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Techno eng-press-q


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Techno eng-press-q

  1. 1. Technopark SkolkovoAnnual Report 2011
  2. 2. ContentsGoals and Objectives of Technopark for 2011 01Technopark Today 02Technopark’s Future 15The team of Technopark 17Financial statements for 2011 FY 18
  3. 3. Goals and Objectives ofTechnopark for 2011Technopark “Skolkovo” is directed onto creating an in- realize, that all relating problems have been solved forfrastructure to provide for a successful innovative busi- your sake: computer is set and on, there is paper inness development and technologies commercialization printer, you are provided with all necessary references,of the companies-participants. Just imagine that you and even an accounting office has no questions to askcome to the new work place, everything is unfamiliar, you, they have all your paperwork. Just sit and work.but your previous experience says: it will take a bulk So this all is in Technopark: all conditions for creativeof valuable time to organize the work here, to find out innovative activity are put in place beginning with cloudin a new place what is what. And all of the sudden you IT-services and ending with room-cleaning.Mission of Technopark is to create infrastructure Objectives of Technopark for 2011:and service environment to provide a successful To create and launch the system of providingdevelopment of innovative business and to the participants with the basic Technopark’scommercialize technologies of the companies- services aimed at developing innovative com-participants. paniesGoals of Technopark for 2011: To develop a concept for the complex of build- ings and R&D infrastructure of Technopark To form an organizational structure To develop the Terms of Reference to design To develop a Technopark service proposition interdisciplinary Common Use Centers (CUC) To start developing the research environment and Centers of Competence (CC) To create a model of Common Use Center (CUC) To supervise the designing process of Tech- activity nopark To develop a Technopark concept To rent a building for temporary Technopark To start design of buildings and R&D infrastructure To start the process of creating the first CUC of Technopark in the Temporary Technopark (feasibility study, equipment purchase, etc.) To start developing the international cooperation To employ the key staff To create the policies, procedures, regulations “Skolkovo” – This and job descriptions is a Technopark, To establish the working relations with the leading technoparks, research centers, and the university, incubators and technology transfer centers inand the schools…this Russia and in the worldis representatives of To create and launch the system for organiz- ing and holding conferences and thematicbig Russian corporations and eventsholdings….and the objective is, thatany participant could find in thisenvironment the ways to realize his/her potential” Viktor Vekselberg, President, “Skolkovo” Foundation
  4. 4. Technopark TodaySkolkovo Technopark, in order to develop the research infrastructure, creates Com-mon Use Centers (CUC) and Centers of Competence (CC) and holds accreditationof external CUCs for service provision with respect to the optimum price-quality ratio. Optoelectronics CUCThe first Optoelectonics CUC based on the Research of photoelectric modules, decrease in prime costs forand Development Centre for Thin-Film Technologies product manufacturing due to the use of alternative rawin Energy Sector attached to Ioffe Physical Technical materials and supplies. Upon completion of researchInstitute was created and put into operation in Saint works, the improved technology will be transferredPetersburg. Skolkovo Technopark delivered into CUC to Hevel Solar LLC that is involved into thin-filmthe equipment for prototyping and analytical works photoelectric modules manufacturing.on improvement of the technology for manufacturing Oerlikon Solar, the processing line supplier, placedsolar elements. at RD Centre implementation of some own research The technology in use, which supplier is Swiss and development works which will be carried out withOerlikon Solar, that develops and manufactures the use of significant scientific potential of Ioffe Physicalequipment for solar energy, is based on the use of Technical Institute.micromorphic covers – “thin films” on the base of The analytical equipment is designed both for appliedsilicon. The key areas of RD Centre’s work include works on prototyping in order to increase the efficiencythe increase of efficiency coefficient (from 9% to 13%) of thin-film solar modules and to decrease the
  5. 5. •  all measurement; H “To release scientists •  limate measurements; c and constructors •  easurements with the use of a spectral phase- m modulation ellipsometer; from administrative •  pectrophotometry; s • microscopy.and other various non-scientific problems – this On the basis of the survey results of analytical services market in St. Petersburg, for the participantsis an objective of there was developed a special preferential tariff forTechnopark the use of analytical services; it will promote rapid completion of research and technical works. It is“Skolkovo” that is planned to carry out marketing events to increase the number of participants due to enrollment of newbeing created”. companies. Ioffe Physical and Technical Institute and NAVISergey Kurilov Capital Management (BVI) Inc. signed the agreementCEO, Technopark with respect to which the leading scientific centre of“Skolkovo” Russia will run preparation and selection of young scientists across various nominations, and NAVI Foundation will be responsible for financing the prizesproduction prime cost and for the innovative activity in and grants to the winners. Cooperation of Skolkovothe area of optoelectronics of participating companies CUC for Thin-Film Technologies, Ioffe Physical andfrom St. Petersburg. The equipment includes the Technical Institute, Skolkovo Foundation, venturemodules for processing the production