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Success stories. january 2014


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Success stories. january 2014

  1. 1. The History of Success of the Skolkovo Project Members January 2014
  2. 2. Table of Contents • Sequoia genetics completes the development of the VariFind Neonatal assay • The partial oxidation reactor of Gazohim Techno shows 99% efficiency • The Aerogreen company installs a closed type wind turbine in Irkutsk • Sputnix brings a micro-satellite radio-control system into line • The FreeRTOS operating system is successfully ported to the MULTICLET P1 processor • Flocktory attracts $25 million of new sales to the largest online stores • MobileSputnik is made available through the Samsung Apps store • Smartfin initiates a partnership with Euroset 1
  3. 3. Sequoia genetics Co. Ltd. 2 Sequoia genetics completes the development of the VariFind Neonatal assay Sequoia genetics announces the completion of work on creating a unique diagnostic solution for diagnosing hereditary diseases in infants and its readiness for the market launch of the testing system. The essence of innovation The project “Individualized genomic diagnostics” is designed to create an integrated solution for medical geneticists. It will allow for a complete spectrum of genetic analyzes to be done in real time, based on whole genome sequencing data. Main advantages The currently developed web application will help you choose the best method for genetic diagnostics in each specific case. Test results providing medical reports of the analysis can be obtained very fast. Market The range of genetic diagnostics services is constantly expanding and includes diagnosis of diseases, risk assessment of the disease spreading, risk assessment in family planning, pharmacogenetics and genotyping for transplantation and blood transfusion.
  4. 4. Gazohim Techno LLC The partial oxidation reactor of Gazohim Techno shows 99% efficiency Gazohim Techno conducted yet another series of public tests of the partial oxidation reactor of new design. They achieved 99% conversion of raw gas. The essence of innovation The purpose of the project - commercialization of the "mini-GTL“ technology - Creating the world's first cost-effective small-scale GTL plant in order to effectively monetize small gas feedstock resources (associated petroleum gas, biogas, coal bed methane, natural gas, etc.) The essence of business – licensing of the "mini-GTL" production and sales systems intended for the processing of natural and associated gas into synthetic oil products and more refined products. Technology - a joint Russian-British project for achieving technological and economic synergy . This is achieved by combining two innovative blocks in a single installation: POX (partial oxidation) of Gazohim Techno LLC and Fischer-Tropsch microchannel reactor of Oxford Catalysts PLC (www Market The target market volume in Russia - up to 20 billion cubic nm / year of flared gas (over 5 billion USD), worldwide it is more than 150 billion cubic nm / year (up to 38 billion USD). 3
  5. 5. Aerogreen JSC 4 The Aerogreen company installs a closed type wind turbine in Irkutsk The use of turbine technology and original design increases the utilization rate of air flow by more than double. The essence of innovation The AeroGreen turbo-drag wind turbine is a new type of wind power plants, requiring no orientation to the wind, providing stable performance during hurricane winds and other adverse weather conditions. Main advantages • • • • • reduces the cost of generating electricity by more than double has excellent soundproofing qualities eliminates the risk of foreign objects entering the plane of rotation has no restrictions on the windwheel diameter well-integrated use of solar panels by the design, which greatly improves the land lot area efficiency of an electrical generation plant Market The AeroGreen wind turbine has a wide market range and a lower risk of non-payback. The potential customer is any consumer of alternative energy, from governments to private persons.
  6. 6. Satellite innovative space systems LLC 5 Sputnix brings a micro-satellite radio-control system into line Currently, it is being tested by receiving signals from other satellites. About the company The project focuses on the creation and commercialization of integrated solutions and individual products for small space vehicles used for applied and educational purposes • Development of technology for the rapid assembly of small space vehicles to film the Earth from space (Plug&Play) • Creation of a satellite for technological demonstration 2013 results: • Research agreements with R&D Center ScanEx and the Russian EMERCOM • Agreements with the Bauman Moscow State Technical University and the Moscow Institute of Engineers in Geodesy, Aerophotography and Cartography Target segments for the application of technology - Remote sensing (RS) - Batch data transmission - Automatic identification of ships (AIS) - Scientific and technological experiments - Organization of educational projects Market Market - equipment for small space vehicles weighing 20-50 kg - 300-400 million euros, an estimated share of 3-5%
  7. 7. MultiClet The FreeRTOS operating system is successfully ported to the MULTICLET P1 processor Microprocessors with multicellular architecture capable of supporting any operating system (Linux, Windows, Android, etc.). The essence of innovation Development and marketing of fault-tolerant, high-performance and energy-efficient processors with fundamentally new multicellular architecture for space and telecommunications applications. Main advantages • • • • • • Fault-tolerant Dynamic reconfiguration Production defect tolerance Natural immunity to viruses Cytological application Anti-hacking features Market Creation of new highly reliable hardware for aerospace and telecommunications instrumentation industries 6
  8. 8. FriiEtLast 7 Flocktory attracts $25 million of new sales to the largest online stores The FriiEtLast company which developed the referral marketing site Flocktory, sums up financial results for 2013. The essence of innovation Flocktory is Russia’s leading referral marketing platform, allowing online stores to interact directly with customers and increase their loyalty and sales through the use of social networks. The basic principle of Flocktory: after purchasing from the online store, the user shares the valuable offers with friends in social networks. If a purchase is made, both get bonuses. Main advantages Material concerning the information distributed (more than 300,000 reports of purchases from more than 100 partners) is collected and analyzed. In contrast to the referral services, it is not the user who is offered related product and goods, but the products (services, information) that are provided with influential users. The system for collecting activity statistics, network structure and the dissemination of information helps to determine the point of impact and the size needed to achieve the desired goals. Market outlook The Russian retail market is estimated to be approximately 50 million rubles per year by 2015.
  9. 9. MobilityLab, LLC • 8 MobileSputnik is made available through the Samsung Apps store The MobilityLab company (IT Group of companies) announced the availability of its mobile client MobileSputnik through Samsung Apps store which joined the list of the most popular app stores. The essence of innovation MobileSputnik is a first mass-market solution designed for organizing enterprise mobile workplaces, based on modern mobile devices Main advantage MobileSputnik provides unique mobile work opportunities for its customers: business information actually integrated into existing corporate IT platforms. Tailored to the new user experience and usage of mobile devices in the business environment, MobileSputnik provides seamless and secure access to information about business assets and a means for processing working documents on mobile devices. MobileSputnik provides the basic tools and features for the enterprise mobile workplace through tablets running iOS and Android Market Large and mid-sized companies and organizations in Russia and worldwide.
  10. 10. Smartfin • 9 Smartfin initiates a partnership with Euroset Smartfin began the implementation of their 2can mobile POS terminals through Euroset About the company Smartfin JSC is a leading Russian developer of mobile acquiring services. The mobile terminal 2can is the Russian equivalent of the U.S. service Square. It is a special application for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android platforms) and a card reader that turns your smartphone/tablet into a terminal for receiving payment via Visa and MasterCard. Main advantages Mobile terminal 2can is an application for your smartphone/tablet and a small card reader connected via audio jack. As a result, your smartphone/tablet (iOS, Android) turns into a terminal for receiving bank cards. 2can is the first Russian mPos-service. Authorization to operate from the international payment systems Visa and MasterCard was obtained in September 2012. Promsvyazbank, Russian Standard Bank and Master Bank have become 2can partners. Market Over the past five years, the share of transactions by bank card payments has increased 5.5 times and makes up more than 50% of total transactions.