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  1. 1. The Сonception of Mobile Diagnostic Device by AstMedKom Astrakhan
  2. 2. Introduction. Aliis inserviendo consumor We know and will prove to you – our MDD best!
  3. 3. Background and Statement of the Problem. Application of MDD in the centers and offices od medical examination will allow to reduce these costs by 55.4% Application of MDD will allow to reduce mortality from chronic noninfectious diseases in 2 times
  4. 4. The Solution. IT- cloud Client’s data of MDD Applications for the doctor Data from Visual data obtained sensors with the help of telemedicine Data from medical information system Applications for the patient and his family
  5. 5. List of the diagnosed diseases Skin (14 diseases)Anemia Allergic (2 diseases)Urinary tract infections Systemic of conjunctive tissues (4 diseases)Pancreatic diabetes Surgical (11 diseases)Rhythm disturbance Hemopathy (4 diseases)Stenocardia Contagions (5 diseases)Sleep apnea Ophthalmopathy (3 diseases)Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Renal and urinary (3 diseases)Bronchial asthma Respiratory system (2 diseases)Melanoma Otolaryngology (2 diseases)Acute pharyngitis and recrudescence Cardiovascular system (7 diseases)chronic pharyngitis Digestive organs (2 syndromes)Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism Endocrine system (1 disease) Pregnancy complications (2 diseases) TOTAL 68 diseases
  6. 6. Methods of diagnostics in MDD In our MDD:  10 methods of diagnostics  16 ways of realization of these methods
  7. 7. Sensors for analysis and hardware platform Lung-tester Single-board computer with Intel Spectrometric detector turbine Atom CPC308 processor Pressure Temperature Noncontact detector electrocardiogram sensors detector
  8. 8. Product Overview. MDD modules Manometry unit Spirometry unit Test strips scanner Video camera dermatoscope Spectrometric Belt with cardiosensors and Stethoscope Fingerprint scanner detector cardiological module module and an emergency call button
  9. 9. Product Overview.MDD combines CostTelemedical system 355000 WEHolter ECG device 113000Holter monitoring pressure device 68500 OFFERDevice for removal of PCGMeasurer of hemoglobin 17000 47000 MDDDermatoscope 38800 FORTest strips scanner 23400Lung-tester 69000 30,000 rublesPulse oximeter 3500Tonometer 1200 + one-time costs of creationThermometer 300 of expert system TOTAL 736700
  10. 10. Competitive Advantage Complex graphic assessment of the patient in real time. «A health traffic light» Original spectrometric detector Cardiological module Video camera with a function dermatoscope
  11. 11. Use scenario Large companies Early detection of diseases Health care institutes Preventing Medical complications insurance companies Cost-cutting on medical Individuals examination
  12. 12. Business Model Sale NPV=0,4328 mln rubles Rent IRR=22% Customer service PI=1,014
  13. 13. Risk Management. Risk Risk avoidanceLack of market necessary components Market research of accessories and(LEDs with given wavelength, replacement components close to thenoncontact cardioelectrodes, filters parametersfor dermatoscopes) Long-term contracts for the supply ofAcquisition of one-paid Intel components, creating trust relationshipscomputers at the acceptable price (supplier-partner)Changing consumer demand in the Modular design will meet the needs ofmarket consumers
  14. 14. Team and Partners. Russia Astrakhan State University Astrakhan State Medical Academy Aleksandro-Mariinskaya Regional Clinical Hospital France Sofia-Antipolis university and technopark
  15. 15. Road Map.Stage List of works Cost Result(year) mln rubles 1 Completion of research and 12 Technology of production of MDD development Software 2 Creating a cloud IT system 8 Databases expertise Pilot production Production of pilot lot (100 items) 3 Small-scale production 10,5 Limited production (300 items) Marketing and advertising Growing demand for MDD products 4 Mass production 18 Mass production (1000 items) Marketing research - expanding Development of a new complete set MDD the range of products 5 Mass production 24 Several different sets MDD (1500 items) Marketing and advertising Meeting the demand of target consumer groups products
  16. 16. Revenue from sales Release schedule product line mln rubl. 100 it. 300 it. 1000 it. 1500 it. year Payback period – 5 year
  17. 17. Thank you!