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Angioscan public-eng

  1. 1. The concept of a mobile diagnostic unit ANGIOSCAN Moscow, December 12, 2012
  2. 2. Introductiono The core of the team is the company "ANGIOSKAN-Electronics", a participant of Skolkovo.o The main objective is the development of medical technology, based on breakthrough achievements of medical science.o It is planned to output created devices to the Western market of medical equipment.
  3. 3. Patents
  4. 4. Diplomas, exhibition activity
  5. 5. Statement of the problem and an overview of the market In the state Program of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation «Development of health care for the period 2013-2020» laid a new paradigm, which consists of a shift of priorities from the treatment of diseases to their prevention and health maintenance. In this approach the creation of mobile diagnostic devices becomes even more importantThe Program also declared the importance of the development and introduction ofinnovative methods of diagnostics and treatment.
  6. 6. Overview of the methodology used The majority of diagnostic techniques, which we apply, is the assessment of the state of the arterial wall. While we measure the stiffness of the wall and vascular reserve. elastic wall rigid wall
  7. 7. Diagnosed health condition and used sensorsa disease or condition used sensors Anemia Optical sensors, operating in three ranges of the spectrum (660,950 and 1300 nm)
  8. 8. Diagnosed health condition and used sensors a disease or condition used sensorsChronic obstructive pulmonary Volume/time, flow/volume of expired air with adisease (COPD) spirometer. Monitoring of respiration optical sensor. Respiratory test. Спирометр компании «MIR»
  9. 9. Diagnosed health condition and used sensors a disease or condition used sensorsCardiac arrhythmias Standard ECG leads and an optical sensor, the evaluation of heart rate variability
  10. 10. Diagnosed health condition and used sensorsa disease or condition used sensors Sleep apnea Optical sensor "Angioscan" and tonometric sensor with a nasal cannula
  11. 11. Diagnosed health condition and used sensors a disease or condition used sensorsDiabetes Electrochemical sensor for glucose, the optical sensor "Angioscan" to identify vascular complications of diabetes
  12. 12. Diagnosed health condition and used sensors a disease or condition used sensorsStenocardia Exclusive lead ECG sensor, optical sensors in a docking station for the evaluation of arterial function, the sample with the load ECG sensor of Isansys company
  13. 13. Product description Ear headset i-UhoBiosensors AngioscanoThermometeroPosition sensor body
  14. 14. Possibility of integration into the health care systemJointly with the Center for PreventiveMedicine Health Ministry of Russia wasevaluated arterial function in more than10,000 subjects.Hardware - software complex«ANGIOSCAN» has passed approbation in"Health Center" and integrated into theworking place of a cardiologist.
  15. 15. General architecture of the system
  16. 16. Competitive advantageso The uniqueness of the proposed diagnostic decision making consists in the translation of new medical knowledge about the condition of the arteries in the device for home diagnosis.o This innovative approach is secured intellectual property (patents of the Russian Federation, the United States and the European Union).o Protected by a trade mark and the brand «ANGIOSCAN».o The price of 5,000 rubles (basic version)
  17. 17. Business model
  18. 18. Road map 2012 2013 2014 11 m rub 43 m rub 14 m rub The development of theDraft - development of the Development and debugging of the operational documentation.concept of hardware - software software, support of the cloud Development of technical, clinicalcomplex of the MDU, choice of service. Development of 3D models trials, registration of hardware -interfaces, development of and design documentation of software complex of the Ministry ofprotocols. Development and press-forms of the sensors and the documentation for the docking station. Development of test equipmentdigital smart sensors agro- Integrated debugging and testing of and software, development ofindustrial complex. the complex. production documentation.Manufacturing of model samples sensors, analysis of the Manufacture of molds products, pilot batch mass production characteristics of the primary production - production of prototypes. signal
  19. 19. TeamParfenov Alexander SergeevichDoctor of medical Sciences, Professor, President and shareholder of the company«Angioscan». The basis of the devices «Angioscan» laid the scientific method ofevaluation of arterial function.Zobnin Yuri PavlovichTechnical Director and shareholder of the company «Angioscan» and the head of thegroup of developers of the software-hardware complex of mobile diagnostic devices.Kovalenko Dmitry AnatolievichGeneral Director of company «Angioscan». The representative of the investorholding Company «GUTA Group».
  20. 20. Partners of the project
  21. 21. Thank you! +7 (495) 662-11-50 16 Baumanskaya str., Moscow
  22. 22. НИР и НИОКРУспешно выполнены 4 Госконтракта на НИОКР с Правительством Москвы
  23. 23. № 3 2011
  24. 24. Ж-л «Поликлиника» № 2,2011
  25. 25. Риски