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Role of teachers in socialization


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How can teachers help the student to get properly socialize?

Published in: Education
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Role of teachers in socialization

  1. 1. PRESENTATION ON “ROLE OF TEACHERS IN SOCIALIZATION” Edited by: Munaza Bukhari Submified to: Mom Amna Iqbal
  2. 2. Introduction of socialization © Socialization is long life process by which children learn from their surrounding. (parents, siblings, teachers etc) 6) Traning of new comers in society. @ To learn different techniques in life. (music, art, socia| values etc)
  3. 3. on 4 Child born Observe M things / gr v In his early years from his surrounding
  4. 4. °t»’l-rm to socialize ()ii‘. {:2E'>S. ' ---—-. /T§? Q:§ E ‘ T Posmv “Based 3 - X soclalizgt i en: en§§'c§§“£‘°“‘ . Vb ‘ ion posifiv-my ‘-1!’ encourage- Nefldiiv ‘ isoclgfrzgg I Tpunist on A Ion M worc1;¥3_e"""‘°| ’sh
  5. 5. ' 2-Actln proscn‘t y si’rua'ilonwiiii0|n ’ group. R>- i «Base on previous soclolizatl J experiences anlearn on newvalues.
  6. 6. Role of teacher in process of socia| ization. .
  7. 7. ROLE OF TEACHER IN CHARACTER BUILDING: o Teachers have to activate the mind of the student as well as the body of the student. o Teachers have not restricted to the text book or syllabus because it has another name of mental growth. o Teachers have to teach the student to respect the others instead of their status because it returns you respect in back. o Teachers have to prepare the student for the life of purity and sincerity.
  8. 8. CONTD. .. o Teachers have to aim on the balanced growth of the student personality through the training of his feelings and bodily senses, spirit, rational self and intellect. o Teacher can not only caters the spiritual development of the student but also the responsible of body, mind and soul development. o Teachers provide a guide to the students to lead to the righteous path. , / / / .
  9. 9. ROLE OF TEACHER IN AIMING STUDENTS LIFE: o Teachers help their students for choosing the right path for their future life. o Teachers make the mind of student that how he/ she can get their aim. o Teachers choose some hard and easy ways in academic to come to know about the student's inner interest or their mental level.
  10. 10. CONTD. .. o Teachers open the mind of their students about their future life that how they will survive in the society to progress their aim. o Teacher gives the difference of right and wrong through which students can easily choose their aim.
  11. 11. Role of teacher in reducing fear: (9 Teachers have to give his/ her best efforts for those kids who get fear oing school. (fear of to g ga hering or strange people) Mostly kids feel fear while sitting in classroom therefore teacher try to make such type of environment in which student feel comfortable. Teachers help them in not to telling a lie. (it is also a type of fear while student feel fear of telling the truth) Teacher mostly used to questionin such type of student to ring him/ her out of such pes of fears. (tear o answering someone) Teachers used to encoura e their students in front a whole class to make him/ her relax of athering and build up is/ her confidence, / // /
  12. 12. ROLE OF TEACHER IN POSITIVE APPROACH: o Teachers provide a guide line to be positive in life to their students. o Teachers mostly used to judge their students mind to know about their self approaches. (for dealing with them) o Teachers have power to divert their student from negative approaches by own self display as role model.
  13. 13. CONTD o Teachers can set an examples in front of their students through which they come to realize that what make their life well settled. o When dealing with students teachers should be unbiased towards any particular culture and language. o Good behavior of teacher with student would promote the positive effect of student. , / / / .
  14. 14. ROLE OF TEACHER IN PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT: o Teachers their self are o Teachers train them that role model for the whole how they can groom class that why teachers their personality with maintain his/ her confidence not with personality. hesitation. o Mostly students copy o Teachers help their their teachers, the way students to maintain their teacher use to speak, mental and physical use to talk, look, work appearance in society etc. through which one can (9 Teachers give know CbOUI hI$/ her awareness of different "Oil"? °' Pe'5°”°I"Y- aspects of life according to their personality. /
  15. 15. ROLE OF TEACHER IN DEVELOPING EMOTIONS: o Teachers have to encourage the students so that they naturally develop their emotions. o Teachers have to motivates the students for what he/ she desire to become in future. (emotion of curiosity) o Teachers have to develop the feelings of love, care, help, brotherhood, respect etc which create a special bond of affections. (emotion of affections) / ,.
  16. 16. CONTD. .. o Teachers have to socialize the students for every aspect of life through which students overcome his/ her shyness. (reducing shyness) o Teachers have to engage the students in different activities to overcome the confusions and inner dissatisfaction. (reducing anxiety) , / / / ,
  17. 17. THAN KYOU. ...