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[Op us] report-2012

  1. 1. Concept  Results 2012  Plans 2013
  2. 2. What is OpUSOpen University Skolkovo is a program of the Skolkovo Foundation OpUS Studentsthat aims at creating and developing a community of talentedyoung scholars and entrepreneurs whose expertise provides new OpUS is not an educational institution and it does not awardhuman resources and tech startups for Skolkovo Innovation Centre diplomas. OpUS students pursue their BA, MA and PhD degreesand the innovation ecosystem of Russia. at the top Russian universities:The participants of the program pass through all the stages ofcreating a startup - from an idea to setting up a company. They can  MEPhI  MSUtest their business ideas with the help of business simulationgames and real-life contests, take part in events along with the  MIPT  MISISworld leaders in business and technology, as well as be mentoredby successful entrepreneurs.  Bauman MSTU  HSE  SPbGU  ITMOKPI1. Startups launched by OpUS students and their achieving the  SPbSPU  SPBAU status of Skolkovo participants;  TPU  TUSUR2. OpUS students becoming the students of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (SkolTech);  TSU  SSMU3. Internships and work experience at R&D centers and departments of partner companies, participants and  et alias departments of Skolkovo;4. Integration of OpUS students in Russian institutions for innovation development.
  3. 3. OpUS ModelStep 1. Selection Step 2. Program accelerator Step 3. Integration in the …in the areas of biomed, IT, space technologies, robotics, etc… innovation ecosystem• Top students (3rd year of study and up), MA and PhD • Skolkovo clusters • Global technology agenda. Lectures and master classes on students of top Russian universities • Skolkovo participating companies the main areas of the technology research by leading• Partnerships of young researchers and entrepreneurs • Skolkovo partner companies researchers and heads of research labs and R&D projects. • SkolTech (students-partners of companies, clubs and • Technology entrepreneurship. Intellectual property associations of students and young scientists) • Technopark management, setting up a company, teamwork, management of• Finalists and winners of tech contests organized by • Institutions for development an innovation project, workshops and project mentoring. • Government agencies the Skolkovo Foundation and its partners. • Business, cultural and scientific communication. Cross- cultural seminars. Participation in conferences, forums,Types of selection processes: The ways of integration: technology summits and competitions.• OpUS Open Programs (commitment, passing all • Internships (including paid internships) • Soft skills training. Teamwork. Presentations, negotiations, stages of the program, interviews) → at Skolkovo partcipating companies and partner leadership.• Contests organized by the Foundation and its companies • Project management practice. partners in the areas of Skolkovo clusters (the finalists → internships at the Skolkovo Foundation (clusters) and winners based on the performance at the • Academic training Programme formats: → Project presentations to the group of program interview) • Courses and open lectures.• OpUS Annual Enrolment (online and offline tasks, experts (Skolkovo Foundation employees, • Seasonal schools. mentors, experts, representatives of Skolkovo interviews) • Self-education support (navigation, consultions) including the partner companies) use of the open education tools (edX, Coursera etc.) → admission to SkolTech • Thematic events (conferences, TEDx etc.) • Employment • International programmes → Skolkovo participating companies and partner • Project management companies → Skolkovo Foundation • Student startups → applications for being granted the status of a project participant at Skolkovo OpUS Model Elements Community Communication platform (both offline and online) Involvement in the global agenda Successful world practices
  4. 4. OpUS Statistics (2012) 220 380 27.000 OpUS students lectures viewers In Moscow, St.Petersburg and Tomsk. Online broadcasting 8.000 16 23.000 participants courses views offline OpUS Events OpUS videos
  5. 5. Integrating OpUS studentsin Skolkovo Innovation Ecosystem
  6. 6. Integrating in Skolkovo8 projects 1 project 3 projects 8 projects of OpUS students got Participated in the Skolkovo M.D. (Smart-museum) contest Skolkovo participant status Passed the preliminary examination Gelius project reached the contest’s final31 students Involved in the Skolkovo Innovation Centre 7 interns 4 interns 4 interns The selection of interns was launched 18 students work at: Participating companies – 12 +80 applications Partner companies – 2 submitted for internships IT Cluster – 1 in 2013. OpUS – 2 Skoltech– 1
