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  1. 1. Skolkovo FoundationObjectives and results January, 2013
  2. 2. 1 Background of creation of Skolkovo innovation centreRussia’s Progressive Outflow of Scientists and Time Delay and Poor Lack of education forDeceleration in Applied Engineering Businessmen Effectiveness of Existing technology enterpreneursScience, Patenting and (up to 250,000 Individuals Mechanisms of SupportProduction of Innovative per Year) of Innovative ActivityProducts ” …it is necessary to create a first-rate research and development Centre in Russia … [with] the attrac- tive conditions for leading scientists, engineers, programmers and managers … along with new technologies which will be competitive on the glob- al technological market… D. Medvedev From the Letter of the Russian Federaion President to the Federal Assembly in 2009
  3. 3. 2 Skolkovo Foundation’s Mission Creation of an ecosystem favourable for entrepreneurship and research development in the following areas:• energy efficiency and power saving• nuclear technologies• space technologies and telecom• biomedical technologies• strategic computer technologies and software
  4. 4. 3Skolkovo Foundation is the source of new levelsof Russia’s economy developmentPeople, intellectual capital and Budgetary financing + deci-ideas is Skolkovo’s main value sion-taking flexibility The foundation intends to accelerate the creation of a new economy by means of a set of toolsLaunching pad for young busi- Governmental control is re-ness with high market potential placed by collective regulatory bodies ” I am sure that the new model of growth must con- sist of economic freedom, private property and competition, up-to-date market economy instead of state-controlled capitalism V. Putin From the Letter of the Russian Federation President to the Federal Assembly in 2012
  5. 5. 4Skolkovo is a new word in the globalinnovation practiceParticipants and partners — concentration of young intellectual busi-ness and the largest companies’ research centresEnvironment is acombination of effec- University, unitingtive urban construc- the best practices Livetion strategies and and potential of the Laboratorytechnological hub Russian science Skolkovoattracting youth and and education withsetting milestones for modern global trendspersonal growthTechnopark is a complex business hub for leading the russian startupcommunity to the world’s business environment
  6. 6. 5 Place of Skolkovo Innovation Centre in Russia’s innovation infrastructure The existing development institutes cover all aspects of the process of development of an investment product — from idea to IPO. Skolkovo’s role consists in formation of new projects and companies rather than working with existing ones Universities, R&D, RAS SkolkovoLife cycle Higher educationstages ofinnovative Research (R&D)product Technological R&D Commercial R&D Life cycle Pre-seed and seed stages of Production stages innovative business Launch stage Growth stage Business expansion stage Pre-IPO stage IPO stage
  7. 7. 6 Difference of Skolkovo from other development institutes1 Unlike colleges and universities, RDI and RAS, the Skolkovo Foundation does not perform in- dependent research or perform any development studies. The Foundation’s task is to accom- pany and support research workers and developers.2 Unlike other development institutes (Rusnano, RVC, VEB), the activity of Skolkovo Foundation is not commercial: • As a non-profit organization Skolkovo • Skolkovo does not act as an investor, it provides financial grants provides money on a gratuitous basis • Skolkovo provides support for • Skolkovo does not finance companies involved in research and manufacturing or any further stages development activities, both at the • Skolkovo is not limited exclusively by R&D stage and product promotion and Russian technologies and encourages marketing stage bilateral cooperation in the area of • Skolkovo provides support for technology development innovative R&D and start-ups in • Skolkovo does not act as a sales agent technology • Skolkovo is a platform for international cooperation in R&D and technologies exchange
  8. 8. 7 Foundation’s councils and committeesScientific Advisory Industrial Advisory Urban Grants TenderCouncil Council Council Committee CommitteeHeaded by Nobel prize Chairperson — Chairperson — 2/3 — independent A half of full-time Com-winners Zh. Alfyorov E. Akho (Executive Vice J. Pistre (Valode & members mittee members are(Vice President of President of Nokia Pistre Architectes), independentRAS), R. Kornberg Corporation) Co-Chairperson — Issuing grants for the(Professor of Stanford V. Golubitsky (President Participants , reports With the participa-University) of Renova-StroyGroup) Integrates Russia’s and on project execution tion of the staff of the international largest stages, makes de- Foundation and invitedCoordinates research companies with a Criteria of forming the cisions on granting members of the Com-activity and gives strong innovative trend Urban concept of IC tranches mittee (the structure isrecommendations con- Skolkovo formed by the Ordercerning expert reviews of the President of the Proposals and rec- Regular GC officialand advance research Foundation) ommendations for Recommendations for meetingsworks communications with architectural design, the Foundation and construction, operation Preparation, coordina- GC are being held4 meetings are held innovation stimulation tion and performance once every 3 weeksper year in Russia of purchasing proce- (according to the plan dures (on a manda- of 2013) tory basis, for orders costing more than 100 million RUR), including other functions
