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Chapter 3 tourism in Brunei


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Chapter 3 tourism in Brunei

  2. 2. Tourismis the practice of traveling for pleasure to places outside their home environment and the activities they engage in while they are away.
  3. 3. Tourist is someone who goes on holiday to another country or in their own country. People travel to other places due to many reasons such as for entertainment, relaxation, education , visiting relatives, health, business trips, sports activities, history and culture
  4. 4. Tourist can be divided into two: International tourist:  People who move from their country of origin to other countries. Internal or local tourist:  People who move domestically or within their own countries.
  5. 5. TOURISM IN BRUNEI DARUSSALAMGovernment Efforts: turned Brunei into a Service Hub for Trade and Tourism (ShuTT). developed its tourist links with the East ASEAN Growth Area (EAGA) through BIMP- EAGA*(EAGA is the abbreviation from the following countries: Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines).
  6. 6. ECO-TOURISM derived from two words - Ecosystem & Tourism. Ecosystem: A system in which there is an interaction of living things among themselves and between them and their environment. Tourism: The practice of traveling for pleasure.
  7. 7. ECO-TOURISM Tourism involving travel to areas of natural or ecological interest, for the purpose of:  observing wildlife  and learning about the environment  and conservation of the environment. Examples of areas: Unspoiled coral reefs, mangrove forest, natural waterfalls, tropical beaches, serene lakes, pristine forest.
  8. 8. Eco-tourism destinations inBrunei Darussalam.Brunei-Muara District1. Taman Tasek Lama2. Bukit Shahbandar Recreation Park3. Pulau Selirong4. Bukit Tempayan Pisang5. Berakas Forest Recreational Park6. Serasa Beach7. Muara Beach8. Taman Rekreasi Kg Parit.
  9. 9. Eco-tourism destinations inBrunei Darussalam.Belait District1. Bukit Teraja2. Wasai Wong Kadir3. Luagan Lalak Forest Recreational Park4. Sungai Mau Recreational Park5. Anduki Jubilee Recreational Park6. Lumut beach7. Sungai Liang Forest Recreational Park
  10. 10. Eco-tourism destinations in BruneiDarussalam.c) Tutong District1. Sungai Basong Recreational Park2. Seri Kenangan beach3. Tasek Merimbun
  11. 11. Eco-tourism destinations inBrunei Darussalam.Temburong district1. Peradayan Forest Recreation Park2. Kuala Belalong Recreational Park3. Batang Duri Park4. Outward bound school5. Taman Bukit Patoi6. Belalong National Park7. Rainforest Field Studies Centre Kuala Belalong
  12. 12. The advantages / benefits of tourism.a) Provides employmentb) Provides a source of foreign earnings for the country.c) Development to tourist destinations and surrounding areas.d) Improvement in transport systeme) Tourism promotes cultural exchange among people of the world.f) Publicity for Brunei.g) Preservation of traditional and cultural heritage.h) Restoration of historical building for tourists.i) Protection of natural environment.
  13. 13. The problems / disadvantages of Tourism. a) Increase in pollution b) Destruction of natural environment. c) Deterioration of the natural habitat d) Improper dress code of tourists in public e) Immodest behavior / attitudes f) Decrease in agricultural productivity for some country. g) Some revenue from tourism may leak out from the country due to foreign labour. h) Increase in crime for some country, clash of local customs.
  14. 14. How to promote and develop tourism in Brunei Darussalam? Producing advertisements in newspaper, magazines, postcards, radio, television as well as through webpage Offering good and affordable touring packages to people. Develop more recreation activities such as sailing, diving or golf. Improving its amenities such as hotels and public toilets Improving its transportation modes such as taxi, buses, roads, water taxi and cruising ships. Property planning the existing festival and the new ones so that tourists will be ending up with good memories.
  15. 15. Places of interest in Brunei Darussalam. 7. Jame’Asri Hassanal Bolkiah MosqueBrunei-Muara District 8. Sir’ Omar Ali Saifuddin1. Water village Mosque2. Royal Regalia Building 9. Tasek Lama Receational3. Brunei Museum Park4. Brunei History Centre5. Malay Technology 10. Berakas Foresty Museum Recrerational Park6. Ancient Tomb of Sultan 11. Bukit ShahBandar Bolkiah 12. Jerudong Park and Playground
  16. 16. Belait District 6. Sungai Mau Recreational Park1. Silver Jubilee Park2. Tamu Kuala Belait 7. Sungai Liang Forest3. Billionth Barrel Park Recreational Park4. Tamu Seria 8. Lumut Beach5. Anduki Jubilee Recreational Park 9. Luagan Lalak Forest Recreational Park 10. Wasai Wong Kadir
  17. 17. Tutong District1. Seri Kenangan Beach2. Tamu Tutong3. Tasek Merimbun4. Mercu Tanda Kenangan5. Menara Chendera Kenangan6. Sungai Basung Recreational Park
  18. 18. Temburong District1. Batang Duri Park 5. Kampong Amo long2. Outward bound Houses. school 6. Peradayan Forest Recreation Park3. Belalong 7. Rainforest Field National Park Studies Centre Kuala Belalong4. Taman Bukit 8. Kuala Belalong Patoi Recreational Park