  7. 7. Integrating in SkolTech and Russian Institutions for Development 9 OpUS students took internships in the following programs: Ministry of Economic • Socially-oriented NPO support Development of Russia • State Strategic Planning Development • Innovative Development 4 OpUS students 5 OpUS students enrolled at SkolTech Joined Youth Advisory Council of the Department of 9 OpUS students Technology, Science and Entrepreneurship Department for Science, (Moscow City Government) Industrial Policy and Business Development submitted applications for 2013 2 OpUS students 7 OpUS students 1 employee 1 intern took part in SkolTech MIT Innovation School The selection of interns was launched The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia
  8. 8. Skolkovo Residents (Startups founded by OpUS students) Tutorion The project’s main objective is to create and develop special web services which allow distance learning to become more widespread and convenient in contrast to traditional learning in one classroom. Initially the project focuses on global development and commercialization on international markets of education. We expect that first of all Tutorion platform will advance in the sector of private e-learning. IT Cluster Chikhalov www.tutorion.ru Yury
  9. 9. Skolkovo Residents (Startups founded by OpUS students) Smart Technologies The idea of the project is to create a special program software for the banking sector. This software is designed to save money on money collection services as well as increase effectiveness of money distribution. The system allows to make unique forecasts determining the date and amount of future money collections. In addition the software gives a money breakdown in regards to denomination and currency based on statistics collected from ATM operations. IT Cluster Klimov www.community.sk.ru Valentin
  10. 10. Skolkovo Residents (Startups founded by OpUS students) Ksys Labs Ksys Labs is an R&D and production company specializing in development and research in the area of information security and trusted solutions. The key directions of research at Ksys Labs are represented with the joint effort of development teams, including work in the areas of system virtualization and experimental operating systems, embedded systems, hardware platforms and programmable logic, machine vision and image recognition. IT Cluster Sartakov www.ksyslabs.ru Vasily
  11. 11. Skolkovo Residents (Startups founded by OpUS students) Altair The company was founded in 2011 by a team of researchers who studied dynamic processes in condensed medium including cases of substance continuity disruption. Development of the program solution through multi-level modeling of discreet-time systems is aimed to contribute a number of industry sectors: chemistry, pharmaceutical, food, mining and refining. IT Cluster Asonov www.community.sk.ru Igor
  12. 12. Skolkovo Residents (Startups founded by OpUS students) Engex Lab Development and commercialization of innovative engineering technologies facilitating the rise in people’s life quality and ensuring environmental preservation for future generations. • Development of software and hardware systems regulating buildings energy consumption • Monitoring and control over the quality of climate inside the building • Development of new technologies aimed at utilization of heat and electricity energy produced by people in their day-to-day activities IT Cluster Nikiforov www.engexlab.com Aleksander
  13. 13. Skolkovo Residents (Startups founded by OpUS students) JSC Primerlife Main goal of the project is creating a unique network based on personal genome. Primerlife is an interpretation system of SNP-genotyping results as well as a consultation base allowing to reach out to genetic counselors. IT Cluster Musienko Trunina www.primerlife.com Sergey Anna
  14. 14. Skolkovo Residents (Startups founded by OpUS students) Metemp Company specializes on development of thermo electric materials on the basis of selicium-germanium and Geissler compositions in order to transform thermal power into electric energy. The idea of the project is based on fundamental science of National Research Technology University MISIS and entrepreneurial competencies learned at Open University Skolkovo. Energy Cluster Voronin Usenko www.community.sk.ru Andrey Andrey
