption with 54% more penetration than the Americas.
  7. 7. The amount of digital information hasbecome a burden By 2020, the amount of digital 9% 9% information will grow by a factor of 30 and the number of files by a 8% factor of 60. 13% 8% 14% 6% 6% 5% 4% 4% 5% 1% 4% 4% Email read and answer Create documents Analyze information Edit/review Gather information for documents File and organize documents Create presentations Create images Data entry to e forms Manage document approvals Publish to web Manage document routing Publish to other channels Create rich media Translate Information worker survey Forrester Inc.all rights reserved 2009 Q3
  8. 8. Wasted time costs money IDC estimates every year $6 million is wasted for a 1,000 18% 15% employee company 14% 19% 12% Reformatting from multiple formats 11% Search but not finding 11% Recreating content Publishing docs with multiple apps Moving docs from one format to another Acquiring archived docs manually Version control Information worker survey Forrester Inc .all rights reserved Jan 2011
  9. 9. Email is inefficient Email read and answered Collaborative tasks, such as Creating review and approval, have 4.3 documents hours of management overhead $21,279 (managing document approval). $19,952 Workers spend 8.3 hours of editing and reviewing. Managing Editing / Analyzing Gathering reviewing information info for Filing and document routing consumes 4 docs organizing hours. docs $14,251 $14,403 Creating $13,201 presentations $12,481 Managing approvals Managing $10,201 document $10,201 routing $6,000 Source Cost of information information tasks IDC .all rights reserved 2009 Q3
  10. 10. Solving the Email Sharing andCollaboration Problem?! Complicated & Inneficient Time consuming & Prone to Error File Size Limits Version control Feedback is separated Search and Manage Audit Trails Limited control, visibility, unsecure and unfriendly
  11. 11. The proliferation of remote devicesFORRESTER62% of workers spendtime working at a locationother than the officeGARTNER42% of workers spend timeworking at two or morelocations outside of thecorporate firewall, such asat home or from clientsites, in a working weekIDC62% of businesses believethat the number of mobileor remote employees willincrease
  12. 12. It’s about freedom and control COMPLIANCE AND SECURITY MEASURES
  13. 13. Gen Y has entered the creative workforce Gen-Y are ambitious, strongly motivated by money, status and career advancement, and expect rapid progress in these areas Millennial Generation, Generation Next , or Net Generation
  14. 14. Gen YThey use technology at higher rates than peoplefrom any other generation: 97% own computer 94% own a cell phone 76% use instant messaging 92% of those reported multitasking while IM- ing 34% used the Internet as their news source Source: Howe and Strauss use tech by Gen-Y graduates
  15. 15. Gen Y have high values and demands: Team working Real time interaction Simplicity and ease of use Expect work tools to mirror web tools Are not afraid to ask for tools that make their job easier and improve work life balance 65% of Gen-Y workers consider it moderately or extremely important that they be provided instant “detailed guidance in daily work” They expect to be able to push information to others instantly and expect real time feedback We demand an ‘always-on’ mentality
  16. 16.  Royal wedding received 2.7m social media mentions in 24 hours “Royal Wedding” was mentioned 67 times every second on Twitter and 74 times per second on Facebook YouTube’s live stream of wedding was watched by 72 million people around the world. Source:
  17. 17. These demands are endemic across theEnterpriseY have high values and demands:These values anddemands have nowbeen adopted by allgenerations in thework force
  18. 18. Provide the right tools If workers arent provided with the tools they want, they are savvy enough to go around ICT and get their own. Clients have tried solutions but users reject complicated corporate tools and revert to email or find their own!
  19. 19. Because I.T. consumerisation has arrived Consumer web apps proliferate
  20. 20. The solution build!
  21. 21. Providing a simple platform for secure file sharing andcollaboration between the agency and client forcomplete file lifecycle! Find Share 200+ File Types Store Collaborate Deliver Manage
  22. 22. Giving users tools for online and offlineworking SkyDox Online SkyDox Desktop SkyDox Mobile SkyDox MS Apps For browser-based For those users who For users on the For users that want collaboration aren’t always move to work in connected to the web PowerPoint, Excel, a nd Word SkyDox Integrations
  23. 23. Thank you and questions? Josh Gilbertson Founder and Business Development Director
  24. 24. Social business and communications features Instant messaging Email alerts Activity feeds Presence indicators Email invitations Online meetings Private discussion Conference calling groups
  25. 25. Collaboration features Tagged commenting Mobile commenting Merge and compare Online view Version rollback Mobile view Complete version history Document preview Full-text search
  26. 26. Security features File-level access Folder-level access control control File-level permissions Folder-level permisons Password-protected Email authentication file shares Secure guest view Choose to prevent printing and uploading Link sharing Choose to prevent forwarding Encryption Encryption in transit at rest
  27. 27. Administration User managment Storage flexibility console File analytics Folder analytics Custom branding System usage
  28. 28. SkyDox addresses both ICT and end-users challenges User Benefits IT Benefits  Improved efficiency within the messaging environment  Improved efficiency within the messaging  Reduced software cost environment  Improved time to resolution (new  Reduced infrastructure cost  Improved timecontact) contact, existing until resolution (new contact, existing contact)  Reduced operations and  Improved response time to customer or administration cost partner request  Improved response time to customer or partner requests  Improved compliance  Improved control of document dissemination  Improved control of document  Improved ROI on knowledge dissemination management and ECM investments  Improved visibility around activity at file and individual levels  Improved visibility around activity at file  Reduction in use of unauditable and user levels tools  Improved version control  Improved version control  Improved alignment with user  Improved client and prospect interactions requirements  Improved client and prospect interaction
  29. 29. That helps drive team productivity and operationalefficiency Faster document revision / reconciliation Improved ability to quickly incorporate feedback Efficient company-wide information distribution Efficient method for sharing and processing feedback Improved meeting efficiencies Improved search capabilities Improved quality and creative output
  30. 30. While improving data and IP security All transactions using SkyDox take place in authenticated user accounts Unique password and e-mail verification is required for data access Per-file and per-folder access permissions are available as the standard Additional regional and company-specific data storage legislation and mandates can be met through data location options
  31. 31. And is supported by enterprise-class data centerarchitecture Infrastructure is hosted by a top 3 cloud services vendor in North America and Europe Highly scalable and secure cloud-computing platform protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data SAS70 Type II and ISO 27001, HIPAA and FDA certification disclosures can be made under an NDA 128 bit SSL data-encryption while at rest in the cloud and for uploading and downloading files Advanced data, network infrastructure security, processing and data access controls are built into the application engine

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Josh Gilbertson, Co Founder and Business Development Director at SkyDox, presented the following presentation at the Technology For Marketing & Advertising exhibition from 28th - 29th February 2012 at Earls Court in London. The presentation discusses how cloud computing can improve client - agency interactions.


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