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Amazing investment plan in east bangalore


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Sizzle gold coast - Residential villa plotted layout , best place for investment on property .

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Amazing investment plan in east bangalore

  1. 1. SizzleGold Coast - Amazing InvestmentPlan in EastBangalore In this era of rising inflation, every professionaldevoid of his field of expertise looks for a proper investment plan so as to securehis future. Seeing this demand, various investmentplans havecome across butnone could beat the investment in a property. Rural areas are more likely to grow with people migrating continuously fromall over the country. This leads to a rising demand for a place to stay. Hence, property owners and builders gain too much attention in a very short interval of time and gain moreincome than they had blocked their money in other investment plans. the East Bangaloreis the best place to look for the best plots for sale in Bangalore. The eastern part of the town is such an area which is great both in terms of price and locality. This area is perfectly connected to the heart of the town. In the last few years, property/land prices in Malur have witnessed tremendous growth of at least 25 per cent. Malur, which till recently was a small partof the city is now being rated as a good area with great potential by developers and investors. Some key points to chooseEast Bangalore to build your dreamhome are as follows:
  2. 2. The reason for such a spikein real estate prices is Narsapura in Kolar district. The governmenthas declared Narsapura as an auto hub of Karnataka. Narsapura IndustrialArea located in Kolar district is approximately 50 KMS from Bangalore (10 Kms fromMalur). Honda two wheelers and Volvo have already found home here and few companies to follow are Mahindra and Mahindra aerospace, Scania by Volkswagen is planning for an assembly unit and Volvo plans its expansion too. The governmentexpects to generate at least 1, 00,000 jobs fromthese companies. DVG Bangalore University has plans to haveits basein Hoskote, the campus in Hoskotewill be spread over 150 acres and will have all infrastructure, including adequate faculty and other amenities. Budigere road connects Hoskoteto BIAL in 30 minutes. Same goes with Malur which is very close to Hosur (33 Kms) and Sarjapur (31Kms) other hubs in there won terms. Locally, Hoskotehas good connection to important parts of Bangalore. Good road planning has taken a precedent here. The proposed Satellite Township Ring Road (STRR) covering 284 kmwill connect Hoskotewith other some important satellite towns around east Bangalore. The 6 lane highway to Chennai starts at Hoskote. Most realtors like Sobha, Prestige, Brigade havetheir presencehere. few of the huge projects coming up near this area include The Empyrean, Mana Placido, Nitesh ForestHills, Sobha Amethystand Balaji Pristine. Out of the many builders and property sellers providing residential villa plots in this area at a very reasonable price, Sizzle Properties assures you thesame with genuine legal documents, attractive offers and great customer assistance.
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