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Power Up Your Non-Profit Website With WordPress


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An important part of any non-profit organization’s mission is getting its message out to as many people as possible. WordPress can help make that process easier. A well-designed WordPress website can help even the smallest non-profit reach a wide audiences and help activate both supporters and volunteers.

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Power Up Your Non-Profit Website With WordPress

  1. 1. Power Up Your Non-Profit Website Ray Mitchell @SixFourWeb WordCamp Asheville 2014
  2. 2. About Me ● Designer / Developer / Consultant at SixFour Web Design ● SixFour Web Design Specializes in helping Small Businesses and Non- Profits maximize their Web Presence ● We Believe “Even Small Businesses Deserve a Nice Website”
  3. 3. Why Use WordPress For Your Non-Profit's Website? ● As of 2013, WordPress powers over 20% of the world's websites. ● If you can send an email, you can update the content on your website. ● You can start your website for less than the cost of a pizza.* *Remind me to tell you how
  4. 4. Why Does Your Non-Profit Need A Website Anyway? ● There are many reasons why your Non-Profit may want a website, but the primary reason why you need a website is to help communicate your organizations purpose in a credible and effective manner. ● Effective and credible communication will help you gain the support that helps you achieve your organization's goals.
  5. 5. What Makes Your Communication Effective? ● The PRIMARY purpose of your website is to communicate information that gets ATTENTION for your cause. ● Once you've captured ATTENTION, you can capture Advocates – Talkers Volunteers – Doers Donors – Givers
  6. 6. So, How Do You Capture Attention For Your Non-Profit
  7. 7. How Do You Capture Positive Attention For Your Non-Profit ● Present your organization credibly* – Choose a Theme that corresponds to your work – Avoid Misspellings – Use a real email address – Display your physical address prominently – Make your IRS 990 and Annual Reports available for download *Umm, try not to look too “dodgy.” Especially if you're asking for money.
  8. 8. ● Tell your story. Storytelling is the most effective tool in the Non-Profit toolkit. ● Share your Mission, History, Board Members ● Let your site visitors know why your work is important to them. ● Sharing stories creates understanding. How Do You Capture Positive Attention For Your Non-Profit
  9. 9. Share. Your. Story. ● WordPress makes it easy to share your story: Blog Posts Photo Galleries and Slideshows Embedded Video Field Recordings Testimonials, and more...
  10. 10. Use Stories To Keep Advocates, Donors & Volunteers Fully Engaged ● When telling the story of your charity, be sure to tell the stories of the people who can make things happen; your advocates, volunteers and benefactors.
  11. 11. Keep Advocates Engaged ● Advocates may be more hands off, but they can spread the word. Make it easy for them – Share links to your website on Social Media and encourage them to do the same – Post Key Facts in an easily accessible area like a “Media Page” – Make it a point to regularly ways to give them the opportunity to get more involved as a volunteer or a donor
  12. 12. Keep Volunteers Engaged ● Keep your volunteers engaged by highlighting their work – Newsletters – Project Features – Volunteer Profiles/Volunteer of the Month – Backstage Pass
  13. 13. Keep Donors Engaged ● Let your donors know how their contributions help – Provide regular updates on progress – Recognize Donors on your site (ask them if it's OK) – Interview them for a “Why I Give” post – Install a donation “thermometer” – Prove the value of the contribution of time or money; share testimonials of those who benefited
  14. 14. Publicize and Promote Using Social Media ● Use Social Media to publicize events for your organization and others doing similar work ● Twitter Feeds and the Facebook Like Box are good ways to keep top of mind and provide social proof ● Remember it's fine to be on social media, but the purpose is to drive people to your website
  15. 15. Promote Your Website ● Don't forget other ways of promoting your Non-Profit and your website URL – Business Cards – Email Signature – Thank You Cards – Volunteer Name Tags – T-Shirts – Brochures
  16. 16. Get Plugged-in To Power Up Your Website ● There are many plugins that you can use on your WordPress website, but they won't do anyone any good if your website crashes, gets hacked or otherwise gets “blowed-up real good”. Practice Good Online Hygiene and Back Your Site Up!
  17. 17. Get Plugged-In to Power Up Your Website ● *Backup Buddy ( ● Wordfence Security ● Jetpack – Carousel – Tiled Galleries – Publicize ● Testimonials by Aihrus *Premium
  18. 18. Get Plugged-In to Power Up Your Website ● Contact Form 7 ● *Gravity Forms ( ● The Events Calendar ● All In One SEO Pack ● S2Member *Premium
  19. 19. Thanks Get in touch Ray Mitchell @sixfourweb