  9. 9. 8 Key elements of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre Key development factors 2020 Skolkovo Foundation Expertise, grant support, coordination of Ecosystem elements Technopark and intellectual property centres Venture • 10 common use centres Skolkovo institute of investments • Research support and business science and technology• $ 500—1,000 million development services • 1,200 students venture stock • 200 professors funding • 15 research centres Skolkovo innovation ecosystem R&D companies Innograd• 50 R&D centres • 389 hectares of the innovation centre area• $ 500 million Project participants investments • 1,316,000 m 2 of buildings • 1,000 companies • >100 intellectual property assets, on an annual basis
  10. 10. 9 Skolkovo Key elements of Skolkovo Ecosystem functions Industrial and venture capital Participants Technopark + Intellectual partners Property Centre• Provide demand for research and • Conduct of research and • Ensuring access to state-of-the-art developments commercialization of their results infrastructure and office premises for participants• Funding and counselling for • Creation of intellectual property participants assets • Assistance in determination and implementation of the protection• Participation in the formation of • New jobs and value chain strategy of IP assets innovative priorities• Ensuring labour force market liquidity • Creation of intellectual products and promotion of innovative activity results Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology Innograd Sk Foundation• International research university for • Physical infrastructure • Association and organization of Master and PhD students interaction of Key elements of • Creation of conditions for the Skolkovo Ecosystem• Scientific Expertise Centre and innovation-productive community example of development of R&D on • Distribution of knowledge about industrial orders research and business • Expertise • Grant support
  11. 11. 10 Key elements of Skolkovo Ecosystem Companies-participants A participant’s status is defined in clause 1 of the Russian law 244-FZ Awarding a status is regulated by the rules, the 3rd edition of which is approved by the Board of the Foundation on June 21, 2012 and agreed on with the Board of Trustees of the Founda- tion on September 12, 2012 Participants Facts & results• Get legal status for 10 years 793 companies (based on 4,075 applications received)• Employed only for research 87 applications submitted for invention or utility patents;• Get tax and customs privileges (until the threshold 20 — for PC software registration revenue and income values are achieved) In 2012 participants reported 1.2 billion RUR in revenues• Access to the Skolkovo’s research infrastructure and Total attracted 12,700 employees commercialization services The participants are located in 44 regions of the country• Grant applications The participants received the approval for 184 grants for• Take part in regular cluster activities 9 billion RUR, including 3 billion RUR for grants aiming at the research creation and development The participants raised 6.2 billion RUR of private co-invest- ments (including 1.1 billion RUR from accredited venture stock funds)
  12. 12. 11 Key elements of Skolkovo Ecosystem Technopark and Intellectual Property Centre (IPC) LLC Technopark Skolkovo and LLC Intellec- tual Property Centre are branch companies of Foundation They are detached for separating the services (a part of a new- ly-created innovative ecosystem) from the Foundation’s regulatory and grant activity.Technopark Facts & results 62 patent investigations were performed• Provides access to office premises and state-of-the-art research infrastructure in the form of Common Use Centres Total prepared and submitted 143 applications for the reg- istration of intellectual property assets (including trade mark• Ensures recruitment of scientific, engineering and other registration) skilled human resources 49 companies are located in Technopark, 15 — in the Hyper-• Provides assistance in preparation of business plans and cube other materials to attract investors and enter markets 3 Common Use Centres were opened, including 2 for the third parties’ fundsIPC The design of the Technopark complex of buildings with theProvides assistance in determination and implementation of total area of 146,000 m2 is proceeded to completion.the protection strategy of IP assets
  13. 13. 12 Key elements of Skolkovo Ecosystem Technopark and intellectual property centre (IPC)• 107 patent applications are filed by Skolkovo 143 applications were received participants in 2012 for an invention or a utility 87• Currently 20 patent applications are under model: registration process Russian 63• 2012 patent office average review period was about 14 months international (PCT) 24 For an invention or a utility 20 model for trademark registration 36 The share of patent applications of Skolkovo resident in the total applica- tions in Russia filed by the Russian applicants1: 25% 20% 16% 1,1% 18% 1 According to Rospatent
