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FIspace open call Information Day The Hague (NL) 5 nov. 2013


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Published in: Technology, Business
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FIspace open call Information Day The Hague (NL) 5 nov. 2013

  1. 1. Future Internet Business Collaboration Networks in Agri-Food, Transport & Logistics FIspace Open Call 5 november 2013 LEI, Den Haag Sjaak Wolfert Project Coordinator
  2. 2. Open call aim: specific Apps for each trial Trial 1 Front-End FIspace Open Call (1.35 M€) Store GENERIC ENABLERS Real-time B2B Collaboration Core I2ND IoT IoC IoS System & Data Integration S&T Security, Privacy, and Trust Management DEVELOPMENT TOOLKIT Operating Environment Validation Trial 2 Development Toolkit Base Technologies Trial 3 Trial 4 Trial 5 Trial 6 Trial 7 Trial 8
  3. 3. Open Call: List of apps Nr. Trial 1 Crop Protection Information Sharing​ ​ ​ Apps Formulation of weather scenario Bad weather alert Hiker app Greenhouse Crop Monitoring Greenhouse Crop Analyzer ​ 2 Green House Management & Control ​ 3 Fish Distribution and (Re-)Planning ​ Booking Probably app Find Cargo Replacement app Pricing Proposal app Inventory Management of RTI Packaging (BOXMAN) ​ 4 Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Quality Assurance​ ​ 5 Flowers and Plants Supply Chain Monitoring​ Botanic Info App Time Temperature Planning App ​ 6 Meat Information Provenance ​ ​ ​ 7 Import and Export of Consumer Goods Meat Transparency System App - Query EPCIS repositories Meat Transparency System App – Discovering data sources (EPCIS repositories) Meat Transparency System for aggregating traceability information Transport Demand App Shipment Status App Manual Event and Deviation Reporting App ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ 8 Tailored Information for Consumers ​ Risk Management in the Distribution of FFV (RISKMAN) Shopping list & Recipes Augmented reality Product Info Push Information e.g. 125-150 k€
  4. 4. Expected activities • Motivation, functional design and development of the App • Providing feedback about the use of the FIspace platform components • Prepare information about the App that for dissemination purposes • Regular activity reporting requested by the Coordinator • Participate in meetings
  5. 5. Gantt chart Expected: 1 Apr. 2014 WP 4xx.y T 4xx.y.1 T 4xx.y.2 T 4xx.y.3 1 Functional design First App Prototype Second App Prototype Fine Tuning and Dissemination 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  6. 6. Related background documents • Guide for applicants (adapted FP7 version) – Detailed information on e.g. proposal format, selection criteria, etc. • • • • D400.14 Technical definition of the Open Call D200.1 FIspace Design and Release Plan D200.2 FIspace Technical Architecture and Specification D400.1 Detailed experimentation plans and initial work plans, including App Development • FIspace Open Call FAQ And more public deliverables will be published at
  7. 7. Important information • Open call total budget: 1.220.000 € – For each trial: total budget for App development is max. 150.000 Euro. – Organizations are allowed to submit several proposals for different Apps, possibly for different trials, but one proposal per App • • • Open call opening: November 6th, 2013 Open call closure: December 18th, 2013 17:00 Brussels time Submission: e-mail proposal in pdf-format (< 10MB) to: • New partners will join FIspace as regular beneficiaries: – Private companies: 50% funding – SMEs: 75% funding • More information: or
  8. 8. Questions ?