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Russwi dynacsys-public-eng


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Russwi dynacsys-public-eng

  1. 1. The Сonception of Mobile Diagnostic Device by Switzerland-Russia
  2. 2. Introduction International team with expertise in all required topics  medicine, medical technology, IT technology, telemedicine  engineering, research & development  sales & marketing, financial and tax matters STBL AG – legal entity – Switzerland Mini Institute PRINT – legal entity • Founded in 2007 – Russia, Nizhny Novgorod • Develop medical products and to • Founded in 2002 exploit them commercially • Skolkovo participant since 2011 BioMed Cluster
  3. 3. Market and Vision World Market leader in telemedicine equipment and services within five years Device • Easy to use • Long Term Monitoring • Accurate • Inexpensive Hardware IT Services Like a Wrist Watch SoftwareWorld Market Reasearch by IDC financial support by Intel
  4. 4. Product Overview
  5. 5. Cognitive Diagnostic SystemCognitive Data• Model of body •Initial based on Russian Federation• Based on growing Database Populuation Health Observing Initiative and othersDiagnose •Diagnoses physicians• Recomendations/Warnings• Physicians for Diagnose Patient oriented (vs. Physician oriented)• Evolve from Medium to High Accuracy •Demonstrated for In vitro diagnostic
  6. 6. Unique Sensor System BPM - wearable without any pressure cause Other Sensors adapted for Watch Integration AutonomousEnables continuous and long term monitoring
  7. 7. Personal Health Device Manual Alarm Breathing Rate Derived from Pressure Radio ECG Blood OxygenationBlood Pressure Arteria Elasticity Derived from PressureSkin Temperature Signal Form Helplessness
  8. 8. Disease vs. Biomarkers Cardiac Arrhythmia R-R / P-P Intervall Sympathetic Nerve Activity Hypo-/Hypertension Blood pressure Angina stenocardia ECG Hypooxygenation Optical Measurements Anemia Breathing rates Sleep apnea Peak expiratory flow rate Chronic obstructive pulmonary/lung diseases Temperature etc
  9. 9. Business Model
  10. 10. Business Model
  11. 11. Team — Key PlayersMedical - Prof. Dr. med. Thomas F. Cognitive - Alexander Sergeev, Dr. of physics Lüscher Over 400 articles. Professor and mathematics Corresponding member and Chairman of Cardiology University of the Russian Academy of Sciences, deputy Hospital Zurich director of IAP RAS.Technical - Etienne Hirt Dr. sc. Techn. Project-Leader - Russia Alexander Khobotov ( ETH 12+ years of experience in A. d: Ph.D., A. r. Senior Researcher.) developing, testing medical sensors Technical head of mini-institute PRINT and their algorithms.Project-Leader - Bruno Keller B.Sc. 20+ years of experience as Business Development Director for Central- Eastern Europe Countries in the IT
  12. 12. Thank you!! RUSSWI-Dynacsys contacts:Bruno Keller Alexander
  13. 13. Partnership “MERA NN”  Risk-sharing  Know How Transfer  Neutralize competitors  Technology Transfer  Globalization effect  Conzentration of competencies  Pooling Strength  Compensate weaknesses  Costs – optimization ООО «Медуза