Antti Kivelä: Possibilities of ehealth - Sitra's view and ongoing projects


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Sitra's eHealth miniseminar at WoHIT, Dublin, 13 May 2013

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Antti Kivelä: Possibilities of ehealth - Sitra's view and ongoing projects

  1. 1. Possibilities of eHealth - Sitras viewand ongoing projectsAntti Kivelä13.5.2013 Sitra eHealth Miniseminar at WoHIT
  2. 2. © SitraTopics• Self care & eHealth – results of survey• Sitra’s activities in eHealth space2
  3. 3. © SitraWhat determines our health?McGinnis et al., Health Affairs 21(2), 2002
  4. 4. © SitraSitra is a fund operatingdirectly under the FinnishParliament.Our operations are fundedfrom the returns ofendowment capital and capitalinvestments.As an independent societalactor, we bring togetherexperts from various levels, toseek even internationallyexploitable solutions tosystemic challenges.We anticipate changes andboldly take on new issues andtasks. Our work is visible injoint projects for creatinginnovations and new operatingmodels.Sitra - Focus on the futureOur task is to promote Finland’s• economic growth in terms of both quality and quantity• stable and balanced development• international competitiveness and cooperationAct on Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund (717/1990)4
  5. 5. © SitraSelf care & eHealth study• Taloustutkimus Oy conducted the study on Sitra´s assignment inMarch-April 2013 (official title: “Sähköiset omahoitopalvelut”)• Results are published tomorrow• 1 085 respondents- 2 different interview methods:- ~50% telephone- ~50% Internet- 50% female / 50% male• Target age group: 18 and over5
  6. 6. © SitraPeople are satisfied with current health care services6563113Type of health care services usedAll respondents, n = 1 085(municipal) health centreoccupational healthcareprivate healthservicesMajority of respondents were happy with healthcare services used – avg 4,5 (/5)(scale: 1 – very unhappy, 5 – very happy )
  7. 7. © SitraPeople are ready to use eHealth solutions7YesNoHas used healthcare service throughthe Internet and phoneAssumes that will use eHealthsolutions during the next 12 monthsn = 1085
  8. 8. © SitraeHealth solutions can bring improvement topatient/customer experience8YesNoDoes the respondent believe that in the futureelectronic healthcare can be used to improvepatient/customer satisfaction in services andmake use of services easierAll respondents, n = 1 085
  9. 9. © SitraSitra is looking for partners9Project fundingPeople wish to receive more eHealth services – we help to make it possibleSitra is financing user pilot projects for new electronic self-care solutions during 2013-2014.Projects should develop new services and operating models, and increase their use nationally.Corporate investmentsSitra invests on equal terms with other investors with the investments being tools to promotesustainable businesses.Investments typically are in the range of EUR 300,000-1 million.
  10. 10. © SitraExample projects10Gesundheit 2013 -Come up with ahealthy gamingidea for Finns!Win up to EUR25,000UKK Walk Test -measure yourrespiratory andcardiovascularperformance withyour smart phoneCould the healthkiosk model satisfythe demand foravailability andsavings in towns andvillages acrossFinland?Businessintelligenceconcept formanaging healthcare and socialservices in publicsector
  11. 11. © Sitra11Supporting healthybehavior for theelderly usingtablets andInternet-TVElectronicmaternity card -monitor pregnancyand health moreeasilyThe national dataexchange layer –nationallyconnected healthinformationWelfare stationconcept – a newmodel for heath careservices deliveryExample projects (continued)
  12. 12. © SitraA national framework for health informationcreates a snowball effectPHR- Personal Health Record(e.g. Taltioni in Finland)EPR- Electronic Patient RecordHIE - HealthInformationExchangePatient recordarchive-> KanTa
  13. 13. © SitraSnowball Effect5/22/2013YhteensopiviapalveluitaYhteensopiviapalveluitaEnemmänkäyttäjiäYhteensopiviapalveluitaEnemmänkäyttäjiäEnemmäntietoaCompatibleservicesMoreusersRicherdataEven betterservices…