technology; capital and big companies will be an operatingother participants can use them for placing high- “innovative chain” from the fundamental researches toquality coats of amorphic silicon and zinс oxide. The the industrial production of high tech products.analytical equipment includes 29 items. Currently, 23items have been delivered under supply contracts andpaid in the amount of RUR 142.4 mln. This equipmentis in demand for 6 participants from St. Petersburg. Ahigh quality measurement is assured by the highlyskilled specialists from RD Centre and Ioffe Physicaland Technical Institute. The equipment is formed underthe principle of complete research cycle at the sameplace, which saves the participants’ resources.Optoelectronics CUC performs the followingworks: •  xamination of surface; e •  ass-spectrometry; m •  pectrometry, including infrared Fourier and Raman s ones; Microanalysis CUCAt the temporary office of Technopark in Ural Busi- ing to the regulations, the services for the participantsness Centre, it has been created and put into opera- shall be rendered through Technopark at the prefer-tion the Microanalysis CUC with involvement of the ential prices and organized in the ways of maximumoperator – Systems for Microscopy and Analysis convenience for customers.LLC, a Russian market leader in provision of analyti- To attract the participants, there was carried out acal services. range of marketing events, including introduction of There have been developed the regulations and CUC at public events of the Foundation, placementcontractual documents with the participants. Accord- of information at the website of Technopark and the
  6. 6. •  nalysis of surface, thin films, powders, suspen- a sions; •  tructural analysis. s Micro and nanoprototyping •  roduction and editing the topology of micro and p nanostructures; •  diting the topology of integral circuits; e • eaching how to use the equipment; t •  ther types of studies by agreement with clients. o The cooperation form with SMA LLC assumes the use of equipment belonging to the operator. The works are performed at high quality equipment made by leading world’s manufacturers which class is not lower than the class of Stanford and MIT: •  elios 650 Nanolab, a biradial analytic system H of FEI. •  eica DM LМ, the optical universal direct light L microscope. •  mbivalue EyeTech laser particle analyzer. A In 2012 it is planned to •  EI Phenom scanning electron microscope. F •  he system of sample preparation for scanning T expand CUC area up microscopy of SPI.200-250 м 2 •  he system of sample preparation for transmission T microscopy of Fischione For 2012 it is planned to expand CUC by 200-250 sq. to as well as enlarge the m. and to widen the range of equipment and services. Particularly, it is planned to install a unique system for list of equipment and 3D X-ray tomography, FEI Tecnai G2 20 FEG (200kV) transmission microscope and X-ray diffractometer. services. Foundation, holding theme workshops for Biomedi- cine Cluster and performing demonstrative works. As a result of these events the solution for particular tasks has been approved and demonstrative works with 50 participants have been arranged. 1 agree- ment has been signed, and 2 agreements are at the stage of signing. There have been received offers on performance of works and development of methods from third parties: the Federal Air and Space Agency, Siemens RD Centre, Schlumberger and other com- mercial companies. Microanalysis CUC performs the following works: •  esearch of morphology in raster electron micro- r scopy; •  nalytical researches of samples; a •  esearch of the structure and morphology of the r units in transmission electron microscopy; •  nalysis and processing the images received with a transmission electron microscopy; •  esearch of the samples in the optic range, r processing the results online;
  7. 7. Prototyping CUCBased on the services demand analysis, the partici-pants have prepared the concepts and selected the “Skolkovo” Mission iscandidates; approved the tariff policy and preparedthe contractual documents package for establishment to develop a favorableof Prototyping CUC. environment for This Centre includes the following types of ser-vices. entrepreneurship and research. It’s not a secret for anybody,Prototyping CUC will carry out the followingworks: that such environment in our • ndustrial design; i country is not favorable for •  ngineering and technical consulting; e •  reparation to the production of developmental p either entrepreneurship, or prototypes; •  erformance of the design works and further pro- p research. And it seems to me duction of the participants’ goods; that this is precisely the problem, •  nalysis and correction of the design documenta- a tion for the optimization of industrial tasks; successful resolution of which is •  anufacturing of part elements and details on the m a very decent objective for any day of request; •  anufacturing of non-standard details and part m gentleman, and I like this elements at external industrial sites. objective”.The works will be fulfilled using the followingmain equipment: Alexey Beltukov, •  Е642 universal tool grinder; 3 Vice-President for planning •  MT600 M ( Russian: ВМТ600М) vertical-milling V and development, processing centre with Fanuc-0iMC computer nu- merical control; “Skolkovo”Foundation •  LP350P (Russian: СЛП350П) band machine of S pendulum type; •  F2171S5 (Russian: ГФ2171С5) vertical bracket G •  6B16FZ21,16B16FZ-31 (Russian: 16Б16Ф3- 1 miller with computer numerical control and auto- 21, 16Б16Ф3-31) lathe with computer numerical matic tool changeover; control; •  М112 table-drilling vertical machine; 2 •  50ITVM01 (Russian: 250ИТВМ01) special lathe; 2 •  G220 (Russian: 8Г220) abrasive metal-cutting 8 •  PK 50 (Russian: HPK 50) profile bending ma- N machine; chine, hydraulic model; •  431SF10 (Russian: 2431СФ10) coordinate-boring 2 •  К82 bracket miller; 6 single-standard machine. Planned CUCsIf the participants’ demand is confirmed, it is planned microanalysis, industrial design, engineering andto create Metrology CUC, including Spectrometry technological support of participants, a range ofLaboratory. services and the use conditions of machine shops. Personal discussions of engineering tasks andThe results of work for 2011-2012: demonstrative works have been held with 36It has been carried out a set of engineering and participants.organizational works concerning the organization of There have been concluded service agreements withCUC in “Ural” building. 3 operators of CUC. With the purpose of service marketing, CUC has There have been concluded agreements for serviceperformed 4 specialized workshops for participants rendering in CUC with 3 participants (2 – Microanalysis,on advanced methods and hardware tools of 1 – Prototyping).