  15. 15. Skolkovo Residents (Startups founded by OpUS students) New Metallurgical Technologies LLC Developing energy saving processes through a full-scale refinery of technogenic waste based on new metallurgical technologies. Energy Cluster Sazhin www.community.sk.ru Anton
  16. 16. OpUS Students Projects (Saint-Petersburg)Project Investment Participants AchievementsRangeUP $ 150.000 [negotiations] Zadiraka Sergey Resident of Ingria business incubator Resident of startup-accelerator IDMSmart museum $ 170.000 Sokolov Andrey Winner of winter school SumIT Resident of startup-accelerator IDMCluborama $ 20.000 Turin Anton Winner of winter school SumITLocalEvents - Schtefanets Ian Resident of interuniversity business incubator QD Gusev AndreyGelius - Kasyanov Nikolay Skolkovo M.D. finalist Kasyanova Anna $ 30.000eZWay Pavlov Igor In top 20 best Northern Europe’s projects + $ 150.000 [negotiations] $ 20.000 ImagineCup Russia winner7 sense Kitaev Vitaly Winner of winter school SumIT
  17. 17. OpUS Model Accelerator PROGRAM …theme differentiated (biomed, IT, space technologies, robotics…) 1. Technological Entrepreneurship 2. Global Technological Agenda 3. Business and Cultural Communication RESULT SELECTION 4. Soft SkillsUniversity 5. Project Managementstudents Partner competitions Human resources for the NAVIGATION, INTEGRATION innovation sector OpUS open programs Project Innovation teams Talented Innovation Research and Development Education Development OpUS open youth Management Corporations (Skolkovo partners) Universities Institutions for competition (incl. government Innovation Technological (incl. Development incl. authorities) Companies (Skolkovo residents) SkolTech) Skolkovo Foundaiton) Technological projects and startups 1. Internships (incl. with compensation) Partner 2. Educationnetworks 3. Employment 4. Foundation of student startups COMMUNITY / NETWORK
  18. 18. OpUS Student EnrolmentFirst OpUS student enrolment was back in March 2011. Candidateswere asked to submit a video in English demonstrating theirtechnological, entrepreneurial, marketing and communication skills aswell as knowledge of foreign languages, creative thinking, academicand professional achievements. As a result of the selection 108students from Moscow universities were chosen to become participantsof OpUS Program.During two yeas OpUS Program extended geographically. The secondenrolment (December-February 2012) was not only in Moscow but alsoin St. Petersburg and Tomsk.Candidates were asked to make a video in English, take written tests,solve technological tasks prepared by Skolkovo Clusters and pass aninterview with experts.The contest committee nominated 49 students from Moscow, 50 fromSaint Petersburg and 46 from Tomsk to become participants of OpUSProgram. Next OpUS student enrolment is scheduled for Spring 2013.In addition OpUS Student status was granted to the finalists oftechnological competitions organized by Skolkovo Foundation andpartners.
  19. 19. OpUS Programs (2012)OpUS programs are designed to create a community of talentedyoung people with scientific, technological and entrepreneurshipcompetencies who strive to make progress in OpUS and contribute BioMedTechto Skolkovo Project as well as to develop their ideas and projects inorder to get Skolkovo Participant status. Entrepreneurship in IT Space Entrepreneurship Fundamentals of Technology Entrepreneurship Robotics
  20. 20. BioMedTech Joint program with Biomed Cluster - events focused on biomedical technologies entrepreneurshipThe program included lectures of leading scientists and October 25th, 2012 - December 1st,2012. The chosen ideas was used to form relevant teams inexperts in a wide range of biomedical areas: from drug Competition of Ideas in the following areas: January, 2013. These teams will take part in a specialdesign and personalized medicine to mobile health and course focused on biotechnology projects.surgical robotics. 1. Preventive and personalized medicine 2. IT in medicine and mHealth; The course program: the basics of business-modeling,Participants: students, graduate students, postdocs and 3. Medical equipment, devices and materials. project management, marketing, intellectual propertyyoung specialists in medicine, biotechnologies, physics, management, risk managements, leadership, teamengineering and programming. 10 winners were selected. building, soft skills.The Foundation key partners and companies-participantsand applicants are involved in OpUS program realization.This should help to improve the Biomed Cluster projectspipeline quality.
