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Pack Your Financial Seminar With The Right Seminar Invitation


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Pack Your Financial Seminar With The Right Seminar Invitation

  1. 1. Dan KennedyPack Your Financial Seminar With The Right Seminar InvitationPack Your Financial Seminar with the Right InvitationMatch your message to your marketThe first issue is how to match your financial seminar message to your target market. Its a simpleidea that many professionals skip, assuming they know their audience. For example, lets assumeyou want to market a financial seminar to people age 60 and over. To develop a winning financialseminar invitation, you need to know how these people think. You cannot assume that your marketthinks like you do. If youre 40 years old, you probably want to know about opportunities to makemoney. But people over 60 (in most cases) are not motivated to make more money. They care aboutpreserving capital and their biggest fear is losing principal (their "hot button"). So is it any wonder thatyour opportunity-oriented seminar titled, "How to Triple Your Money with Stocks," doesnt get much ofa response?What does your audience really want?You could triple your attendance with the right financial seminar title, such as, "Six Ways RetireesRuin Their Finances." This financial seminar title appeals directly to their fear and will pull in theattendance (I have very successfully tested this title over a dozen times). Whichever target marketyou choose, you really need to know their most significant emotional concern. If you can title afinancial seminar addressing that concern, youre half the way home. If youre not sure, dont makeany assumptions.
  2. 2. For example, do business owners care most about making a profit (which would be an easyassumption to make)? Or is their greatest concern having more free time with the family? Until youreally know the answer, your marketing and your financial seminar cannot be very effective becauseyou dont know your markets hot button. To learn what motivates your market, you need to speakwith several members of your audience, one on one. Do some interviews and really listen and clearyour mind of preconceived assumptions.Once you know what motivates your audience (and you may have several items), list them. These willbe the "bullet points" on your financial seminar invitation. Pick your strongest bullet point and this onewill be your financial seminar title (you can test this by using a different bullet point as your title eachtime you hold a seminar and see which gets your best response).State your bullet points as benefits, secrets or information to be revealedMy firms clients are financial professionals. Following are titles and bullet points I use in marketingmaterials to my prospects and you can use the same philosophy in marketing to your prospects:Title: "Open 15 New Accounts Every Month"Bullets:How I Built a $50 Million Book Doing One Seminar a MonthSecrets Of Making Your Seminars Consistently ProfitablePack The Seminar Room Every TimeSee More Prospects Face to Face in 90 Minutes than You Can Qualify by Phone in a MonthKnow The 6 Critical Factors of Seminar SuccessThe Error on Your Invitation Which Cuts Attendance in HALF!One Small Change to Any Invitation Which Boosts Attendance By 25%!
  3. 3. Seminar Topics To Never Discuss (if you want to close business)Where To Find The Most Qualified Prospects For The Best Mailing ListHow to Avoid the Error in Mailing Which Gets 50% of Your Invitations Tossed In The Trash,Unopened!How to Close Appointments Right At the Seminar Rather Than Beg for Them on the Phone the NextDayHow to Pack 60-70 People in the Room Every Month Even in Areas Where "Every Broker is DoingSeminars"Its the bullet points that make you want to know more, to take action and attend the seminar. Whenyou can do the same on your financial seminar invitations for your prospects, you will have a fullaudience.Appeal to subgroupsEach bullet point captures a "sub group." While all of your prospects should be from a qualified list(more about this in an article you can find on my web site), there are groups within the list who havedistinct concerns.For example, I deal with financial planners who get good seminar attendance, but do not closeappointments. They would respond to the above bullet point, "How to close appointments right at thefinancial seminar." Another sub group might be planners who get plenty of appointments, but do nothave sufficient financial seminar attendance. They will respond most to the bullet point, "One smallchange in the invitation which boosts attendance by 25%."Therefore, the more relevant bullet points you have, the more sub groups you will capture, the largeryour financial seminar attendance. In fact, if I send 3000 invitations for an investor seminar, I have
  4. 4. calculated that each bullet point is responsible for six buying units in attendance.How can you learn to write bullet points like this? It will take some study, but some excellentreferences are:The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy Words That Bring You Riches by Ted NicholasAlternatively, hire a professional copywriter. You cannot underestimate the power of effectivelanguage. The right words can boost your attendance by 500%.About The Author:Get the other 12 articles on making your financial seminar, or any seminar, a success? Access thearticle library at