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Presentation dengue patrol tmn cempaka


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This slide is for the community in Taman Cempaka to post news about denggi in their area

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Presentation dengue patrol tmn cempaka

  1. 1. DENGUE PATROL TAMAN CEMPAKA This page is for the community in TamanCempaka to post news about denggi in their area
  2. 2. Rationale • It is an ongoing societal issue in Malaysia that can happen to anyone at anytime. • To instil a sense of social responsibility • To encourage pro- activeness • To familiarize children with steps to prevent dengue and spread the knowledge to the people around Purpose
  3. 3. Media Sosial Link Dengue Patrol Blog Dengue Patrol Twitter
  4. 4. Dengue Patrol Facebook FanPage Dengue Patrol Youtube Channel Dengue Patrol Vimeo Dengue Patrol Google Plus
  5. 5. Dengue Patrol School Official Blog Dengue Patrol Picasa Web Album
  7. 7. TEAM ACTIVITIES Community Services 1.Distributing broucher to the public 2.Exhibitions 3. Make announcement to the community TEAM 1
  8. 8. TEAM ACTIVITIES TEAM 2 Media Sosial 1. Crab Soup For Dengue Patiens (Youtube) 2.Dengue Patrol Taman Cempaka Blog 3. Dengue Patrol Taman Cempaka Facebook Fan Page 4. Buletin Sir Chulan - School Blog 5. Dengue Poster Competition 6. Picasa Web Album 7. Vimeo Video 8.Google Plus 9.Twitter 10. Frog Vle Site
  9. 9. TEAM 3 Performing Arts 1.Formation Kompang "Dengue oh Dengue" 2. Performing Arts Excercises TEAM ACTIVITIES
  14. 14. Show & Tell LITERATURE 1.Children will head out to the neighbourhood area for a walk to discover anti-dengue campaign 2. Children will share their views and experience through show and tell after the walk 3. During the show and tell, children will share their findings based on their research with their parents as well
  15. 15. AWARENESS POSTER Discussion 1. Children will be given the opportunity to share with the class what they had gathered from the checklist they brought home 2. Children will also discuss what they can do to spread the awareness of Dengue
  16. 16. AWARENESS POSTER Creating Dengue Awareness Poster 1.Educator will provide children with various kind of art materials for children to choose from (e.g. colouring materials, recycled materials) 2.Children will take charge of the poster design using their creativity 3. Educator’s role is to facilitate the process
  17. 17. This Crab Soup was made specially for dengue patients. It is believed that it helps to cure and increase the platelet of a dengue patient. This soup was demonstrated by pupils from SK Raja Chulan with the guidance from the teachers. A Crab Soup For Dengue Patients
  18. 18. SPONSOR DENGUE PATROL is dengue prevention programme sponsored by Sanofi, a non-governmental organizations. It is a joint program of the Ministry of health, Ministry of education and Sanofi. The purpose of this program is to encourage students primary fight against dengue.
  19. 19. THE END • Please support us with likes, comments and shares our campaign via Instagram, facebook, blog and youtube. Thank you very much for your support. TOGETHER WE CAN DEFEAT DENGUE
  20. 20. Slide Title • Make Effective Presentations • Using Awesome Backgrounds • Engage your Audience • Capture Audience Attention
  21. 21. Slide Title • Make Effective Presentations • Using Awesome Backgrounds • Engage your Audience • Capture Audience Attention