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Rural environment in med cs lesson 5


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Rural environment in med cs lesson 5

  1. 1. Rural environment in MEDCs Lesson 5
  2. 2. Rural environments in MEDCs Categories Description Features • Declining villages in some parts, At a travellingRemote rural distance of more than •Abandoned farms, 1 hour from an urban area •Ones with a high proportion of second homes •Suburbanised area Accessible At a travelling rural distance between •Commuters settlements 15mins and 1 hour from an urban area •Areas of intensive farmingUrban fringe Land close to the edge •Areas of greenbelt attempting to of the urban area curtail the spread of urban sprawl
  3. 3. Both MEDCs and LEDCs areas are undergoing change Growth or Decline of settlements Landscape and rural RURAL Changing environment CHANGE services Changing population and community structure
  4. 4. Key factors that affect rural change include the following:• Proximity to large urban areas• Accessibility• Natural beauty• Planning decisions• Land reform• Agricultural changes and innovations• Diversification and tourism development
  5. 5. The processes of change produce either growth or decline, creating a cycle
  6. 6. Changes in rural settlements in the UK:• Counter-urbanisation / Population• Agriculture• Leisure and Tourism• Transport• Economics
  7. 7. Conterurbanisation
  8. 8. Changes in rural settlements in UK: services
  11. 11. Credits to• Mr Garreth Griffith for sharing the all the resources..