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Isaacus closing event 011118 sinipuro


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The Isaacus -Digital Health HUB closing event 1.11.2018

Jaana Sinipuro, Project Director, Sitra

Published in: Healthcare
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Isaacus closing event 011118 sinipuro

  1. 1. HISTORY OF THE PROJECT, OUTCOME AND LESSONS LEARNED Jaana Sinipuro, Project Director, Sitra
  2. 2. 5 key facts about Sitra 1. A gift from Parliament to the 50-year-old Finland. 2. An independent foresight agency: futurologist, researcher, visionary, developer, experimentalist, partner, trainer, networker. 3. Funded by returns on endowment capital and capital investments. 4. Envisages Finland as a successful pioneer in sustainable well-being. 5. Its vision is supported by three themes, six focus areas and dozens of projects. +1 Building our future together
  3. 3. Glossary The Isaacus project (2015–2018) by Sitra - Prepared the basic principles and operating plan for “Digital Health Hub” that works together with the new national permit authority ensuring safe and fast access to Finnish data reserves for R&D. Sometimes referred as “Service Operator”. - Funded pre-production projects as pilots for different technical platforms and developed national research service infrastructure - Named after Isaacus Rothovius born 1st of November 1572. The act concerning the secondary use of social and healthcare data - Backbone for new government agency and streamlined researcher services. Under parliamentary work (since October 2017). Temporary Steering Group - Working committee of Digital Health Hub stakeholders working since January 2018 to plan for future operations. Led by ministry, Project Management Office funded by Sitra
  4. 4. History 2018 -2017 - 2019 -2016 - Working Committee starts preparations for the new act on the secondary use of social and healthcare data. Working term 04’2015 - 12’ 2017 Government proposal submitted for first hearing 08 – 09’2016 Parliamentary work. Expert hearings and debates. Constitutional law committee and Social affairs and health committee suggests amendments. 04’2018 Government proposes a new act on the secondary use of health and social data 10’2017 Adjusted proposal returned to social affairs and health committee 10’2018 Further preparations by government, register holders and politicians. Adjusted proposal prepared 10’2016 - 10’2017 ? The Government draft budget 1,8 million eur (2018) 3,3 million eur (2019) PROJECT ISAACUS Project starts 11’2015 First funding applications 03 ’2016 Additional funding decisions (total 7 M) Pre-pilots started with support of Sitras funding (30–70 %) Isaacus phase 1 completed in 09’2017. Pre-production pilots give insight on future ICT services. No readiness for handover since stakeholders have no budget without new legislation. Temporary Steering Group prepares start of operations (total 35 MDs) Sitra lengthens project to ensure the impact of the work. Project Management Office funded to support temporary Steering Group assigned by Ministry REGULATION
  5. 5. Improving Research Infrastructure and Researcher Services Our partners New technologies and platforms for innovations Evaluations and Reports
  6. 6. Numbers 7 000 000 € / 14 000 000 € Projects (8 pre-production pilots) Local events, mostly organized by Sitra International meetings and study tours End-user interviews International round-table meeting guests 33 25 50 70 30
  7. 7. Learnings -Sense of urgency missing… or just too many reforms simultaneously? -Mindset change needed: from production- driven to customer-driven -More innovative ways for public-private partnerships needed – shortage of skills -Pooling of different funding sources to national programmes. Strategy is about choices -Focus on trust
  8. 8. Highlights -Cross-sector dialogues -Grassroots level collaboration -Amazing individuals -Hype for datalake solutions and personalised medicine
  9. 9. More insight from our Report:
  10. 10. Finnish moonshot initiative? Finns don’t overtell… we just do. Thank you!
  11. 11. | seuraavaerä.fi @sitrafund