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ScienceBase Architecture - Access Methods


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This is a rough diagram of the basic elements of the ScienceBase architecture.

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ScienceBase Architecture - Access Methods

  1. 1. Data File Inputs GeoDatabase Service Definition ShapeFile NetCDF GeoTIFF Image Any Other Files Primary Output Interfaces HTML "landing pages" with sbJSON ISO19139 ISO19139 ISO19139 ATOM MODS CSV CSDGM Metadata (Item) Inputs CSDGM XML MODS XML XLS/CSV Process Web Accessible Folders CSW Harvest ArcGIS REST Harvest sbJSON Custom ETL ScienceBase Tech Stack (major components) GeoServer GeoTools ArcGIS Server THREDDS Java Image Library Search Index (ElasticSearch) Complex Geometry Store (PostGIS) MetaBase ScienceBase Item Store (MongoDB) Java Core Plugin Inbound API Service Layer Java Core Plugin OGC-CSW OAI-PMH OpenSearch WMS, WFS, WCS, KML ArcGIS REST OpenDAP Outbound API sbREST Compressed Download MetadataServicesDataServices REST Image Delivery Downstream Uses Python and R methods JQuery and Similar Front- ends Drupal Modules ArcGIS Desktop CSW Search OAI-PMH Harvest USGS ScienceBase Overview of Major Components