  21. 21. BioMedTechLectures IT in medicine: Vladimir Prutsky Mobile Diagnostics14.03 Interсluster workshop Biomarkers: First step to Personalized Medicine or Myth? Hanson Gifford03.04 Development, Implementation and Investment in Biomedical Projects: Silicon Valley Experience International MedTech Matthias Epple14.05 Biomaterials: from the Сentimeter to the Nanometer Scale Innovation Summit Conference Oleg Primak14.05 Department for X-ray Diffraction: Possibilities of the Measurements in the Faculty of Chemistry Ajay Gautam21.05 Innovative Pharmaceutics Development Stimulation and Investments in R&D: Focus on Emerging Future of Biomedical Technologies Markets Singularity University Program Workshops Vladimir Lopatin31.05 Intellectual Property – Intellectual Creativity Standard Peter Lindholm05.06 Business Idea Design, Elaboration, Development and Realization in Biomedicine BioMedTech Summer school Technological Entrepreneurship and innovative Oleg Medvedev Business-projects Management22.10 Role of ICT in Medicine Today: from Implanted Microchips to Supercomputers. Mikhail Samsonov24.10 Long Journey from Idea to Project Avangard Znaniy Contest (AstraZeneca): Lord Ara Darzi Pharmaceutical innovations: from Laboratory to Patient01.11 Surgical Robotics and Technologies: Miracles or Reality Discussion Raymond McCauley02.11 Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Biotech startups Dmitry Sychev Immunophysiology:06.11 Autoimmunity in Health and Disease Personalized Medicine: Pharmacological Aspects Contribution to Preventive and Predictive Medicine Germes Chilov30.11 Conference Drug Design
  22. 22. Joint workshops with IT ClusterEntrepreneurship in IT Workshop # 4 22.02 IT in medicine. Mobile Diagnostics Workshop # 5 18.04 Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Innovations Workshop # 6 05.10 Skolkovo for Residents! Residents for Skolkovo!Workshops on advanced information technologies are organized byOpUS together with IT Cluster
  23. 23. Technological entrepreneurship in ITEntrepreneurship in IT 230 13 11 program participants projects projects reached the final Project Gelius reached the final of Skolkovo M.D. ContestTechnology entrepreneurship lectures and seminars were organized byOpUS in partnership with Microsoft Project eZway won Bortnik Foundation grant. In Top-20 projects of early stage by Slush
  24. 24. Niches for Technology EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship in IT Alexandra Markova 20.02 Co-founder of the Blackbox business incubator Andrew Krovopuskov 27.02 Founder of Russian 3D Scanner LLC Andrew Paly, Denis Khomyakov 12.03 Yarko Company Ivan Vladimirov 19.03 Co-founder, Managing Director of Groupon Russia Aynur Abdulnasyrov 26.03 Founder, CEO of LinguaLeoThe course of lectures was organized by OpUS together with Sergey Konovalovthe Cisco Entrepreneurship Institute 02.04 CEO of Wishop 23.04 Ilya Gelfenbeyn CEO and Co-owner of Speaktoit
  25. 25. Space Entrepreneurship Alain Fournier-Sicre 29.02 Business Trends in Space. The Experience of Russia and Europe Vladimir Gershenzon 19.03 Remote Sensing: Stagnation or Information? Monica Ebert 08.04 The Future of Space Business Gagarin Research & Test Cosmonaut 14.04 Training Center Theory and Practice in Star City Edward Crawley 17.04 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in SpaceThe program of lectures and seminars was organized byOpUS together with the Cluster of Space Technologies and Vladimir PopovkinTelecommunications 27.09 Access to Space: Business Opportunities in Space Industry 07.12 Sergey Zhukov Space Reform and Commercial Space Development in Russia
  26. 26. Wikipedia from withinFundamentals of Technology Entrepreneurship Course program: Wikipedia principles, search and evaluation of the sources, writing and design of the articles on modern technologies and materials in a wiki-like environment 40 program participants The program of lectures and seminars was organized by OpUS together with Wikimedia Russia 5 articles
  27. 27. Quick StartFundamentals of Technology Entrepreneurship About the course Quick Start course was designed as a series of trainings. Each participant took individual class with a personal coach. The program of the course was designed that way in order to help students identify their potential and develop their leadership and management skills. Course objectives Upon completing the course, students will:  develop administrative and entrepreneurial skills appealing to his personal priorities  know the basics of project management, how to start, develop and promote their own business. The course was organized by OpUS together with the Coach Institute (St. Petersburg)
