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Why u don't want to be a millionaire


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presentation about why u don't want to be a millionaire

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Why u don't want to be a millionaire

  1. 1.  Arjuna: I want to be a millionaire Krishna: Why ? Here starts reciting of “Money”vadgita by Lord Sri Krishna
  2. 2.  As a millionaire, youre going to be on the hook for doing a greater amount of (financial) good for your country. As income increases tax also increases.
  3. 3.  Possessions take time to maintain. Whether youre talking about clothes, cars or chateaus - the more you have of anything, the more time it will take. Money is no different. Once you have millions, you wont be able to just pay a few bills and balance your checkbook at the end of the month. It will take a significant amount of your time to budget, pay taxes, invest, give, plan spending, meet with professionals, etc.
  4. 4.  Once you have the means to buy a bigger house, purchase a nicer car and join that nearby golf club, youre most likely going to meet a whole new group of people – wealthier people. Suddenly your mindset gets changed. Now, dinner means having food at McDonald only. youre more likely to find yourself paying a lot more attention to what others are doing and join right in. Its easier to swim with the current than against it.
  5. 5.  No more bargain-shopping for birthday presents. Friends, family members, co- workers and employees begin to expect bigger, nicer and, well, more expensive gifts.
  6. 6.  Having money will attract people who need or want money. Youll have to have a plan for how to deal with them – who you want to give money to and who you want to turn away. And then youll have to take action every time the request comes.
  7. 7.  As your portfolio value increases so, most likely, will your anxiety over market fluctuations that could quickly erode your net worth. Previously you weren’t caring about stock market or sagging dollar price. Welcome to a millionaires world – where stocks and sleep dont necessarily mix well.
  8. 8.  You will likely receive a steady flow of email, snail mail and voicemail offers from lawyers, investment advisers and tax attorneys all eager for your money. Youll need to talk with trusted friends, undertake research.(second job)
  9. 9.  As a millionaire, you are now a target for an unwelcome group of people: criminals. A bigger house in a nicer community could attract burglars. A more expensive car could attract the attention of car thieves. Suddenly, Saturdays are spent checking out home and car alarm systems and your investment advisers professional background to make sure your wealth and possessions are safe.(second job)
  10. 10. Now Arjuna says