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Sophie Michelin: Nutrition is Medicine


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Slush evening: The future of circular food in Helsinki on 30 November 2017

CEO Sophie Michelin: Nutrition is Medicine

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Sophie Michelin: Nutrition is Medicine

  1. 1. Nutrition is Medicine
  2. 2. “One of the great public health epidemic of our time… 95% overweight/obese in 2030” Fed up! Movie
  3. 3. CONFIDENTIAL ©The MealPlanner Europe Oy Price Taste Convenience Transparency Health& Wellbeing Safety Social Impact Experience Source: Deloitte Food Value Equation Survey 2015, Deloitte Analysis
  5. 5. FOOD-HEATLH PLATFORM ECONOMY for healthy, personized eating
  6. 6. SOPHIE MICHELIN CEO-Founder +36 307385231