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Sustainable workplaces through social dialogue


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Workplace menu on sustainable lifestyles on February 6, 2019
Sitra and CLC

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Sustainable workplaces through social dialogue

  1. 1. SUSTAINABLE WORKPLACES THROUGH SOCIAL DIALOGUE Workplace menu on sustainable lifestyles 6th February 2019 SITRA Auditorium Leonardo da Vinci
  2. 2. TRADE UNIONSs TRAINING ON SUSTAINABLE WORKPLACES - POLITICAL FRAMEWORK • Sustainable Development Council lead by the PM in Finland • Sustainable Development Strategy for 2050 prepared by the Council in 2015 • Council Members were invited to make their own commitments on Sustainable Development as part of the Strategy • All three Central Organisations of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK, Akava and STTK) prepared a Training Programme for its Members as their Commitment • Commitments are monitored by PMO 6.2.2019 2
  3. 3. TRADE UNIONs (TU) TRAINING on SUSTAINABLE WORK • Targeted to TU Members (eg. shop stewards) but also Union Officials incl. Advisors responsible for training programmes • Two ½- day training seminars including homeworks in between • Training materials also include practical advice for Trainers • Training provided by training centres of SAK, Akava and STTK.  All training material it is all available for free in the internet 6.2.2019 4
  4. 4. Content and methodology of the training • All 3 dimensions of sustainable development included • Training linked to every day life at work places • Training planned in self-contained moduls which can also be used separately. • Trained can get a certificate from every module compleated. • Training can be integrated to other trainings provided by TUs, eg. Shop Steward, OSH, Work Place Advisors and Environment related traininings. 6.2.2019 5
  5. 5. Long-term targets of the Training Have a direct link to Paris Agreement: • Aim to speed up transformation to zero-emmisson society.  To create positive changes in the patterns and processes at the work places to be more sustainable  To safe the energy and materials and increase energy efficiency  To reduce of CO2 emmissions • And additionally …  To reduce the costs at the workplaces via ecological improvements  To maintain the workplace in Finland also in the future  To increase the social dialogue at the workplaces - a new subject integrated to the dialogue benefit both Employeer and Employer! 6.2.2019 6
  6. 6. Long-term targets of the Training 1. To train by 2020 - 50% of the Trainers of the Unions - 40% of the Advisors in the Central Organisations and in TUs. 2. By 2050 - Sustainable Development training is integrated to all training schemes in the TUs - Lessons learned from the training are in use at work places. 6.2.2019 7
  7. 7. Challanges and lessons learned • So far only some hundreds of Members are trained – and from small number of Unions • Most Trade Union Advisors responsible for organizing training not interested in the sustainable development training  Don´t buy the training from Training Centres  Don´t train sustainable development issues themselves Reasons:  Sustainable development training is not included in the training scheme which Employer finances  Not enough pressure from the Leaders to prioritize sustainable development training 6.2.2019 8
  8. 8. Solutions – how to go forward • Sustainable development training needs to be integrated to other training schemes (eg. Shop Steward and OSH training). • Active adverticing needed while giving other trainings  ”a Leaflet ”Would you like to be a Sustainable Work Specialist” prepared. • Advisors responsible for planning trainings should be trained too • General campagns and seminars targeted especially for TU Leaders needed • Sustainable development training should be included in the training scheme planned together with the Employer  It benefits both the Employers and Employeers 6.2.2019 9
  9. 9. THANK YOU Pia Björkbacka @piabjörkbacka