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Learning style vark


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Learning style vark

  1. 1. Neil Fleming's VARK model
  2. 2. There are four modalities that have been used to identify the learning style preferences. These are visual (V), aural (A), read (R) and kinaesthetic (K). Visual learners drawings, prefer pictures, to learn diagrams through and other seeing visual teaching aids. Auditory learners learn by listening to lectures, discussing materials and talking through ideas. Read learners have a preference to learn through interaction with written materials, while kinaesthetic learners learn through physical experiences such as touching, performing activity and manipulating objects (Fleming, 1995).
  3. 3. • According to VARK model there are four types of learning styles which are :Visual, Aural, Read and Kinaesthetic •Identifying our learning style will help us to be more strategic while learning.
  4. 4. What are the best way I learn most effective??
  6. 6. VISUAL LEARNERS learn best through the sense of sight. They are more likely to learn information when we use images, pictures with a great variety of colours, maps and interactive activities.
  7. 7. They prefer to show or demonstrate rather than to tell or explain. They love to read and are quite fast reading as long as they know all or of the vocabulary written.
  8. 8. Read & Write Learners are good at taking notes during class. They study best by reading over these notes or copying them out. They make good traditional studiers. They fit in with the conventional, schooltaught study method of reading textbooks and writing notes.
  9. 9. work best in quiet areas and prefer to study by themselves to avoid distraction. enjoy reading and would rather read by themselves or to others than be read to.
  10. 10. Auditory learners are those who learn best through hearing things, they pick up the new ideas better when they hear information . You could know if you belong to this learning style if you share some of the characteristics that we are going to talk about.
  11. 11. enjoys talking with people in his free time Prefer to ask people than using map when lost
  12. 12. Kinaesthetic learners prefer to being involved in activities. They need to apply the information and make it their own by constructing something or practising a technique or skill. These are the "hands-on learners" or the "doers" who actually concentrate better and learn more easily when movement is involved.
  13. 13. They good at repairing work, sculpting, art, or working with various tools. they take notes draw pictures or doodle whilst listening

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