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[Webinar] AWS Monitoring with Site24x7


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Monitor availability and performance of applications hosted in the Amazon cloud. Monitor your Amazon EC2 and RDS instances and gain insight into the performance of your cloud computing environment, troubleshoot and resolve problems before end users are affected.

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[Webinar] AWS Monitoring with Site24x7

  1. 1. Getting Started with AWS Monitoring Site24x7 Webinar Nov 4th, 2015
  2. 2. • Introduction to Site24x7 • Cloud Computing and its Features • Amazon EC2, RDS and S3 monitoring • Demand patterns - CPU utilization, Disk reads/writes, etc. • Alerting and reporting • Benefits of Site2x7 AWS Monitoring • