Opening Open Call Information Day and General Introduction FI-PPP


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General Introduction into the FI-PPP during a FIspace Open Call Information Day in The Hague (NL)

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  • Internet originated as a technology for connecting computers in the 1970s, breakthrough in the 1990sInternet of Content/People:Van ‘read-only’ internet, naaractievegebruikersDelen van content: video’s (YouTube), foto’s (Flicker), kennis (Wikipedia, Semantic Web)Internet of ServicesInternet verovert de wereld van sofwareapplicatiesVan software en data op je PC, naar software en data in de cloud via Service Oriented ArchitectureImpact: gebruikerszienéénsoftwarepakket, maar onder de motorkapbestaat die uitallerleimodulen die over de helewereldstaan en data wordenstaan in de cloudNu zie je het begin daarvan: interoperability via webservices, data opslagbijDropboxVerwachting is datdit nu echtdoorzetnaarvolledige Software as Service oplossingen, eventueelgecombineerd met private clouds Internet of ThingsVan PCs met browser naareengrootscalaaan devices: smartphones, handhelds, vrachtauto’s, containers, Deensekarren, Europoolkratten, verpakkingen, individueleproducten, ...., internet is overal!Kerntechnologien:, RFID, embedded systems, sensors and actuators, wireless networks<Ditstelthogeeisenaan internet>
  • 2007 – 2012 ICT Market DevelopmentsUsing a sample of 50 global ICT firms’ annual and quarterly reportsNot: operators2007: pre-recession; 2009: peak of recessionUS sampleApple, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Amazon, Intel, Cisco, Google, Oracle, EMC, Qualcomm, CSC, eBay, Texas Instruments, Applied Materials, Micron, Motorola, Broadcom, Symantec, AMD, Yahoo, Facebook, Adobe, Juniper, SanDisk, FreescaleEU SampleNokia, Ericsson, Philips, SAP, Alcatel Lucent, Siemens Healthcare, Atos, Cap Gemini, STMicroelectronics, ASML, Infineon, NXP, IndraSistemas, DassaultSystèmes, TomTom, Software AG, ARM, Siemens IT SolutionsAsia SampleHTC (Taiwan), TSMC (Taiwan), LG (South Korea), Samsung (South Korea), Panasonic (Japan), Canon (Japan), Toshiba (Japan), Sony (Japan), Huawei (China), ZTE (China), Lenovo (China)
  • "Positive network effects increase the value of a good or service as more people use or adopt it. The simplest network effects are direct: increases in usage lead to direct increases in the value of the system. Telephone services is a great example of this. The more people available to call, the more valuable the system becomes."1-sided: e.g. the telephone systemMetcalfe's law states that the value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n2). 2-sided:Often platforms bring together two distinct user groups and create two-sided markets, also called two-sided networks. They have to participate both for a market to exist.They need a platform to find each other.They are useful in explaining many free pricing or ‘freemium’ strategies where one user group gets free use of the platform in order to attract the other user group, e.g. nightclubs, Adobe’s PDF reader.Stakes are high: Apple vs Samsung, ecosystem war. 3rd side: device manufacturer.
  • Moai, Pukao, Ahu (AhuKoTeRiku)Common base: e.g. car, 1 platform (chassis + powertrain + software), multiple variants. Product line/family.Openish: publish interfaces  ecosystemsPlatform vs product (Gawer + Cusumano)Essential function: solve essential function for many actorsEasy to build-upon: complementary products + unintended uses. You don’t need to do everything yourselfDifficult to substitute for
  • Both sides need to participate for the market to exist.Once it’s going, it’s easy to get going (like a snowball rolling down hill). Virtuous cycle.How to get started? And who is paying for this?For platforms, apps, and users
  • This will be achieved by the FIspace platform, which is a cloud-based solution for business collaboration.This platform is represented by the big rectangle in the middle, consisting of several components:FIspace store (similar to the Apple App Store or Google Play), which offers a range of apps and services supporting B2B collaborationBecause apps are characterized by simple, lightweight functionalities, this collaboration is supported by a B2B collaboration core that handles object states, event handling, (re-)planning processes, etc.Further embedding and integration is supported by the other layers:System & Data IntegrationSecurity, Privacy and Trust managementAnd an operating environment to make it runningThe apps are planned to be developed through the open call in Phase 2 and large scale expansion in Phase 3. Therefore we develop and offer aSoftware development toolkitFinally, the whole platform is approachable through front-ends, which are typicallycockpit-type of web browser applicationsAll these components will use, and therewith validate, several GEs from FI-Ware and - at the other side – eight trials will validate and demonstrate the FIspace platform
  • Opening Open Call Information Day and General Introduction FI-PPP