  14. 14. 13 Key elements of Skolkovo Ecosystem Industrial partners Industrial (corporate) partner is a large corporation (international or russian) It occupies leading positions in R&D in its industry, assuming obligations to open a R&D Centre and/or a corporate venture stock fun in Skolkovo RCFacts & results24 agreements to start R&D 2,659 jobs will be created 2 billion RUR — approved funding from Centres in Skolkovo with the before 2015 by corporate venture stock agreed budget of 27 Skolkovo corporate R&D centers funds billion RUR
  15. 15. 14 Key elements of Skolkovo Ecosystem Venture partners Venture partner During the accreditation procedure, take obligations to consider investments into Skolkovo participants for a particular amount, within a 2—3-year period.Facts & results49 funds signed up Accreditation agreements 14 funds acted as 81 participants recieved (19 international) have been signed for the co-investors for support by accredited total amount of grants for the total venture stock funds 19,6 billion RUR amount of 1,1 billion RUR
  16. 16. 15 Key elements of Skolkovo Ecosystem Skolkovo institute of science and technology (Skoltech) World-class technology university established in cooperation with MIT Partner was approved by the Board of Trustees of the foundation in 2011 Role of MIT in partnership Mission and objectives• International quality level Russia global educational, scientific and economic potential development. Skoltech is assurance of the University’s aiming to decrease the brain-drain from Russia. processes and HR• Best professors recruitment More than 3,000 master and phd students leave russia every year• Development and transfer of educational programs and courses Relying to unique talents when creating a new university in Skolkovo: attracting out- standing international scientists to Skolkovo 100 out of 200 skoltech professors will be international scientists. Training prospective and successful PhD students and creating global competitive re- search program in scientific, technological, engineering and innovation areas in coop- eration with the world’s leading industrial resources
  17. 17. 16 Key elements of Skolkovo Ecosystem Skolkovo institute of science and technology (Skoltech) Unique institute of science and innovations Research is based on fundamental developments, aiming to innovations which lead to breakthrough ideas. Innovative education provides students with fundamental knowledge and understanding of the essence of the innovative process enabling Facts & results them to create breakthrough ideas In October 2011, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) was incorporated In September 2012, 20 students of the first enlistment. The Admis- sion Committee started its operation in 2013-2014 school years. As Skoltech partners — World’s leading of December 31, 2012, 500 applications were received for 50 seats technological universities The competitions for the creation of the first 3 Skoltech research Centres have been completed. 129 applications were received from the international inter-university teams in Round 1; 143 — in Round 2.• Imperial College in London 11 Noble prize-winners took part in the competition• ETH in Zurich Total investments in the Skoltech Endowment — 3.99 billion RUR• Stanford University• Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  18. 18. 17Key elements of Skolkovo EcosystemInnograd Urban skolkovo infrastructure Skolkovo Innovation Centre is a cosy town including a num- ber of landmarks (Skoltech, Technopark, Central Zone) Common city environment is based on social and profes- sional conditions for the communications of students, profes- sors, participants and key partners Facts & Results 7,000 m2 “Hypercube” building was built
  19. 19. 18 Key elements of Skolkovo Ecosystem Innograd Skolkovo territory. Stages of formation and management Innovation Centre Draft Planning of the Innova- The City Master Plan is a part of Moscow (by the tion Centre is approved on July 21, decision of the Federal Council is approved on February 27, 2011 (Scale 1:2,000) dated December 27, 2011) 2012 (Scale 1:1,000)2010 2011 2012Skolkovo federal law signedby the Russia Government The Urban Development Centre (Hypercube) with the area of 7,000 square m was built – the platform for project par- ticipants housing and communications; Hypercube build- ing was awarded the “Golden Mark” of the international festival “Architecture-2012” and “Green Project 2012” prize
  20. 20. 19 Key elements of Skolkovo Ecosystem Innograd. The urban environment Greater than the sum of ser- vices — a new quality of the Unique educational com- urban environment and new plex is an important part of opportunities for residents Skolkovo brand and guests Types of educational services in Skolkovo Family campus• Pre-school education, including • Public nursery support services for infant • Child day-care centre education; • Elementary school• School education in accordance • Medical facilities to government standard and international programs; • Secondary and senior schools• Additional education for children • School library and cafeteria, sports and adults; complex, arts and craft workshops• Adaptation programs (for international guests)
