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How to bridge the Dev-DBA chasm - AgileYorkshire - Matthew Skelton


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Forget the gap between Dev and Ops - the gap between Devs and DBAs is a chasm. Here are some observations from the field about the causes of the rift and some ideas about how to close the gap (and even whether the gap is worth closing). Oh, and I'm writing a book about it.

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How to bridge the Dev-DBA chasm - AgileYorkshire - Matthew Skelton

  1. 1. Where is the goddam referential integrity?!
  2. 2. Dev Prizes for getting through the dba defenses
  3. 3. Application is one many inputs to a Smart store of business data: consistent, complete
  4. 4. Database serves the needs of the application (and the team)
  5. 5. iT’S A TRAP!
  6. 6. What are we looking for?
  7. 7. Rapid Frequent And safe changes to databases that are:
  8. 8. More nimble, better control of deployments
  9. 9. Avoid a data free-for-all
  10. 10. use the Source (code)
  11. 11. All db scripts in version control use ci and tdd for changes Test in a deployment pipeline
  12. 12. use the (homomorphic) force
  13. 13. Conway’s Law We are “...constrained to produce designs that are copies of the communication structures of (the) organisation”
  14. 14. Designs that match the communication structures
  15. 15. What about microservices?
  16. 16. Beware of data duplication with separate databases
  17. 17. Add a data capability to the team?
  18. 18. Adopt new techniques: cqrs, event sourcing, separate bi, data archiving, eventual consistency and reconciliation, actually talking to dbas...,
  19. 19. Free at