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I am a person that believes in the value of good ideas.
Everything I do reflects that fact, from creating concepts for campaigns to embellishing online marketing features.
A good idea isn’t just that the elements in a print ad look nice. It isn’t just that people enjoyed a marketing event. It isn’t just that people can relate to the message in a commercial. It is all this, and more.
To get all this and more, I dig deep. Good ideas are often nestled in the secret confines of human thought, in the very root of concepts. However, to me, this does not mean that my method of finding good ideas all amount to me struggling to get a glimpse of them. Good ideas are everywhere. Sometimes, I catch them as I’m drifting away on my bed, but other times, I have to travel to another country to get them. I dig deep, yes, but I also use another ability of mine.
I use my ability to find the often-subtle links in our world.
There is a connection between the need to be loved and why certain groups of people would go out of their way to buy a drink endorsed by a presenter who looks like an angel. There is a connection between that nostalgic longing for the better days and the buying of products with familiar smells. There is a connection between online game features and loneliness.
But it takes one to discover a good idea and find connections between it and the assignment. It takes an even greater one to believe in all this.
I am a person that believes in the value of good ideas.
My name is Siyoree Thaitrakulpanich.

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Siyoree's PowerPoint

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  4. 4. Chulalongkorn University Aug 2008 – July 2012 •GPA: 3.91 •Scholarship for High Scholastic Achievement •Relevant Courses •Marketing •Advertising •Public Relations •Mass Media •Marketing Communication Management •Management of Identity, Image, and Reputation •Target Audience Analysis •Communication Campaign Management •Research Design and Data Analysis
  5. 5. University of Queensland Feb – June 2011 Dean’s List for High Scholastic Achievement Invited to enter the School of English, Media Studies, and Art History (EMSAH) Program Courses •Consumer Behaviour •Organisational Behaviour •Creative Writing: Narrative •Creative Writing: Non-Fiction
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