  8. 8. Technopark Services Consulting CentreIn 2011, based on the numerous applications of • rimary consulting on the matters of grant reception Pinteresants and to ensure required support to the (Investment Policy);Applicants for Skolkovo Participant or Skolkovo • onsulting on issues of registering a new legal CParticipants Status, the Consulting Centre has been entity, making the Statute of the organization increated in the structure of Skolkovo Technopark. compliance with the demands of Law on Skolkovo Investment Project;Today Adversary Centre • onsulting on issues concerning the use of C Participant Status preferences (tax benefits etc);manages about • nforming the applicant about the stages of I 100 application consideration; • nformation support to the customers after receipt I of the Project Participant Status; • nformation support and receipt of the requests from I Skolkovo Participants concerning provision them with services of Skolkovo Technopark, including the creation of new services of Skolkovo Technopark applicationsfrom status searching on the grounds of requests; • aking webinars concerning the procedure M for receiving the Skolkovo Project Participant Status;companies • rganization of webinars on rendering the services O of Skolkovo Technopark.The main tasks of the Consulting Centre are: Forecasts and results of work for 2011-2012: • nformation support of potential applicants before I Currently the Consulting Centre processes about 80 applying for the Participant Status, which includes requests from applicants per day. As of the beginning the explanation of the application consideration of 2012 there was performed work with 332 participants procedure; and with more than 700 applicants for the Skolkovo • rganization of meetings with the cluster special- O Participant Status. The Consulting Centre renders its ists; services free of charge. • onsulting assistance in preparation of the C Participation of the Consulting Centre in the total documents package for applying for the Project scope of work with the applicants and with Skolkovo Participant Status and assistance in preparation of Project Participants in the process of status assigning applications (completeness/compliance); is shown on the diagram below. 80% 79% 70% 75% 72% 72% 71% 60% 58% 57% 50% 44% 43% 40% april may june july august september october november december
  9. 9. Total number of applications for assignment of the project participant status. 238 179 189 Total 168 Through the AC (from Total) 139 134 116 121 97 98 79 94 72 58 44 43 30 17 april may june july august september october november decemberNumber of applicants granted project participant status. Total 40 38 Through the AC (from Total) 28 32 28 29 22 26 27 22 18 22 15 12 17 16 9 9 april may june july august september october november decemberAn external contractor (outsourcing) has launched the More than 80% of the applicants for Skolkovo ProjectCall-Centre Project to ensure continuous work of the Participant were consulted within the period of 2011referral service. The criteria to choose the supplier –April 2012.(contractor) have been determined. The Terms of To optimize the process of managing the applicationsReference for the Call-Centre Project have been prepared for Technopark services from the companies –and request for proposals have been performed. participants of Skolkovo Project, the project of CRM In June 2012 it is planned to conclude a service TPS has been launched within the framework of theagreement. Foundations’ program of Automated Control Systems Under the program of Automated Control System for the Applicants. The Terms of Reference have beenfor the Foundation Applicants, the Consulting Centre developed, employees have been tested and trained,provides technical support to the Applicants. and work has been started in a productive mode. Accounting CentreAccounting Centre is a subdivision of Technopark • echnopark Skolkovo LLC establishes contacts TSkolkovo LLC dealing with such directions as between the Participants and the Serviceaccounting and grant accounting, founded following Providers:the poll conducted between the Participants of • Technopark Skolkovo LLC, as a service organizer, Skolkovo Project, which have the need of such kind providers the Participants and the Service Providersof services. with the freedom of choice for mutually beneficial The goal of the Accounting Centre creation is to cooperation:help the Project Participants in a competent selection • Technopark Skolkovo LLC controls quality of the of Service Providers, to facilitate increase in quality of services provided by the chosen Service Providers;services provided to the Project Participants. control over the price policy of the Service Within the scope of services provided to the Skolkovo Providers;Project Participants involving third parties, Technopark • echnopark Skolkovo LLC analyzes the market TSkolkovo LLC selects and trains Service Providers. of similar services regularly for the sake of increasing the service quality and decreasingPrinciples of the provided services: the prices for the provided services, and • echnopark Skolkovo LLC is the accounting T recommends the chosen Service Providers the and grant accounting service organizer for the methods of increasing the efficiency of work with Participants the Participants.
