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SkiSafe Life Jackets-101 Guide


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Life Jackets can sometimes be an afterthought when planning a trip or day out on the water and many are uninformed on the different type of life jackets. With life jackets being a life saving feature, it is important to know the different types of life jackets and who should be wearing which type. This guide presented by SkiSafe is used to help inform people of the proper life jacket regulations and requirements.

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SkiSafe Life Jackets-101 Guide

  1. 1. Life Jackets 101 Basics Rules for Accessibility ■■ Waterlogged, faded or leaking jackets should be thrown out and replaced. ■■ Owners should test life jackets at least once a year for buoyancy and wear. ■■ Children should always wear child-size life jackets, never adult-size life jackets. ■■ Life jackets must be readily accessible at all times. ■■ Jackets should not be stored in plastic bags, in closed or locked compartments, or underneath anything else. ■■ Throwable floatation devices — including life jackets — must be immediately accessible at all times. ■■ Life jackets must be properly stowed. ■■ Any boat 16 feet or longer (with the exception of canoes or kayaks) must also carry one Type IV throwable life jacket. ■■ All recreational boats must be equipped with at least one wearable life jacket (labeled Type I, II, III or V) for each person on board. ■■ Even if regulations do not require them, life jackets should be worn at all times when a boat is moving. ■■ Boaters must be able to put life jackets on in a reasonable amount of time in the event of an emergency situation. Inflatable Minimum Buoyancy Wearable Size Type Inherent Buoyancy (Foam) Adult I II 34 lb. III 22.5 lb. V 22.5 to 34 lb. Hybrid (Foam/Inflatable) Minimum Buoyancy Wearable Size Type Inherent Buoyancy (Foam) Inflated Total Buoyancy Adult II III 10 lb. 22 lb. V 7.5 lb. 22 lb. Youth II III 9 lb. 15 lb. V 7.5 lb. 15 lb. Child II 7 lb. 12 lb. © 2017, SkiSafe Life Jacket Flotation Requirements Foam Minimum Buoyancy Wearable Size Type Inherent Buoyancy (Foam) Adult I 22 lb. II III 15.5 lb. V 15.5 to 22 lb. Youth II III 11 lb. V 11 to 15.5 lb. Child and Infant II 7 lb. Throwable: IV Cushion 20 lb. Ring Buoy 16.5 32 lb.