  21. 21. 20 Key elements of Skolkovo Ecosystem Foundation3 nobel prize winners 1. Collegiality74 academicians ofthe Russian Academy 38% 62% 1 044 At least 3 experts evaluate each grant applications and 5 experts — each Experts for Experts of grant experts coop-of sciences and the participant’s status applications participant’s applications erate with therussian academy of status Foundationmedical sciences222 professors ofleading universities 2. Competency202 phds, full pro-fessors of western 25% Business experts — top managers of successful companies, professionaluniversities counsellors or partners of large-scale venture stock funds79 company founders 54% Technical experts — medium-scale managers of large or big companies82 CEOs69 consulting firms 71% Scientific experts have publications in the leading periodicalspartners 33% International experts 11% of experts from the USA, 3% — from Great Britain and Belarus, 1% — from Canada, Kazakhstan, Finland 3. Independence Experts — non-employees of the Foundation; they are unknown either to applicants or employees of the Foundation working with an applicant The Conflicts Interest Committee is created under supervision of Advisory Research Board. This committee will ensure using the world’s best prac- tices in project expertise
  22. 22. 21 Key elements of Skolkovo Ecosystem Foundation Status assigment process Transparency and quality of the Average timeline for making a With preliminary approval — 40 days, process: decision for Skolkovo partici- without preliminary approval — 29 days pant status• A random selection of independent experts• Clear formal process Overage amount of applica- 4 075• Publication of the results on the website of the tions reviewed Foundation Number of participants 793 External expertise (inde- Assigning the On-line application Paperwork Due diligence pendent experts, random participant’s submission formalities selection) status
  23. 23. 22 Key elements of Skolkovo Ecosystem Foundation Granting process Mechanisms to ensure transparency and Average quality of the process Term of making a decision to provide 67 days• Involvement of independent experts a grant• Grants Committee is composed by 2/3 of the Overall amount of grant agreements 176 independent members (6 out of 9) Amount of grants approved for alloca- 8 998,6• Clear formal process tion, million RUR• Mandatory requirements for co-financing of the Amount of co-investments in the in- 6 190,5 projects for 2013 — at least 50% novative projects which have received• Publication of decisions on the Foundation’s website the grant, million RURSubmission of an External expertise (inde- Execution of prec- Internal pendent experts, random Grants Committee edent conditions,application and Due diligence expertise selection) grant paymentmemorandum
  24. 24. 23 Key elements of Skolkovo Ecosystem Foundation Grants committee A key tool to ensure transparency and objectivity of decisions on provision of grants Transparency and objectivity are achieved 3 academicians of the Russian Academy of Science through a number of factors 2 representatives of develop-• Independent members of the Grants Committee are 6 out of 9 ment institution• Decisions are adopted by a simple majority 1 representative of the venture• Decisions are being made based on the external expert community appraisal 3 employees of the foundation• There is a broad expert appraisal in various industries and fields• Openness — the applicants may be present at the session of the Grants Committee Grants Reports• Publicity — the publication of the results of work and decision Grants applications 156 Grant usage re- 70 made reviewed ports reviewed• Strict adherence to the procedure of exclusion of the conflict of interest in decision-making process Grants applications 108 approved Reports approved 53
  25. 25. 24 Key elements of Skolkovo Ecosystem FoundationApplication review procedures Participant’s status Grant 21 67Optimally constructed internalprocesses allow ensuring effi- 90cient operations 15029 days for project approval, 15096 days for grant obtaining 180 180Sources: RVC data about the averageperiod of reviewing applications in 210funds with the participation of RVC,regulatory documents of OJSC “rus- 300nano”, public materials of NIH, SBIR,official websites of the development in- 0 100 200 300 Time, daysstitutes, skolkovo foundation statistics
  26. 26. 25 Key elements of Skolkovo Ecosystem Foundation Programs aimed at attracting talented youth in SkolkovoSkolkovo Open Uni- Skolkovo Open University —versity (OPUS) is open to the futureThe main objectives are Program participants — are under-the development of entre- graduate and graduate students,preneurial competences and young scientists of leadingin the area of key tech- R&D universitiesnologies, development ofworking skills in interna- • Moscow (MSU, MSTU, MISA, Facts & Results MIPT, MEPhI]tional teams and stimula-tion of creation of innova- • St Petersburg (StPSU, IST, StPPU) 220 program participants, over 25,000 online broadcasting view-tive enterprises • Tomsk (TSU, TPU, TSURECS) ers 8 youth projects were awarded theExpert council Project Participant’s Status3 academicians The Program Participants became the first Skoltech students1 professor The Program participants became1 venture investor the first students of Skoltech1 direction of develop- Probation periods for the Programment institute (ASI) participants are arranged in Skolk-1 vice president of ovo ecosystem (Foundation, part-skoltech ners, participants, etc.)
