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Kaupunkiaktiivien esitys kestävästä liiketoiminnasta Sitran ja Demos Helsingin järjestämässä pyöreän pöydän tilaisuudessa 20.9.2011.
Presentation given by urban activists about sustainable business, given at a Roundtable event organised by Sitra and Demos Helsinki on 20.9.2011.

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  1. 1. m2 m3Mis- and underuse of space causes cities to produce: CO2 €
  2. 2. Business opportunities for wasted m2 & m3
  3. 3. Standardized Techno-economic Market failures obstaclesHighOffering levelLow Standardized Unconventional Mixed use solutions 1# Blue Ocean Market
  4. 4. CyclicalTemporaryFinal2# Temporal Approach
  5. 5. ”Coupling”concept development, brokerage, renting”Opportunism”concept development, renting, enterprise share holding”Life after death”concept development, renting, enterprise and property share holding2# Temporal Approach
  6. 6. Customers can rely on...
  7. 7. ...that Hukkatila‣ Finds and adapts means needed for each case‣ Is able to collaborate with big and small challenges‣ Is always looking for economic viability‣ Is ready to invest into the concepts it creates‣ Is the most streetwise actor in the businessProperty owners = Customers = Service providers
  8. 8. Jaakko Lehtonen Geography student Univ. of HelsinkiLari Lohikoski IT Program director CulminatumRoope Mokka Researcher Demos HelsinkiMinna Ritoluoma Marketing architect Toinen HelsinkiInari Virkkala Architect student Aalto University +358400606313