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Introduction to GEB & SPOCK Automation


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Geb + Spock are add-ons to Selenium WebDriver that simplify the development of page-object automation framework for any web project.
With WebDriver's powers under the lead /control of Spock framework you can create automation solution suitable both for inexperienced manual tester and a skilled developer.
Find out what are the benefits and drawbacks of using Geb + Spock when developing an automation solution for web projects from this slideshow.

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Introduction to GEB & SPOCK Automation

  1. 1. Introduction to GEB & SPOCK automation by Chubey Oleksiy Test Automation Engineer
  2. 2. NEW AUTOMATION FRAMEWORKS? WHY? Geb Page Object out from the box Easy to define search patterns Wait clause for any search pattern Groovy language WebDriver Cross browser support Total control over code More programming efforts Java language
  3. 3. WHAT IS GEB? Power of WebDriver Elegance of jQuery Robustness of Page Object Expressiveness of Groovy
  4. 4. Cross Browser support Desktop browsers: Mobile OS:
  5. 5. jQuery-like API
  6. 6. Simple Geb code example <form class="search-form" action="//"> <input id="searchInput" name="search" type="search" … > <input class="formBtn" type="submit" … name="go"> </form> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- import geb.Browser { go "" $(“input”, id: ‘searchInput’).value(“Geb“) $(“input”, name: ‘go’).click() }
  7. 7. Simple Page Object example
  8. 8. Simple Module usage
  9. 9. Architecture
  10. 10. WHY DO WE NEED SPOCK? Informative Extendability Compatibility
  11. 11. Simple Spock Specification example
  12. 12. Parameterized Test
  13. 13. Assertion results
  14. 14. Geb official page: Geb manual: Spock official page: Spock manual: Spock groovydoc: Geb+Spock example(Gradle configuration as a bonus): SOMETHING TO START WITH AKA USEFUL LINKS:
  15. 15. THANK YOU Got questions? Write to us: Oleksiy Chubey Test Automation Engineer