  10. 10. Process of Organizing and Providing Services for Skolkovo Participants1 2 3 Organizing 4 5 Receiving Selecting Ensuring conclusion a request communications Control of a Service of a service from a between quality of the Provider, contract between Participant the Service services provided certification the Project Provider and the to the Project Participant and the Participant Participants Service Provider1.  Participant forms a request for a service. A 6.  he Participant selects a Service Provider, and asks T2.  echnopark Skolkovo LLC processes the T Technopark Skolkovo LLC to organize interaction request. with it.3.  echnopark Skolkovo LLC organizes the selection T 7.  echnopark Skolkovo LLC proposes information T of the appropriate Service Provider for the about the company interested in interaction to the Participant and trains it according to the specified Service Provider. internal procedures. The selection and training 8. f necessary, Technopark Skolkovo LLC drafts a I procedures are performed in order to ensure high standard contract between the Participant and Service quality of the services provided to the Participants, Provider, and provides the conclusion thereof. facilitation in the informational and methodical 9.  echnopark Skolkovo LLC controls quality of services T provisioning, control over the professional activities provided by the Providers and pricing by way of of the Service Providers. field checks performed each year, and by way of4.  he selected Service Providers have a Certificate T conducting surveys among the Participants, and also issued by Technopark Skolkovo LLC. conducts regular training (consulting seminars) for5.  e c h n o p a r k S k o l k o v o L L C p r o p o s e s t h e T professional improvement of the Service Providers’ Participant to choose a Service Provider from the specialists, which should mandatorily be attended list of selected companies by way of providing each quarter. the Participant with all the information regarding 10. n case the services are of inadequate quality or I the Service Providers, the terms of service the requirements set out in this attachment are not provision and the cost. Information about the complied with, Technopark Skolkovo LLC retains selected, trained and certified Service Providers a right to inform the Participant about it and to is available for the Participants on website http:// exclude the Provider from the list of the selected companies.Results of work performed in 2011, and the plan of actions on developing the AccountingCentre direction in 2012:1.  election of the Service Providers (12 companies S 5.  rganization of interaction between a Service O were selected in 2011, 20 are planned for 2012. Provider and Project Participant. Information is available on the Virtual Skolkovo 6.  he standard contract between a Participant and T website (Technopark - Services)). Service Provider (17 contracts were concluded for2.  ducational courses for Service Providers: E service via agents) has been developed. trainings, conferences and seminars (training 7.  ontrol of quality of services rendered by a Provider C sessions at least once a quarter. One event was and pricing policy in 2012. held in January 2012.) i.  field checks (December 2012) –3. nformational support to Service Providers (Four I ii.  surveying (rating of December 2012) – free Webinars were held, answering the questions 8.  ethodical recommendations (in 2011, we developed M set by the Participants). the project of Methodical Recommendations for4.  elp for a Participant in selecting a Service Provider H Grant Accounting together with PWC, in 2012 we from the list of the selected companies (in 2011, 17 plan systematic update of this document, not less contracts were concluded for accounting and grant than once in half-a-year; in June 2012 we plan accounting between Skolkovo Participants and the to conduct a seminar “Grant. Grant Accounting”, companies selected by the Accounting Centre). taking into account the changes made to the
  11. 11. Regulations of the Fund Grant Policy. We’ve (including the ones with foreign capital) via third registered about 120 written applications from parties. Skolkovo Project Participants for participation in 11. t is planned to have voluntary certification in I the event.) accordance with Federal Law On Technical9.  onsultations for the Participants on the issues C Regulation. Technopark will develop and, with of accounting, tax and grant accounting (daily the assistance of the Foundation, will register with free consultations in oral and written form on the Rosstandart the system of voluntary certification Skolkovo Participants’ requests, free of charge and of the providers’ services by the end of 2012. within the scope of authorities under FZ -244). In May 2012, written recommendations from10.  