    1. 1. Future Internet Business Collaboration Networks in AgriFood, Transport & Logistics Informatiemiddag Open Call 5 november 2013 LEI, Den Haag
    2. 2. Agenda 14.00 Opening Sjaak Wolfert 14.10 Future Internet PPP: het programma Sjaak Wolfert 14.25 FIspace: Business Collaboration Krijn Poppe 14.45 Open call FIspace fase 2 Sjaak Wolfert 15.00 EU Tender 3e fase Future Internet PPP Krijn Poppe 15.15 Pauze 15.30 FIspace trials en toelichting op Open Call met gelegenheid tot vragen Daan Goense Crop Protection Information Sharing Henk Zwinkels Flowers & Plants Supply Chain Monitoring Sjaak Wolfert Meat Information Provenance Vragen en Discussie Netwerkborrel 16.45 17.00
    3. 3. Future Internet Business Collaboration Networks in Agri-Food, Transport & Logistics Future Internet Public-Private Partnership Programme (FI-PPP) Sjaak Wolfert Project Coordinator
    4. 4. Background Future Internet PPP: Evolution of the Internet Internet of People / Content Internet of Computers Internet of Services Internet of Things
    5. 5. Developing FI-Ware Generic Enablers energy content tourism utilities & environment FI-Ware generic enablers agri-food transport, mobility & logistics ... health • Applications/Services Delivery Framework • Cloud Hosting • Data/Context Management Services • Internet of Things Enablement • Interface to the Network and Devices • Security See for detailed information
    6. 6. FI-PPP Programme Architecture Call 1 Call 2 Call 3 CONCORD USE CASES Capacity Building INFINITY 2010 FINEST INSTANT MOBILITY SMARTAGRIFOOD Use case FINSENY scenarios SAFECITY OUTSMART FI-CONTENT ENVIROFI XIFI Use case platforms Finesce FI-CONTENT 2 2012 Phase 1 Use Cases FI-STAR FITMAN Platform components FI-WARE 2011 Platform usage Expansion of FIspace TF Extension and Usage 2013 Phase 2 2014 2015 Phase 3
    7. 7. FI-PPP Leadership beyond R&D ICT applications research Application Pull 1. Making the world ‘smarter’ and accelerate sustainable innovation FI-PPP Technology push ICT technology research 2. Making Europe a world leader in Future Internet technologies
    8. 8. The ICT world is changing Sample of 50+ global ICT firms Platform-based businesses on any possible device are outperforming in sales and US: n = 27 profits any other ICT business. Asia: n = 11 Platform-based business models have been EU: n = 18 the main drivers of US net sales growth together with leadership in mobile devices,sales % change Net 2012Q2 vs apps stores, microelectronics for mobile +48% 2007Q2 US: +50% devices, software, and IP networks. Asia:-12% EU: Source: European Commission
    9. 9. Platforms Network effects • 1-sided • 2-sided Partly taken from Pieter Ballon, IBBT
    10. 10. Platforms • Common base • Openish • Platform vs product – Essential function – Easy to build-upon (by others) – Difficult to substitute for
    11. 11. Global market approach needed
    12. 12. Platforms How to get started? Who will pay? Q2: Third party applications Q1: Platforms Q3: Users
    13. 13. Phase 2 – Use case trials Related to FINSENY Related to FINEST & SmartAgriFood Proposal Domains # Trials # Countries FINESCE Smart energy 5 7 FIspace AgriFood, Transport & Logistics 8 6 FI-CONTENT2 Social Connected TV, Smart City Guide, gaming 6 5 FITMAN Smart Factory 11 7 FI-STAR Health 7 7 Related to FI-CONTENT DG CONNECT – Unit E3
    14. 14. FI-PPP Phase 2 trial sites FIspace FI-CONTENT 2 FINESCE FI-STAR FITMAN XIFI
    15. 15. FIspace platform for Business Collaboration Trial 1 Front-End FIspace Store GENERIC ENABLERS Real-time B2B Collaboration Core I2ND IoT IoC IoS System & Data Integration S&T Security, Privacy, and Trust Management DEVELOPMENT TOOLKIT Operating Environment Validation Trial 2 Development Toolkit Base Technologies Trial 3 Trial 4 Trial 5 Trial 6 Trial 7 Trial 8
    16. 16. Questions ?