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  1. 1. Nutioncrl Seminar of ARUNAI ENGINEERING COLLEGE TIRUVANNAMALAI 606 603, TAMILNADU BTRII]IGITT OT PIRIIGIPNIIOII {/e lnos to" recoril Uzpa*a;Aa*ntt, { S. SIVARAM KUMAR Ofl/ &rrilily, 28 -24, /3j9 o* a*AUTH O R r* /?p,Mhbr?n/ Jbilnnr om "ENERCY CRISIS BY THE YEAR 2OOO" t/oniar€d &/, SARASWATHI AMMAL EDUCATIONAL TRUST a,y'sy'e* on rtro bfuo TION TECHNIQUEII k i -_ ItE-u,l/4!FAr4i !.4r . ./b.. TIRUVANNAMALAI. ) ,)