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This is about How to make a Windows Phone App using the App Studio in 4 easy steps.

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Windows Phone App

  1. 1. Windows Phone App How To Create a Windows Phone App using the App Studio in 4 easy steps. By : Shashi Jangra 1302076
  2. 2. The App Studio • Windows Phone App Studio is a tool provided online by Microsoft to make very basic Windows Phone apps. • It does not require : – any programming language. – any softwares. – long time to make apps. • It only requires : – – – – A Microsoft Account which is free to make. A Stable Internet Connection. A Windows Phone ( to use the app only ) Your Ideas and Creativity.
  3. 3. Some Important Preparations • Your Windows Phone must be connected to the same Microsoft account that you use while using App Studio. • Install the Microsoft Windows Phone App Studio certificate in order to install the apps you generate with Windows Phone App Studio directly on your phone. • Go to : “ ”. • Click on “Start Building”. • Login with your Microsoft Account. • Now, you are ready to make the app in just 4 simple steps.
  4. 4. Choose Yur Creation What type of Windows Phone app do you want to create? • Create an empty app. • Create an app from a template. o By creating an empty app, you will be able to build an app by configuring the content and style using your own creativity. o By creating an app from a template, you will be able to start with a previously generated app as a guide. Use the sections, Data Sources structure, content and style from the template while you configure and customize the layout and content.
  5. 5. 1. App Information • Insert the name of your application. • Add a Short description about the application. • Select the icon of your application.
  6. 6. 2. Configure app content  To configure your app content, Windows Phone App Studio features :  Data Sources  Application Sections  In each Application Section, the user works with a set of pages, a DataSource and Windows Phone functionality extras.  Each Section must be linked to one Data Source.
  7. 7. Application Sections • A Section is a part of app which is displayed on the screen to user. • An app can have maximum 6 Sections. • A section can have multiple pages to be displayed in it. • We can swipe on screen to access all sections. • We can reorder sections by simple drag and drop method in the app studio.
  8. 8. Data Sources • With Data Sources, you can configure and add as much content as you would like to show in the sections of your App. • A Data Source is always created when you add a section. • You can create a new one or select one already created previously in another section. • A Data Source can be used in two or more different sections.
  9. 9. The Pages The Pages are the part of the app which are shown in the sections and let you choose a layout and link to the exact data you would like to show on the screen by binding content in every page using the data you already linked to that section.
  10. 10. The overall Configuration Data Sources Application Sections Preview Pane
  11. 11. 3. Configure app style Here you are able to : • Play with the colours in your visual style. • Customize the Windows Phone Tiles. • Select a Splash Screen and a Lock Screen.
  12. 12. Configuring the Style and Tiles. • In the style section, you are able to customize the different brushes from the accent, background, foreground, and also the application bar. • In the Tiles section you are be able to choose the type of tile you would like to use and configure its behavior in the main screen of your Windows Phone.
  13. 13. Lock and Splash Screen section In the Lock and Splash Screen section, you can choose an image or use a personal one.
  14. 14. 4. Summary & Generate Here you generate your app by Summing up all the things like photos, sections, pages & data sources.
  15. 15. Source Code & installation Your app is now generated properly. You will recieve an email notification on your phone from where you can install the certificate of company app. The best part of using app studio is at last if you want to know the coding part behind your application, then you can download the source code & open it in visua studio.
  16. 16. You just simply scan the QR code & follow the corresponding link to install the app on your Windows Phone device.
  17. 17. Go to your Windows Phone Apps and look for your new Personal App creation! I hope you give it a try ! :D Thank you !