elp in registering legal entities for obtaining H Rosstandart concerning organization of the the status of a Skolkovo Project Participant process of voluntary certification were received. HR Centre “Working in Technopark, you have an opportunity to get a list of services, that is simple and clear enough. This is an accounting and book- keeping outsourced, services of the intellectual property protection center, both are free of charge today. This is an access to the infrastructure Technopark today has an access to – namely partnerTo provide services within the frame of the HR Centre universities, institutes,service, Skolkovo Technopark has developed aconcept of an HR Centre based on the performed companies…..This is a chancemarketing surveys in the field of studying the need of the of building communicationParticipating companies of Skolkovo in unique specialistsfor selecting optimal tools and sources for recruitment with people like yourselves,of personnel for the participating companies. within the industry. And this isFunctions of the HR Centre: a lot, indeed a lot”. The full-cycle services in hiring personnel by therecruiters of Technopark HR Centre, by own efforts and Mikhail Lifshits,with involvement of recruiting agencies. Chairman of the Board of Results of work for 2011, and the plan of measureson developing the direction in 2012: Directors, Technopark • aving surveyed more than 200 companies H “Skolkovo” participating in Skolkovo for the purpose of learning the need for personnel and for specifying this need.
  12. 12. • ssessing the demand for recruiting services among A • he Vacancies Fair and panel on the problems of T the participating companies. personnel support within the Technopark Success • ollection of information for the purpose of C Day have been held. detecting and establishing the parameters for • The first applications for recruiting personnel for developing the concept of services provided by the 7 companies participating in Skolkovo Project the HR Centre. have been received. • alculation of profitability of the concept of services C provided by the HR Centre. Plan of measures to be taken in 2012: • orming a financial model of the HR Centre. F • resentation and promotion of the services provided P • inalizing and approving the concept of the services F within the scope of the HR Centre among Skolkovo provided within the scope of the HR Centre. participating companies and the partners. • earching for and hiring a Director of the HR Centre S • Approval of the financial model and the strategy direction. of HR Centre. • earching for and hiring a team of recruiters S • Forming channels for searching for candidates/ possessing the relevant experience in the five major relations within the internal institutes of Skolkovo prioritized directions of the Skolkovo Fund activities (interaction points). (2 persons). • Forming a Technical Assignment, and choosing an • rafting a new standard contract for the HR D АTS (application tracking system) supplier. Centre services provision. The contract is being • Implementation of the АTS (application tracking approved. system) technological platform for working with the • earch through the specializing recruiting agencies S base of candidates. Concluding contracts with the has been performed. specializing recruiting agencies. • arket of АTS (application tracking system) M • Working on the HR Centre’s business processes suppliers has been studied. at all level of operation. • he scenario of working via the Virtual Skolkovo T • Hiring a recruiting team, who would have sufficient has been developed; the technical assignment for relevant experience in the major prioritized directions developers has been prepared. of the Skolkovo Fund activities (2 persons).Model of the HR Centre companies - service customers APPLICATION HR center coordinators pool of candidates APPLICATION APPLICATION VIRTUAL SHOOLS - HR AGENCIES, SKOLKOVO PARTNERS OF PARTNERS OF THE THE PROGRAMM PROGRAMM back-office systems10
  13. 13. Visa and Migration SupportIn order to implement the project for “creation and en- • onsultations in the field of migration legislation; Csuring functioning of the Skolkovo Innovation Center”, • ssignment of a taxpayer identification number to Aas well as due to numerous applications of Skolkovo foreign employees;Project participants within Federal Law No. 244 On • Additional services. Skolkovo Innovation Center, the Visa and MigrationDepartment has been created. 2. Creation of an information resource: • reation of web site with the required information; CDescription and Purpose of Visa and Migration • n-line communication (forum). ODepartment CreationThe Visa and Migration Department is a subdivision of 3. Conducting trainings, holding conferences andTechnopark Skolkovo LLC dealing with organization of seminars (training sessions).work aimed at visa and migration support. 4. Methodical recommendations.Goals:1.Providing assistance to Skolkovo Project Partici- 5.Consultations of Skolkovo Project Participants.pants in solution of issues related to visas and migra-tion during employment of foreign employees: These services are provided on a remuneration basis; in • ssistance in drawing-up of work permits; A this case the cost does not exceed average market cost. • ssistance in drawing-up of invitations for entrance A A Participant can use full package of services pro- to the Russian Federation; vided by Technopark Skolkovo LLC or choose sepa- • ssistance in notification of government bodies; A rate, most relevant services. 11