  28. 28. Foresight thinking: future engineeringFundamentals of Technology Entrepreneurship The course was in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tomsk Upon completing the course, participants got:  medium and long-term foresight skills  modeling experience and skills that will help them to sort out changes that occur in organizations, cities, regions, countries due to technological innovations  skills how to start and manage entrepreneurial projects in a world of rapid change The course results  The participants of the course managed to create teams that are able to meet the major challenges of technological innovation and infrastructure development of the country  Open University Skolkovo program foresight was developed with participation of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives The course was organized by OpUS together with The Future Designing Group
  29. 29. Russia Mega Trends (Frost&Sullivan)Fundamentals of Technology Entrepreneurship The project consists of two parts. The first one includes lectures about technology vision, global trend etc. During the second part of the course OpUS students analyze together with the experts the Russian trends in the following areas:  Hot Spots of Russia  Back to Russia (Reverse brain drain)  Modern Russia (E-government / e-services)  Mega Events  Urbanization in Russia (Mega Cities, Mega Regions)  Localization of manufacturing in Russia (space, biomedicine) The research done by OpUS students was used in Russia Mega Trends:Russia Mega Trends: Macro to Micro Implications for 2020 Project was Macro to Micro Implications for 2020 Report that was introduced at GILorganized by OpUS together with Frost&Sullivan 2012 Conference (May 17th, 2012, Moscow). The project involved 60 OpUS students from Moscow, St.Petersburg and Tomsk, 30 of them participated in the final stage of the project.
  30. 30. World Future Society 2012OpUS students participated in World Future 2012Conference which was held in July, 27-29 in Toronto.The topic of the conference was devoted to energy andeducation, economy and human cultural change, health careand technology development.During the conference students had an opportunity to talk totop foreign forecast experts and become assured that theirtechnological foresights and concepts are close to expert’svision.The main result of the conference was an agreement withKenneth Hanter, Chairman of World Future Society, aboutfuture mutual activities of forecast groups in Russia and WFS.This potential communication should be done through OpUSstudents. OpUS students were the youngest audience at the conference, however they were able to participate in serious discussions with world’s top experts of the forecast sphere at World Future Society and Millenium Project.
  31. 31. Introduction to Innovative EngineeringFundamentals of Technology Entrepreneurship About the course Within the course students got acquainted with the experience of top international technological companies, learned about technical systems’ main stages of innovation cycle and competencies necessary for an innovation engineer to become a successful professional in an innovation center. Course objectives  Understanding of engineering fundamentals when implementing innovation stages of technical system’s cycle amongSeries of lectures by Professor Oleg Figovsky participants.  Preparing participants for making right choices in future professional education, including exploring possibilities of professional realization in the Skolkovo project.
  32. 32. Guide to Innovation EconomicsFundamentals of Technology Entrepreneurship Series of lectures by Professor Petr Schedrovitsky, an expert in spatial development, regional and industrial politics, innovations and human resources. Main topics  Differentiation of labor as the basics of economic development.  Innovation Economics as a result of technologization.  Industrialization in Russia and USSR. Challenges of creating an innovation economy.
  33. 33. Anthropological Basics of Corporate StrategyFundamentals of Technology Entrepreneurship Course objective Creating a new vision for management and strategy allowing the link between consciousness and management practices. This approach is directed to prepare specialists in entrepreneurial management offering the basics of new corporate management and strategy. Main topics  Crisis of modern-day management and historic typology of liberal basics of corporate strategy.Series of lectures by Professor Vladimir Malyavin  Anthropology of strategy.  Strategy and management as an organic component of liberal theory and practice.
