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100 Ways to Eden


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Sitran ja Demos Helsinkin pyöreän pöydän tilaisuudessa 20.9.2011 kaupunkiaktiivien antama esitys kestävästä liiketoiminnasta.

Presentation given by urban activists at the Roundatable event organised by Sitra and Demos Helsinki on 20 Sep 2011 regarding sustainable business.

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100 Ways to Eden

  1. 1. 100 Ways to Eden
  2. 2. 100 Ways to Eden is a social enterprise that makes urban food production an integral part of our everyday life.
  3. 3. Urban farming showroom Green entrepreneurship innovation center Research &Development Education Gastronomy & Courses Consultation Marketplace Event venue
  4. 4. Business Model: Co-operative es ic rv Se t s& uc od , Pr c ts o je Pr hip fe es etc. Me mbers
  5. 5. What next? Urban farming centers all over Europe Russia & Baltic Countries Other major cities in Finland Helsinki2012 2021 2030
  6. 6. Contact: Kirmo Kivelä, Peter Kuria, Tomi Oravainio, tomi.oravainio@gmail.comMinna Ritoluoma, minna.ritoluoma@gmail.comKaisa Nirkkonen, Pinja Sipari,