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Simplify Operations for Coordinated and Home Health Care

What if you could simplify the operational challenges of delivering coordinated and home health care? See how Skedulo enabled Johns Hopkins International, New Jersey Respiratory Associates, and HealthStrong Australia streamline their scheduling and dispatch operations—and connect patient and provider data—to create greater efficiency and better care delivery.

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Simplify Operations for Coordinated and Home Health Care

  1. 1. Simplify Operations for Coordinated and Home Health Care
  2. 2. Simplify Healthcare Ops | Agenda 2 01 Top Operations Challenges 02 Case Study: Johns Hopkins International 03 Case Study: NJRA 04 Action List for Healthcare IT Leaders Agenda Senior Director Product Marketing Marie Francis
  3. 3. Top Challenges for Health IT and Operations Simplify Healthcare Ops | Top Challenges 3 S I M P L I F Y O P S F O R C O O R D I N AT E D AN D H O M E C AR E 1. Centralizing and syncing data about patients, providers and other stakeholders 2. Matching the best available providers to the patients while optimizing for business priorities 3. Supporting mobility within the context of the organization
  4. 4. Johns Hopkins Medicine International Simplify Healthcare Ops | Johns Hopkins International Case Study 4 C AS E S T U D Y - Provides white-glove concierge service and care coordination for patients traveling to Johns Hopkins from outside the U.S. - Caters to medical needs, individual preferences and cultural, linguistic and religious expectations of international patients - More than 200 care experts from 30+ countries
  5. 5. Challenge: Connect Patients, Care Coordinators and Systems within JHU Hospital Simplify Healthcare Ops | Johns Hopkins International Case Study 5 C AS E S T U D Y 30 Dispatchers 60,000 Appointments per year across JHU Campus 200 Care coordinators, concierges and translators Mobility Pagers, missed appointments, and excessive costs Connect To Salesforce and Johns Hopkins Hospital’s EHR
  6. 6. JHI Customer Journey Simplify Healthcare Ops | Johns Hopkins International Case Study 6 PAT I E N T E X AM P L E - Hadima is a Somali patient visiting cardiology specialists at Johns Hopkins - Requesting concierge and interpretation services - Requirements & Preferences: • Only women • Prefers Somali, can work in Arabic • Knowledge of cardiology department • Experienced, white-glove support
  7. 7. JHI Uses Mobile Workforce Management to Simplify Complex Scheduling and Dispatch Simplify Healthcare Ops | Johns Hopkins International Case Study 7 C AS E S T U D Y EHR in
  8. 8. JHI Results with Skedulo Simplify Healthcare Ops | Johns Hopkins International Case Study 8 C AS E S T U D Y +55% Appointment-to- resources ratios -45% Appointment no shows and cancellations +80% Matched allocation accuracy Mobile Access Support JHI providers on the go Costs down Lower costs of temporary resources
  9. 9. New Jersey Respiratory Associates (NJRA) Simplify Healthcare Ops | NJRA Case Study 9 C AS E S T U D Y - Serves skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) with a 24/7 need for respiratory therapy on demand - More than 100 SNF customers in upstate New Jersey - Respiratory therapy, education, equipment support plus programs for specialty respiratory products and services.
  10. 10. Challenge: Speed and Simplify NJRA Scheduling Plus Same Day Updates On the Go Simplify Healthcare Ops | NJRA Case Study 10 C AS E S T U D Y Mobile Team Each therapist visiting 5 – 8 facilities per day One Month Lag Monthly faxes to update patient records Data Black Box Spreadsheets and email blocking data and growth On Demand Agility to meet 24/7 commitment to clients
  11. 11. NJRA Mobile Use Case Simplify Healthcare Ops | NJRA Case Study 11 C AS E S T U D Y - One system for two groups of users • Respiratory therapists • Technicians - Logic-based scheduling and dispatch • Locations and routing • Support for multiple patients per visit - Centralized and connected data • Custom forms and photo capture with specific rules • Automatic sync to patient record • Offline
  12. 12. Simplify Healthcare Ops | NJRA Case Study 12 “Our ability to schedule efficiently is necessary to provide high-quality care and service … We were shocked to see the effect Skedulo had in enabling us to do more with less. These benefits extended beyond just our mobile workforce. We saw greater efficiency in our back-office operations, invoicing, and sales.” Greg Pino, VP Operations and Sales, NJRA NJRA Results with Skedulo C AS E S T U D Y Accounts per therapist +33% +20% Business growth every year for 3 years One system to schedule same day to six months Faster, centralized data unlocked business growth
  13. 13. What Healthcare IT Can Do Simplify Healthcare Ops | Action List for Healthcare IT 13 AC T I O N L I S T 1. Evaluate tech stack and integrations 1. How many collection points for data 2. How do they connect (if at all) 2. Evaluate mobility in your organization 1. Not about distance travelled 2. Who is at a desk and who is on the go 3. Get off paper and point solutions
  14. 14. Skedulo Simplify Healthcare Ops | About Skedulo 14 I N T E L L I G E N T M O B I L E W O R K F O R C E M AN AG E M E N T - Native solution to Salesforce & ServiceNow - Independent platform connects to any system - 100% HIPPA compliant - Web app + mobile app to connect your team at HQ with your mobile workers in the field • Workforce Management • Scheduling & Dispatching • Mobile Work Execution • Communication & Collaboration
  15. 15. Book a demo See how Skedulo can help!