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Procurement part 2


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Procurement part 2

  1. 1. Diploma Project Management Captain Cook College Sharon Boyle
  2. 2.  Attempted Activity 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Discuss results for Activity 1,2 & 3 Prepared Procurement Management plan Unravelled the mysteries of weighted selection criteria Listened to a real world example from Richard
  3. 3.  y=trudy+procurement+project+management +part+1&oq=trudy+procurement+project+ management+part+1&gs_l=youtube.12...300 44.32219.0.35109. .7.0...0.0...1ac.1.wjtsX2wrN2I
  4. 4.  Fred’s Shed has prepared an invitation for quotation or RFQ ◦ The offer – the bits needed ◦ Exactly what is required in response ◦ Weighted selection criteria Assessing the quotes ◦ The form ◦ How to use it Reporting will form the subject of Project Meetings 9 November
  5. 5.  You are required to; ◦ Individually read and consider the RFQ ◦ Form groups to prepare a response ◦ Please keep it relatively simple but use your imagination. ◦ It is still about Fred’s Shed ◦ We need it done today.
  6. 6.  Quotes will be ◦ copied and ◦ groups to review ◦ Select using weighted selection criteria ◦ Recommendations to be taken to Project Meeting.
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  8. 8.  To ensure everyone gets a role there will be two Project Meetings 9 November. ◦ Meeting 1. present recommendations of selection process ◦ Meeting 2. report on progress & finalise this procurement contract. The group must decide the roles in team Everyone is required to prepare ◦ Agenda – show Meeting 1 or Meeting 2. ◦ Meeting minutes - show Meeting 1 or Meeting 2.
  9. 9.  4.1. Implement established procurement management plan and make modifications with higher project authority approval, to ensure a common approach to achievement of objectives 4.2. Review progress and manage agreed changes to ensure timely completion of tasks, resolution of conflicts and achievement of project objectives within the legal framework of the contract 4.3. Identify and report procurement management problems to higher project authority and implement agreed remedial actions to ensure project objectives are met
  10. 10.  5.1. Conduct finalisation activities to ensure contract deliverables meet contractual requirements 5.2. Review project outcomes using available procurement records and information to determine effectiveness of contracting and procurement processes and procedures 5.3. Document lessons learned & recommended improvements, and pass on to higher project authority for application in future projects
  11. 11.  Powerpoint pres. Discussion re ◦ Quotation process ◦ Project meetingsMorning Tea Break into groups & prepare Quotation Identify roles at ◦ Meeting No 1 – Recommend Quotes ◦ Meeting 2 – Finalise ProcurementLunch Queries re outstanding assessments LMS remaining answers Finalise & submit Quotation
  12. 12.  Finalise & circulate quotes Discuss evaluation processMorning Tea Groups to evaluate Quotes Prepare recommendation Prepare agenda for meeting 9 NovemberLunch Outstanding assessments