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Presentation startup village eng

  1. 1. STARTUP VILLAGE INSPIRERPekka A. ViljakainenChairman of Organizational Committeetwitter @pviljakainen“That day when Russian parents will advisetheir children to start their own businesses rath-er than get a job in any company orgovernmental authority, will mean thatRussia made a breakthrough in buildinga new economic future!”“That day is closer than you think. You can seeit at Startup Village!” 1
  2. 2. AIMS OF EVENT Coach startup companies1 2 Connect Russian and to accelerate their growth international start-up and increase level of the communities projects’ quality 3 Promote Russian federal and regional programs for startup companies Find partners and Connect big technological4 investors for startup companies 5 companies and startup companies 2
  3. 3. ABOUT STARTUP VILLAGE Who willWhat? Why? participate? Where?Startup Village will be Startup Village’s idea is 1000 startup companies, Village will be organizedheld on 26th-28th of to bring together startups 300 investors, 150 media in future Skolkovo city inMay for the first time and and investors. We want representatives, students, our first building Hyper-will be hosted annually to unite Russian startup government officials and cube and on the terraceby Skolkovo and other community and give everybody who is inter- right outside. Don’t worrypartners. It is going to be them a chance to have ested in technological about weather condi-the largest technological an access to the investors, entrepreneurship. Total: tions, we will make surestartup conference in big companies and 3000 participants. you don’t get soaked.Russia. media. Village will have a Within 2 years we will hold right network atmosphere, it our already constructed where everybody is buildings and it will be- open minded and easy come a place where going. We want to help ideas meet money. startups and investors to get everything they need for the productive communication and networking. We guarantee you picturesque Russian country side, fresh air, good topics and amazing events. 3
  4. 4. FULL PROGRAMD i s c u s s i o n s H a r d t a l k s W o r k s ho p s P a r t i e s 4
  5. 5. TENTATIVE SCHEDULE26 May - Opening international offices: how to make it smartly?Coaching day - Starting a new business in Russia: how(preparing for pitch sessions) to avoid bureaucracy?Welcome cocktail - The ways of commercialisation: IPO, merger, organic growth?27 May Evening program: announcement of 30 finalists, first OpUS graduating cer-Plenary Session: Building and en- emony, partytrepreneur society: What Russia canlearn from other start-up societies?Pitch sessions tracks (240 compa- 28 Maynies): IT, Clean Technologies, Life General Discussions:Sciences Technologies, Industrial - Meet CEOstechnologies - Success StoriesGeneral discussions: - Meet young millionaires- Hard talks with investors and successful entrepreneurs - Leadership- Startup Communities - Commercialization- Business Angel Societies Market trends in IT, CleanTech, Indus- trial and Life Sciences TechnologiesMaster-classes: Pitch sessions of finalists- Avoiding mistakes in IP protection Awarding ceremony- Mastering your sales pitch: what makes the attention from the inves- tors? 5
  6. 6. VENUE FACILITIES★ 6 Stages❍ 20 Meeting Rooms(book it via personal accounts)❇ Media Center▲ Video Pavilion❂ Partners’ zone(booths, demonstration zones)✌ Leisure zone by the lake(Open air food court, bar) 6
  7. 7. P A R T N E R S (as is 16.03.2013) Media partners ▲ ▲ Kommersant Newspaper ▲ NTV ▲ Vesti.Innograd (Russia 24 TV-channel) ▲ Sk review magazine ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ and others 7 7
  8. 8. KEY CONTACTSAbout pitch session and competition issues If you need a visa or accommodation support If you are speaker For general Pekka Viljakainen Alina Suslova Startup Village Main organizer Chairman +7 916 645 8196 Maxim Uvarov Diana Dudina Program content Partners and Sponsors +7 985 923 2552 +79104009030 Vera Koryakina Roman Sherbakov Partners and Sponsors Media + 7 916 637 31382 Responsible for pitch sessions: Anton Voropaev IT Life Sciences technologies Russian Startup Katya Gaika IT Tour organizer Katya Gaika +7 906 789 5865 Biomed Polina Kolomenskaya Clean Tech Nuclear Energy Efficiency Pavel Ovchinnikov Mikhail Tykuchinskiy Kristina Bogdanova Nuclear Industrial technologies Pavel Ovchinnikov Website Editor Space IT Pavel Sharov Katya Gaika Energy efficiency Mikhail Tykuchinskiy 8
  9. 9. JOIN THE VILL AGE! Ticket sales start on 1st of AprilStartup pitch sessions application starts