  34. 34. Project Management GuideFundamentals of Technology Entrepreneurship About the course The course is designed to present a modern methodology of project management. Students are able to learn about the content of project management from initiation stage to implementation and completion. Unique practical tools and methods available to project managers are discussed within the course. Main project documents including their function, structure and content, are analyzed by program participants. The course was organized by OpUS together with the «Project PRACTICE» group of companies
  35. 35. Risk Management in EntrepreneurshipFundamentals of Technology Entrepreneurship Course objectives • Presentation of fundamentals of risk management in entrepreneurship. • Building up competencies to identify and minimize risks of innovation projects. • Creating and presenting reports as a tool for working with investors and partners. • Demonstrating best practices of risk management on real Skolkovo innovation projects. Main topics  Basics of risk management. Theory and instruments to identify company’s risks.  Approaches to estimate risks. Psychology of risk management. Integration of risk management into company’s activities withoutSeries of lectures by Alexey Sidorenko, risk management manager discontinuing work.(Department of Performance Management, Skolkovo Foundation)  Risk management. Risk financial reporting. Risk level monitoring. Implementing risk management culture among employees.
  36. 36. Robotics Robotics Summer School organized by OpUS and Imperial College London Thorough study of robotics, artificial intelligence systems and their contribution to humanity in such spheres as industry, medicine and education.  Introduction to human-oriented Robotics  Introduction to modeling  Understanding activities  Image processing  Activity generation  Future progress  Interaction between robots and human  Multi-component systems Summer School Results Skolkovo Robotics International Conference held 10/02/2013 organized by Skolkovo Foundaiton Skolkovo Robotics Challenge preparation Introduction of Robotics Program at OpUS
  37. 37. Self-education and Tutor SupportSelf-education and student development is an important component of OpUS programs. Therefore an OpUS tutor works closely with eachstudent to identify their individual tracks in Skolkovo while leaders of the programs give recommendations and resources regarding self-education and obtaining necessary knowledge for implementing their projects to Skolkovo. Consultations on individual tracks in Skolkovo Navigation and support of individual tracks of student development in Skolkovo Innovation system, Skolkovo partners and other institutions for development. Online broadcasting International systems of and video archive open education students from all parts of Russia can join It’s recommended to students to join OpUS programs by watching online courses of Worlds’ top international broadcasts or saved videos of events universities through open education through OpUS Youtube channel. systems E-Learning as an education philosophy OpUS in partnership with the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (ROSNANO) within the Open Innovation Forum organized a panel discussion devoted to distant training and retraining professionals for the economic high-tech sector, modern tendencies of e-learning, development of international partnerships in virtual educational system, opportunities open to development institutions in creating a unified information/education-based network to boost human potential of innovation companies. Online program on technological entrepreneurship is a new joint project and next step in this partnership.
  38. 38. ОpUS / Tomsk Introduction to Innovative Engineering Lectures by Professor Oleg FigovskyOpUS Open Programs inTomsk Jan 25th, 2012Opening speech of Oleg Alekseev,Vice President of Skolkovo Foundationas a start of OpUS Program in Tomsk. Foresight Thinking:Project Management Guide Engineering of the Future TechnologicalCourse is organized together with the Series of lectures, interactive workshops, EntrepreneurshipProject PRACTICE educational centre project session and student presentations in Medicine
  39. 39. ОpUS / Saint-Petersburg Future of Entrepreneurship Lecture and workshop by Gabriel Baldinucci, VP Strategy and New Venture Development, оn interdisciplinary entrepreneurship issues and typical startup mistakesOpUS opened it’s program in SaintPetersburg Feb. 24th 2012Welcome speech of Vasily Kichedzhi,Vice Governor of St. Petersburg Technological Entrepreneurship SumIT Open Startup School The process of creating startups in A program created for young information technologies. entrepreneurs in the sphere of information and bio technologies. Program includes: identifying business Best teams had an opportunity to models, putting together a project team, create their own business-models market analysis and possibilities for and present their projects after a sixV Петербургский introducing the project on the market, weeks period at the final investment identifying market niche, creating a session.международныйV St. Petersburg International marketing plan, preparing project’sинновационный форумInnovation Forum presentation for the investor.
