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Operating instruments


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Surgical Instruments For B.Sc Nursing Students

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Operating instruments

  2. 2. USED FOR PREPARING AND DRAPING  Cheatle’s Forceps Used for picking and Transferring
  3. 3. USED FOR PREPARING AND DRAPING  Rampley’s Sponge Holding Forceps  Holding Sponge or gauze to clean the operative field
  4. 4. USED FOR PREPARING AND DRAPING  Mayo’s towel clip  Fix drapes in a manner to expose operative field only Also used to fix tubing’s and cautery wire to drapes in a way that they don’t fall 
  5. 5. USED FOR PREPARING AND DRAPING  Doyen’s Cross action towel clip  This clip can be substituted for mayo’s towel clip
  6. 6. USED FOR PREPARING AND DRAPING  Moynihans Tetra towel clip Holding drapes and cover cut margins of incisions with sterile sponges
  7. 7. For skin incision  Bard-parkers Knife handle with detachable blade  For making the surgical blade handy and easy to use providing grip The hole unit along with the blade is called scalpel. 
  8. 8. For skin incision   Surgical blades For stab incisions
  9. 9. For Securing homeostasis  Artery forceps     Small size-Mosquito Medium Large. Uses  As a hemostat, holding cut edges, to open up abscess, hold free ends of the suture, hold cut end of the sutures, breaking loculi etc.
  10. 10. For Securing homeostasis  Kocher’s Forceps  Uses     To hold securely superior thyroid pedicle vessels Hold retracting cut ends of vessels in tough fibrous tissue Hold ribs during rib resection To cause artificial rupture of gestational membrane
  11. 11. For Securing homeostasis  Right Angled artery forceps  Uses  Ti isolate, encircle and ligate vessels or ducts those especially present in depths
  12. 12. For Securing homeostasis  Bull dog arterial clamp  Uses  Used to clamp small, medium large sized vessels and
  13. 13. For Securing homeostasis  Satinski’s bicurved arterial clamp  Uses  Partial occlusion of major vessels like inferior vena cava, aorta for their repair
  14. 14. For Securing homeostasis  Liga clips  Uses  Mainly used in laparoscopic surgery to clamp vessels and ducts
  15. 15. Retractors  Single/double hook retractor  Uses   To retract skin edges To retract tough fascia
  16. 16. Retractors  Cats paw/volkman’s retraCtor  Uses  Retraction of skin and tough fascia
  17. 17. Retractors  Langenbeck’s retractor  Uses   In operation involving a lot of dissection in superficial muscle pane which requires retraction E.g. hernioplasty.thyroidectomy
  18. 18. Retractors  Czerny’s retractor  Uses  Superficial retraction of skin incisions during laparotomy
  19. 19. Retractors  Morris retractor  Uses  To retract strong structures like abdominal wall muscles and it gives wider space to work
  20. 20. Retractors  Harrington’s retractor  Uses   To retract soft intra-abdominal visceral organs E.g. cholecystectomy, hysterectomy
  21. 21. Retractors  Deaver’s retractor  Uses  Same as Harrington's
  22. 22. Retractors  Doyen’s retractor  Uses Used in pelvic surgery for retraction at the caudal end of abdominal incision. 
  23. 23. Retractors  Self retaining abdominal retractor Uses used in the prolonged abdominal operations. With its application there is no need for an assistant continuously retract
  24. 24. Retractors  Allison’s lung retractor  Uses  Thoracic surgery to retract lung special blades protect the lungs from damage
  25. 25. Retractors   Finochietto’s self retaining chest wall retractor Uses   Retracting two ribs apart during thoracotomy operations To separate two halves of sternum
  26. 26. Dissecting forceps  Dissecting forceps/thumb forceps  Plain To hold delicate tissue like peritoneum, vessels, bowel wall, etc Toothed to hold tough sutures like skin,fascia,rectus sheath while suturing. 
  27. 27. Tissue holding forceps  Allis tissue forceps  Uses    To hold thin but tough tissues for purpose of giving traction Can be used to hold tissues like fibrous capsule of sac being dissected E.g. holding subcutaneous tissue, deep fascia
  28. 28. Tissue holding forceps  Lane’s tissue forceps  Uses    Holding bulky tissues To hold appendix along with mesoappendix during appendicectomy May be used conveniently as a towel clip
  29. 29. Tissue holding forceps   Babcock’s tissue forceps Uses  To hold soft and delicate tissues such as stomach, small/large bowel, appendix, and fallopian tube
  30. 30. Tissue holding forceps   Valsellum and Tenaculum Uses   Mainly used in gynecological operations to hold the tip of cervix This structure is similar to alli’s forceps except they are very long
  31. 31. Scissors   Scissors are used for sharp as well as blunt dissection and also for cutting various tubing's, surgical dressings, gauze, sutures etc Two types   Tissue cutting and dissection scissors Scissors for other purpose
  32. 32. Scissors  MetZenbaum curved on flat dissections  Uses   For Dissecting out soft tissues or connective tissue planes For cutting soft tissues, adhesions, bowel, etc.
  33. 33. Scissors  Gauze or Suture cutting Scissors Straight or curved  Uses    For cutting bandages, lint gauze, rubber tubing's,etc. To cut away excess sutures materials after tying the knot
  34. 34. Special instruments in General Surgery   Joll’s self retaining thyroid retractor Uses  For retraction of skin flaps in thyroidectomy
  35. 35. Special instruments in General Surgery   Doyen’s Mouth Gag Uses    For intraoral operations E.g. Tongue excision, Prolonged dental procedures To open mouth in an unconscious patient for toileting
  36. 36. Special instruments in General Surgery  Bowel Clamps a) Moynihan’s non-crushing gastric clamp  Uses To hold and occlude stomach during gastrectomy,gastrojejunostomy,etc 
  37. 37. Special instruments in General Surgery  Bowel Clamps    B, Payr’s crushing gastric clamp Uses For partial and total gastrectomy
  38. 38. Special instruments in General Surgery   Lane’s twin gastroenterostomy clamp Uses   In gastrojejunostomy The stomach and jejunum are held close to each other by this instruments
  39. 39. Special instruments in General Surgery   Doyen’s intestinal clamp(non crushing) Uses      It is used for resection-anastomosis of the intestine in case of Strangulated hernia Accidental injuries to the gut Intestinal growths Gastric/intestinal bypass operations
  40. 40. Special instruments in General Surgery   Cholecystectomy forceps Uses