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Defining brand


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What is brand? What ISN'T it? How do you tell people who you are.

Published in: Marketing
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Defining brand

  1. Stephen Pierce!
  2. What are we doing here? smmæv mme-uu- Defining Brand
  3. What are we doing here? What a brand is. Defining Brand
  4. What are we doing here? What a brand is. Why branding is important? sum-nm mee-uu- Defining Brand
  5. What are we doing here? What a brand is. Why branding is important? How might we improve ; our brand? www-w man« Defining Brand
  6. But first. Defining Brand
  7. stem. . nm amme. Defining Bi-'aitci
  8. A brand is not mm mm Defining Brand
  9. A logo. Defining Brand
  10. vñ'. '›, . : Jan- n' samme, entscoarcade Däniiilñg Basen. ..-
  11. A brand is not SbephenPiereev eeeeeeeeee. Defining Brand
  12. An identity. SbephenPiereev eeeeeeeeeee Defining Brand
  13. Skype Pro. we. VIv-unvvntiwxxu dwtbysqfwsäywñu Wøvtulüwovvowlmh n« 'V-ww-üzustvwnçownvntowxnrdvvlrlafwwhuwmjmm 'svuyeu-i en« wenn! - . - mn ma« Skype news-m. Indliuvvcuu button-um m. e. .rcvy e« man nu . norma . x - . Skype Pro N. , m. . - vutvm cumxvxns ulv-cause« : ur-utww: -ávnvveñu "Arm wow oe Emma Imëssma-M mc z-Amru KJJPFJVVA' . n anna-a u. was e. .. two; e. ..e. . q». u›. v ma, ... . m. . m. B/ ;Ioatç-Jz! e. , u-dp-bdnv-uxlç« . Vq«. ›,rI-› . . . .e : Ayn -, m. .. . >v<N*>JÅ"lz « . s1 . en n: ... › hrvyl m. .. i. «n0V. )*1›1.*4]"-1 u, « . 5.- u. . , ex-ma en e ne. .. .man mvr'1t( Goul! moo- m J: v mqránmry nm: iik. ) J-Avainxvu hun van-Ide m« u : vi : anna r. . n, Ve-xv-wchvzh n. m'rq nv. . u. . fJVi Iae-'nlxixrerovuhxa m, « Ii u. X4 : om »t ; n n : ron-Ion r« _ 0-1 170cc. 2- man ma. . n. , . æ- mn : v o« w- ; rp win/ v' v-. s vw m. . vrxkm' ve. re'. v man n. . l› . mm m. )GV“-t. x*1ZUIJWSYb'⁄M4n| J' u us. Ire v-Hxi Ltw-onkündh o. : e. (afd m« z e v. ..-. ›,. › stephenPleroey Qbdlscoarcade
  14. A brand is not SbephenPiereev eeeeeeeeee. Defining Brand
  15. The product. SbephenPiereev eeeeeeeeeee Defining Brand
  16. 'äiävçiiliiliâfäi-âä" Qodbcoavcadë
  17. Stephen Piercev Qâdlsooarcade Bi'ai'tti
  18. A brand is a person's gut feeling about a product, service or organization. Stephen Piercey uigüdiscoarcade
  19. supra-n Honey edbooucade Defining Brand
  20. Stephen Piercev Qâdlsooarcade Bi'ai'tti
  21. '. re« i' Å "x51 . gift ; ;2 : SJ: Gen ublic scephen neroev enn-concede Defining Brand
  22. Safety WM reliability human I niivi uaI sarcastic loyal www-w 'edt-omd- Defining Brand prestige
  23. radical radiCal radical radical radical . ”ad” radical www-w 'edt-omd- Defining Brand
  24. Stephen Piercev Qâdlsooarcade Bi'ai'tti
  25. lnñuence Brand StephenPiereey winner-zone Defining Brand
  26. tep Pi cey @discoarcade "It's not what you say it is. It's what they say it is. " Marty Neumeier, Defining Brand
  27. Compare a brand with its competition tephen Piercey iädiscoarcade n i
  28. çompare differences Stephen Piercey iigüdlscoarcade
  29. As brand managers Defining Brand
  30. Manage differences Stephen Piercey iigüdlscoarcade
  31. Stephen Piercev Qâdlsooarcade Bi'ai'tti
  32. Environment stephonPlcreev edhooarcado Brand
  33. Stcpixc n D: crccy cgidiscoarcade Language Defining Brand
  34. Attitudes Defining Brand
  35. Defining Brand sbephenPlercey@dlscoancade
  36. anno-annum østen-ud- ' Defining Brand
  37. _ gnu-menn« Defining Brand
  38. Stephen Picrcey @dlscoarcade Every little detail matters.
  39. _| , _ . __4 ___v q §f1_? %i›f; l_i*grimL; J sq . jÅLÅIÅ I? J w“/ S⁄'. =.': §': :; : IAf: ;j_: w('d§scga d", ', V _ _ ar. nl . ag q made
  40. Currently as consumers we have too many choices. www mmm Defining Brand
  41. As managers of our brand we have a very Iimitedrtime to make an impact; www man« Defining Brand
  42. i r[jf_ . _ A I i i i srenhenveercev amme Defining Bi-'aitçå
  43. Who are we? supra-n Honey (êldbooarcado Defining Brand
  44. stem. Piercey mmm Defining Bi-'aitd
  45. Why is it important? swmm mmm Defining Brand
  46. Stephen Piercev @dlsooarcade Biâitâ!
  47. t ; %"x › z; t ss; t s ; :frjrçlsisejrffiâljelä : FF. ". ., . _ _ . _. U tç'1:3il=3u| §f: §i! lä'9rêdisüiartâde Både . riff