  40. 40. OpUS Summer School Open University Skolkovo organized it’s first Summer School
  41. 41. OpUS Summer School Idea Communication Visualization Project Project ManagementA series of workshops about visual presentation of A series of workshops focused on A series of workshops about product management.idea and product, intensive course "How to tell a communication skills development and Participants were able to pass through all thestory" about the visualization techniques and OpUS communication model structure. stages of the product launch on a businessscenarios fundamentals. simulator and redesign the products with a help of RIS Ventures company and present them to Skolkovo residents. LAVA, one of the leading graphic design companies  KVD Reframing, design and innovation Igor Gurovitch, graphic designer consultancy agency  Practical Inventions Centre Alexander Privalov, journalist  Soft Patent  RIS Ventures Skolkovo Workshops Oleg Alekseev Isak Frumin Vice President of Skolkovo Foundation Advisor to Vice President of Oleg Genisaretsky Skolkovo Foundation Chair of OpUS Expert Council Dmitry Shalagin Alexander Povalko Deputy Director of Investment Albert Efimov Department Deputy Minister of Education IT Cluster Project Director Alexey Fedorov and Science of the Russian Mikhail Tykuchinsky Project Manager, Skolkovo Key Federation Director of Cluster Development of Energy Partners Department Efficient Technologies
  42. 42. OpUS 1st Anniversary Open University Skolkovo celebrated its first anniversary on April 21, 2012.
  43. 43. Partner ProjectsContests, conferences, edutainment
  44. 44. Film Festival 360°II Contemporary Science Film Festival 360° took place inMoscow, Tomsk, Voronezh and Krasnoyarsk in 2012.The mission is to analyze the impact of science, discoveryand innovations in everyday life and change the very ideaof ​science. The festival featured 31 films presented in 6 programs: main program, shot-films, kids program, ParisScience festival program, Guest&Best and Nano Program.Contemporary Science Film Festival 360° contributes torethinking the role of science in the society, involving moreactive and passionate young scientists and innovators to the Contemporary Science Film Festival 360°dialogue of science and art. www.360.polymus.ru
  45. 45. Singularity University ProgramThe program was organized by Open University Skolkovoand Singularity University. Over 180 people participated inthe program in 2012.The program was focused on analysis of emergingtechnologies and key ideas that lead to changes in themarket and society. The main question is how revolutionaryscientific advances and convergence of technologies willimpact on individual markets and industries in the comingyears. Artificial Intelligence and  Medicine and Neurology Robotics  Nano Technology Biotechnology and Bioinformatics  Network and Computer Systems Energy  Innovations and organization of the society Interviews with Singularity University speakers
  46. 46. Career Development and Entrepreneurship WorkshopA three-day workshop organized by the New York Academyof Sciences, Open University Skolkovo and Russian Unionof Young Scientists for Russian students, graduates andpostdocs.Workshop program featured panels: Job opportunities and career development Best practices for entrepreneurship, venture capital and forming public-private partnerships. Over 140 Russian students and postdocs participated in the Career Development and Entrepreneurship Workshop Seminar materials published on Skolkovo Foundation website.
  47. 47. TEDxSkolkovoTEDxSkolkovo TEDxSkolkovoLive TEDxYouth@Skolkovo TEDxSkolkovoSources of Optimism Radical Openness How I Changed the World. 2020г. New VisionFebruary 4, 2012 June 27, 2012 September 15, 2012 December 15, 2012TEDxSkolkovo is independent TEDx event organized underlicense from TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design). Theevents are designed to transmit and develop the TED experiencein Skolkovo region, bringing to Skolkovo brightest speakers:innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists and those who can makeprofound and lasting contribution to the future. tedxskolkovo.com
  48. 48. TEDGlobal 2012 / New Educational Paradigms for Innovation WorkshopOpen University Skolkovo became a partner of TEDGlobal andorganized a workshop during the Radical Openness Conferencethat took place in Edinburgh, Scotland in June 2012. Theworkshop was focused on the new educational paradigms,innovation in technology and entrepreneurship.In this brainstorm hosted by Andrey Egorov, CEO, OpenUniversity Skolkovo, members of the TEDGlobal audienceshared innovative ideas, amazing stories and personalexperience in short talks.