  14. 14. In 2012 it is planned to delegate a part of works Estimates and Work Results for 2011 -2012:of specialized companies providing services out of It is planned that the percentage of the ParticipantsTechnopark Skolkovo LLC office, but accredited by using visa and migration services will be 15% of totalTechnopark Skolkovo LLC, in case of the Participant’s number of the Participants (500 Participants).business activity ratio increasing. There is a specialist responsible for this field devel- Technopark Skolkovo LLC shall act as a mediator opment in the staff. 11 contracts have been signedand reserve the right to carry out inspection of works with the participants. First income in the amount ofperformance quality for the Participant (audit of works RUR 21,000 was obtained on 28.04.2012 for visa andperformance quality). migration support of the Participant. International CooperationTechnopark Skolkovo LLC develops partnership with the Relationships with one of the most knownmost successful technology parks and research centers of in Europe polytechnic universities EPFL inthe world. The Agreement of Partnership with Technopark Lausanne, Switzerland, and with ISIS TechnologiesZurich was prepared and signed in 2011; according to Transfer Center in Oxford University have beenthis Agreement a group of Swiss specialists together established and are being developed now.with the project team has prepared operation model, Relationships with Adlershof (Berlin) the largestbuilt on the basis of best methods of Technopark Zurich. science and technological park in Germany haveTechnopark Zurich has conducted induction training for been established and negotiations of partnershipkey employees of Technopark Skolkovo LLC. have been held. “This is a globally important project, to participate in which we also invite foreign companies…We shall make visa regime easierfor the foreign investors, professors, students, all ofthose who want to visit Russia. We think, that once wemake the first step into this direction, we’ll get apositive reaction on our partners side”.Arkady DvorkovichDeputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Government12
  15. 15. Business Coach Service 27Business coaches or mentors work with start-upinnovation companies all over the world providingcompanies’ leaders with systematic and complexassistance in business development and success companies-achievement. Being best world practices oriented, wehave created and launched this service for Skolkovo participantsProject Participants: •  usiness coach is a professional having many years B obtain assistance of experience and own success history, which is select- ed on a competitive basis and has to be subjected to Technopark Skolkovo LLC certification by Technopark Skolkovo LLC. •  usiness coach works with the company systemati- B coaches nowadays. cally facilitating its success and involves all services a business leader. He/she does not make decisions of Technopark Skolkovo LLC for assistance in instead of company management and does not do for certain aspects of business development acting as the company the thing that the company shall do itself, sales agent for Technopark Skolkovo LLC. the same way the sport coach does not set records •  usiness coach is a primary channel for for Tech- B instead of a sportsman. A business coach assists, nopark Skolkovo LLC services promotion estimates, directs and inspires in such things as: •  reation of business-case; CHow Business Coach Assists Leader of a Company •  orking-out of projects development strategy; WParticipant of Skolkovo Project •  roduct marketing and company positioning; PA business coach assists a company in all aspects of •  orporate development; Cits activities and development, acting as an adviser for • nvolving of venture capital financing. I Conference activityConferences and other thematic and business events are the most important tools for innovation community creationand promotion of participant-company’s innovation product in the Russian and international markets. In 2011 and in 1st quarter of 2012 twenty five conferences for Skolkovo community were held, in which over 2000people took part. 13