  27. 27. 26 Key elements of Skolkovo Ecosystem Foundation Communications and marketing Establishment of a stable positive perception of the brand in the target groups, involvement of audiences in cooperation Objectives Brand construction stages 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016• Maintaining a constant interest in the Foundation Awareness operation, establish of its positive image as Perception a symbol of the new Russia Involvement• Great demand for innovation Commitment• Set up media campaign entitled «Skolkovo is Brand awareness 47% 53% 66% 75% 80+% a catalyst of innovative development of the Publications in Russian mass media 40 000 57 000 60 000 65 000 75 000 country» Publications in foreign mass media 850 2 000 2 500 2 700 3 000• Attract new participants and partners Target groups and positioning lines } } Public at large, Russian Positive image Entrepreneurial, financial, Symbiosis of science, re- and foreign leaders of Innovations demand (RF) educational, scientific and search and implementation opinions, start-up and Innovation development business community The new model of techno- R&D communities, small catalyst logical education and medium business } } Long-term partnership Authorities, innovation Large international com- Transparency and publicity of Symbol of innovation community, relevant panies, industry business cooperation development agencies, Russian and and professional experts, Integration into the Global Attracting strategic investments international development venture stock capital economic context Science commercialization institutions
  28. 28. 27 Key achievments of Skolkovo ecosystem elements Technopark + Intellectual Industrial and venture capital Participants Property Centre partners• Agreements were signed on the • 12,700 jobs were created • 3 common use centres were opened, establishment of 24 R&D centres including 2 at the expense of the • Total revenue of participants based third parties• 49 venture funds (including 19 on preliminary data reached 1.2 foreign ones) have signed the billion RUR • 49 participants were located in the agreements on accreditation for a temporary premises of Technopark; • The participants started their sales its operation was organized total of 19.6 billion rubles on the markets of Russia, Belarus,• 14 funds were acting as co-investors the USA and China in the grants for a total amount of 1.1 • Applications for registration of 143 billion rubles RC assets were submitted Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology Innograd Sk Foundation• 20 participants were selected during • The construction of Hypercube • 793 participants were selected (with the first enrollment into Skolkovo building was completed the competition of 5 companies per Institute of Science and Technology seat) • The design of key buildings — programs Technopark, University — is being • Over the entire period of the• 500 applications have already been completed operation, the Foundation received submitted for the second enrollment 4,075 applications (50 seats) • The participants received the• The final conclusions were made at approval for 184 grants for 9.0 billion the competition for the creation of 3 RUR (5 billion RUR were provided) research centres
  29. 29. 28 The foundation’s development strategy 2020 Transition to self-development; achieving the po- tential of innovative ecosystem commercialization Improvement of quality of innovative ecosystem key Development and organ- elements, including devel- ization of critical mass of opment and implementa- innovative ecosystem key tion of rotation schemes elements inside elements and pro- vision of integration and interaction between ele- ments2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 The Skolkovo strategy developed before 2020 implies three key stages of development, the first of which is drawing to a close
  30. 30. 29Strategic performance indicators in 2013(running total)The total number of jobs created > 20 000Total revenue of participants > 2.2 billion RURNumber of applications for intellectual property objects created > 250> 10,0 billion RUR of private co-investmentsSkolkovo institute of science and technology: 8 research centres70 participants of the programs