  49. 49. ContestsScience and technological contests are the ways to invite the best students and postdocs in OpUS community.In 2012 OpUS organized its own contests and participated as partner of the following competitions:Imagine Cup / Microsoft Avangard Znany / AstraZeneca Startup of the Year / HSE Business IncubatorMy Idea for Russia / Singularity University Simulating the Future / Skolkovo Foundation Innoway / NAVI Capital Management and Hevel Solar
  50. 50. OpUS ClubOpUS Club meetings in 2012: How to get access to the best and be successful in a global scale without living your country. [Tomsk] Life and work in everyday life Megatrends and their impact on business, society and culture Skolkovo ideology The risks in choosing national innovation model. [Tomsk] OpUS Club is an expert panel that represents working groups of experts. How to motivate young people to study engineering and to be involved in innovation process, how to develop innovation culture, how to bring together science and engineering - these are the questions that are in the agenda of OpUS Club meetings.
  51. 51. ConferencesOpen University Skolkovo has proved itself as the organizer of the events that combine scientific, business and educational components, thatgive participants a comprehensive look at the entrepreneurship. OpUS students participate also in major events organized by Skolkovopartners. OpUS – co-organizer RU SCI Tech Forum 2012 International MedTech YEES 2012 The First International Forum of Russian-Speaking The conference is focused on the best practices in the Science and Technology Professionals Innovation Summit sphere of education, business, innovative technologies. OpUS Students - Participants Frost & Sullivan GIL 2012 MedWAYS СEE-SECR 2012 Data Science Summit Russia 2012 Summer School on Concurrency 2012 Teched 2012 Russian Innovation Convention 2012 TechCrunch Moscow iStudio-Intel PforF Open Innovations Forum Skolkovo meets DLD Slush by Startup Sauna CRDF Global Technology Commercialization World Future Society 2012 Pathfinder Entrepreneurship Development Program
  52. 52. OpUSVISIONOpUSVISION is a magazine made by OpUSstudents who write about OpUS events andlife of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre.
  53. 53. Open lectures 2012 (some speakers)Lord Ara Darzi Roberto Unger Raymond McCowley Oleg Medvedev Dileep Bhandarkar Vladimir Malyavin Ajay GautamOleg Figovsky Sergey Haprov Gleb Pavlovsky Fadi Bishara Pyotr Shedrovitsky Artyom Oganov Martin ReiserAlexander Kudryavtsev Alexey Smirnov Vladimir Popovkin Nikolay Polushin Brian Harry Scott Shenker Ryan Junee
  54. 54. Open lectures / events (Skolkovo Foundation speakers)Alain Fournier-Sicre Pavel Sharov Sergey Zhukov Fedor Krasnov Pekka Viljakainen Alexey Sidorenko Oleg PertsovskyDmitry Paison Edward Crawley Isak Frumin Albert Efimov Alexander Fertman Anton Voropaev Mikhail Tykuchinsky
  55. 55. OpUS Expert CouncilOleg Genisaretsky Oleg Alekseev Yury Baturin Vladimir Betelin Alexander GalitskyChairAlexander Kuleshov Dmitry Peskov Alexey Ponomarev Konstantin Severinov Igor Fedorov
  56. 56. OpUS TeamCurators Staff Andrey Egorov Katya Morozova Lena Dmitrieva Daria AvdulovaOleg Alekseev Kseniya Balitskaya Nikolay Yakovenko Evgeniya Russkih Lena DiryuginaIsak Frumin Alexey Pospelov Evgeniya Smirnova Liana Kobzeva Oksana Zamyatina St. Petersburg St. Petersburg Tomsk Tomsk
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