  16. 16. Providing Office for ParticipantsTo provide office areas for Project Participants, Also the Participants can use the services of multi-Technopark Skolkovo LLC has signed lease arrangement purpose Complex of buildings of Moscow Schoolwith Skolkovo Management LLC for 3 years to lease of Management SKOLKOVO having developedover 6,800 m3. During negotiations process Technopark infrastructure and wide range of services for the clients,Skolkovo LLC was guided by the following: guests and lessees of the Complex. •  niqueness of the building for the Lessee due to u The Complex has unique territor y over 26 its location in Skolkovo village, in Odintsovo District hectares with well developed infrastructure including of Moscow Region, in close vicinity to the territory training areas, dining areas (students canteen, of Skolkovo Innovation Center; 24-hour coffee, restaurant, bar), Congress Hall • ntention of the Lessor to provide assistance in i for 660 seats, health and fitness center (fitness development of innovation medium in the territory equipment room, swimming pool, group programs, of Skolkovo Innovation Center; individual trainings), SPA zone, parking etc. – all for •  iscount over 30% of the existing rental rate for d comfortable work and rest. advanced payment. In March 2012 2nd floor of Ural Business Center (over 1,800 m3) was prepared for participants placing.Companies-participant will be provided with the Preliminary agreements were achieved with a rangeopportunity to sublease offices with the rental rate of participants (16 companies) for concluding ofof USD 300 for 1 m3 VAT excluding, but including sublease contracts for all rooms of 2nd floor.maintenance costs (excluding utility payments).Technopark Skolkovo LLC provides the followingservices in the territory of the leased building forProject Participants: •  ffice rooms of В+ category; O •  egotiations rooms and conference halls; N •  elePresence room; T •  ossibility of equipment placing; P •  ree transfer from Slavyansky Bulvar subway F station; •  roviding with legal address; P •  ity telephone communication; C • nternet; I •  roviding work place with furniture; P •  leaning services; C •  uilding security. B14
  17. 17. Technopark’s FutureTechnopark will be permanently located in D2 district of Skolkovo InnovativeCity. In conformance with the architectural concept approved by the FoundationCouncil, the total area of Technopark buildings designed to carry out innovativedevelopments in five main scientific fields is 147,000 sq.m.In 2011, basics of the concept for Skolkovo Technoparkwere developed and its design started. The design isbeing performed by ValodePistre Architectes (France), 2 Centers of Competence are specialized research centers designed for achievement of qualitative changes in particular areas ( for example, Pre-Clinicalan architectural company being the General Contractor, Trial Centre – for biomedicine)with involvement of ARUP (Great Britain), HDPInternational (the USA), HOK (Great Britain), Payette(the USA), David Langdon (the USA) as engineering 3 Modular office-laboratory premises – the premises, which can be used as offices or re-equipped for and consultants. All the companies are theworld leaders in their spheres of competence. Technopark buildings will have modular premises with 4 Office premises – allocated office space. Analysis of the needs of the companies –participantsmaximum flexibility to be able to adapt to the changing of Skolkovo Project, cluster foresights and comparisonneeds and to the amount of companies-residents. To with the best examples of technoparks and researchassure its main mission, Technopark buildings will have centers in the world has determined the followingfour main types of premises and centers: set of Common Use Centers required for the work of1 Common Use Centers are interdisciplinary multifunctional centers providing a wide range ofresearch and technological opportunities. companies-participants: •  rototyping – creation of prototypes with high P accuracy degree at all levels – from macro to nano; 15
  18. 18. •  etrology – studying and measuring the properties M m. CUCs are designed for interdisciplinary researches of different materials, devices and systems; and developments and are of complementary •  isualization – visualization and microscopy of V functionality. Technopark uses a flexible approach to materials and structures; construction of specialized premises and acquisition •  ssurance of biomedical researches – due to the A of equipment. The approach is based on the actual complexity of the biological systems, specialized demand. The decisions both for “necessary minimum” methods of recognition, calculation, sorting and and “advanced level” will be taken when the real needs sequence analysis with high resolution and high arise for Skolkovo Project Participants and they ground capacity degree are required. them. Under the task of Biomedicine Cluster, the Pre-Each CUC contains a set of analytical and techno- Clinical Trial Centre (vivarium) is being designed as alogical functions and capabilities divided into two part of Technopark. It will be operated as the Centregroups: of Competence of Biomedicine Cluster, and, mostly,1 “Necessary minimum” contains the tools and functional capabilities to support researches anddevelopments of residents, required from the first day will serve it directly. Its functionality is complemented with biomedical CUC and CUC of visualization. CUC and vivarium will be seamlessly integratedof Technopark work. into the research and general infrastructure of2 “Advanced level” means additional equipment with breakthrough technologies and the tools, aswell as modernization. Technopark to support the most convenient and favorable environment, which will be able to attract researchers