Nutritional skincare


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Nutritional skincare

  1. 1. Nutritional Skincare: Taking care of your skin from the inside. Presented by: Meg Hagar Owner
  2. 2. MacronutrientsWhat are macronutrients?The nutrients the body needs in large quantities: • PROTEIN • FAT • CARBOHYDRATESWhy are macronutrients important?They each form different functions that keep the body workingproperly. They are involved in the following processes: • ENERGY PRODUCTION/STORAGE • BONE HEALTH • GROWTH/ HEALTH MAINTENANCE • PROCESS 4 • PROCESS 5
  3. 3. MicronutrientsWhat are micronutrients?The nutrients the body needs in smaller quantities. • VITAMINS • MINERALSWhy are micronutrients important?They are involved in many important processes used to keepthe body functioning healthy: • IMMUNITY • BONE HEALTH • INTEGUMENTARY (SKIN) HEALTH • PROCESS 4 • PROCESS 5
  4. 4. What Does Nutrition Have To Do With Skincare?Just as one must feed his/her body to work properly, the skin needsnutrients as well in order to maintain health. We can do this in two ways: consuming nutrients and applying them topically.
  5. 5. Topical VS. Consumption Methods for Skincare Topical Consumption Applying nutrients directly to Taking in nutrients orally; eating the skin (i.e. face creams, cleansers, masks, etc.) Benefits: • Correcting deeper damageBenefits: not visible (yet) on the• Usually instant results. surface of skin.• Protecting/ correcting • Creating a healthy outer layers of skin foundation for correct skin• Preventing damage from function and appearance. beginning superficially • Preventing damage from beginning in the deeper layers of skin
  6. 6. HOW NUTRIENTS ARE ABSORBED WHEN APPLIED The skin is a permeableNutrient barrier, and so anything applied directly to the skin has a chance of passing through the barrier and into the body.
  7. 7. HOW NUTRIENTS ARE ABSORBED INTERNALLY When nutrients are consumed, they are dispersed to where they are needed once they are brokenNutrients from down. Nutrientssmall intestinepass through such asintestinal cells protein, vitamins,and into bloodstream minerals and fat components are Nutrients are then used to fortify transported to where they the skin. are needed
  8. 8. Working Together Product applied to the skin cannot penetrate enough to reach the deeper layers of skin, where some problems start Whatever problems topically applied nutrients can’t handle, nutrients absorbed from the body help to combat issues below the surface of skin
  9. 9. MacronutrientsAnd their function in the skin Protein: Helps keep the skin strong by providing strong “building blocks” for healthy skin. Fat: Helps keep the skin’s moisture barrier working so there is a balance between oiliness and dryness on the surface. Carbohydrates: Provides materials to build structure within skin cells to allow for correctly function.
  10. 10. MicronutrientsAnd their function in the skin Vitamins: Each vitamin provides different functions. The most significant ones are: • Vitamin C is an antioxidant and helps protect the skin from damage • Vitamin A support strength of the skin • Vitamin E provides hydration and antioxidant protection • Vitamin B provides strength Minerals: There are a million different kinds of minerals that do different things. The significant ones are: • Iron supplies oxygen to the skin • Magnesium helps to detoxify the skin
  11. 11. SAMPLE BEAUTY REGIMEN- MEALS Breakfast Here is a sample  Vegetable omlette: spinach (vitamin beauty regimen A, iron, magnesium), red peppers to show how to (antioxidants, vitamin A), red onions (antioxidants), eggs (protein) combine Mid-morning snack nutrition with  Kiwi slices (antioxidants, vitamin C) skincare. Lunch  Salad: grilled chicken (protein), spinach or romaine lettuce (vitamin A, iron), beets This regimen is (antioxidants), almonds (omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids (fat), magnesium), tomatoes great for (antioxidants, vitamin A) with olive oil (omega fatty someone who is acids) and a pinch of salt & pepper concerned about  Greek yogurt (protein, calcium, various vitamins) with granola (omega fatty acids, fiber). anti-aging. Afternoon snack  Apple Dinner  Steamed sweet potatos (vitamin A, various minerals, antioxidants)  Brown rice (fiber, carbohydrates)  Sauteed vegetables of your choice (various vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates)
  12. 12. Morning- every day SAMPLE BEAUTY REGIMEN- SKINCARE Continuing the  Cleanse: Anti-Aging & Blemish Defense sample beauty Cleansing Scrub by Skintritious(starfruit, mango, strawberry powder, quince apple regimen for powder, ginger and wintergreen) someone who  Tone: witchhazel is interested in  Moisturize: Raspberry-Mango Hydrating Cream anti-aging. by Skintritious(raspberry, mango, glycerin, vitamin E) (the italic in parenthesis are Evening- every day  Cleanse: Anti-aging & Blemish Defense the main Cleansing Scrub by Skintritious (see above) ingredients  Tone: witchhazel Skintritious uses in these 1-2 times per week products)  Garden Vegetable Mask (tomato, spinach, mushroom powder, sweet potato powder) or Clarifying Clay Mask (bentonite clay, strawberry powder and starfruit powder) both by Skintritious
  13. 13. AboutHand-crafted, all natural skincare products that teachyou how to feed your skin right, from the inside and out.
  14. 14. • Products • Scrubs (body and face) • Masks • Treatment products (specialty) • Custom Formulated Products • Men’s products All products are hand-crafted and are 100% all natural.Each product educates it’s customers on how to eat right for great skin!
  15. 15. • Services • Nutritional Skincare Consultation • Custom Product Formulation • Custom Skincare/ Nutritional AdviceFor more information on Skintritious products and services, visit us online at:
  16. 16. A healthy lifestyle contributes not only to overall health but to beautiful, healthy skin  Feed your skin right, from the inside & out. To learn more, visit our wesbite: