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  1. 1. a GHEMIGALS Huber Ghemicals lndia Private Limited Plot No. :754, -)hogodio lndustriol Estote (GIDC), Toluko Jhogodio, Dist. Bhoruch, Gujorot 393 110. Tel. : (02545) 226081 Fox: (02645) 226082 December 2,2005 To Sivaram Kumar. Re: Gram Negative project. .j This is to recognize the silent contribution made by you during the i-plementation of the Gram negative project. You provided all the support to the project team in installing the equipments and commissioning them. Our plant's performance hinges on team work and the role played by you and the supervisors of your team contributed significantly in presentinga clean plant to the GSK audit team. We encourage you to sustain this spirit, maintain safety and environment standards, deliver quality product and achieve the production goals to improve our Right First Time (RFT) and Error Free Service (EFS) index to acceptable levels in the coming months. Congratulations and best wishes, l.,t- 0 u,(L ii)yw" Sunil Paranjape. General Manager- QA & QC Regd. Off. : 4014-4019, Oberoi Estoie, Chondivli Forms Rd, Off Soki Vihor Rd.. Andheri (E). Mumboi-A1} a72 let.: (022) 28474607 / 28475608 / 28475037 Fox: (022) 28476066 MI UKAS I I ouer-rrv I Ir NAaErEir|