of the highest level in the world, and to The total area of CUC required to place the encourage the development of innovative productscorresponding equipment is equal to about 25,000 sq. and services.While developing the concept of CUC and vivarium, their designed functional capability wascompared with minimum three similar world-class centers. •  assachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Microsystems Technology M PROTOTYPING •  aboratory Integrated Circuits Lab (ICL). L (CLEAN ROOMS) •  urdue University Birck Nanotechnology Centre (BNC). P •  niversity of Michigan Lurie Nanofabrication Facility (LNF). U •  assachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratories (MIT/LL). Research Shop Facilities. M PROTOTYPING •  tanford University Varian Machine Shops. S (WORKSHOPS) •  rizona State University. Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering Shop Facilities. A •  tanford University, User Facility Centres. S METROLOGY •  ational Institute of Standards Technology (NIST), Advanced Measurement Laboratory. N •  enn State University, Millennium Science Centre. P •  anish Technical University Centre for Electron Nanoscopy (CEN). D SCIENCE VISUALIZATION •  ak Ridge National Laboratory Materials Analysis User Centre. O •  awrence Berkeley National Laboratory National Centre for Electron Microscopy (NCEM). L BIOMEDICAL •  he Office of Shared Research Facilities at the University of Chicago Stowers Institute for T RESERCH Medical Research. SUPPORT •  he UCSF Genomics Core Facilities. T CENTRES OF •  harma Tech Pre-Clinical Toxicology Laboratory. China. P PRECLINICAL TRIALS •  erck Toxicology Laboratory. USA. M (VIVARIUM) •  ong-A Pharmaceutical Company, South Korea. DWhile designing Technopark, the first stage of Spatial- main engineering infrastructure, as well as the layout ofPlanning, Engineering and Technological Solutions, laboratory premises, CUC and vivarium as a whole areEngineering Loads (Basic building layout) (so called determined. The documents for this phase will be submit-Frozen Design) is over. At this stage, buildings contours, ted for the State Expertise on September 22, 2012.16
  19. 19. The team of Technopark SERGEY KURILOV OLGA PANINA AKEXEY MARCHENKOV ANDREY SARTORY MAXIM KISELEV Chief Executive Chief Operating Director of RD RD Services Chief Development Officer Officer infrastructure Director Officer Development ANNA NIKINA STANISLAV TIMOSHCHUK ZEMFIRA GALIMULLINA ROMAN ULANOV EVGENIYA GLUKHOVAHead of International Business Development Head of RD Services Accounting center Programs Manager Conferencing Manager project manager EVGENY LAVSHUK GEORGE POLOZ OLGA PLATONOVA LUBOV GURILENKO TATYANA KOZUB Visa Support Property Manager Consultation Center Consultation Centre Head of Career Manager Manager Specialist Centre ELENA BONDARENKO NATALYA PROSKURINA Career Centre Leading Career Centre Leading Consultant Consultant 17
  20. 20. Financial statements for 2011 FY LLC “Technopark Skolkovo” Balance Sheet @ 31 December 2011 @ 31 December 2010 ASSETS I. Non-Current assetsIntangible assets – –Results of research and development – –Fixed Assets 13 963 –including Fixed Assets in use 12 333 – Equipment for installation 986 – Construction in progress 644 –Income-bearing investments – –Financial investments – –Deffered tax assets 9 627 –Other non-current assets 122 069 –Total non-current assets 145 659 – II. Current assetsInventory 104 –VAT receivable 369 –Accounts Receivable 66 356 –including 62 042 – Trade Accounts Receivable Social taxes Receivable 2 – Settlements with accountable persons 271 – Other receivables 4 041 –Current financial investments – –Cash and cash equivalents 27 146 10Other current assets 415 –Total current assets 94 390 10TOTAL ASSETS 240 049 1018
  21. 21. Balance Sheet @ 31 December 2011 @ 31 December 2010 CAPITAL AND LIABILITIES III. Capital and reservesShared capital 10 10Own shares redeemed from shareholders – –Revaluation of non-current assets – –Additional paid-in capital 283 101 –Reserves – –Retained earnings -47 344 –Total Capital and Reserves 235 767 10 IV. Long-term liabilitiesLong-term Loans – –Deffered tax liabilities – –Estimated liabilities – –Other long-term liabilities – –Total long-term liabilities – – V. Short-term liabilitiesShort-term Loans – –Accounts Payable 4 282 –including Trade Accounts Payable 2 995 – Settlements with accountable persons 42 – Other accounts payable 1 245 –Deferred income – –Estimated liabilities – –Other short-term liabilities – –Total short-term liabilities 4 282 –TOTAL CAPITAL AND LIABILITIES 240 049 10 19
  22. 22. Profit and Losses Profit and Losses for 2011 FYRevenue –Cost of Sales –Gross margin –Selling expenses –Management expenses -48 952Profit (Loss) from sales -48 952Income from participation in other organizations –Interest receivable –Interest payable –Other income 50Other expenses -8 069Profit (Loss) before income tax -56 971Income tax –including deffered tax liabilities (assets) -1 767Deffered tax liabilities change –Deffered tax assets change 9 627Other –Profit (Loss) -47 34420
  23. 23. Official site: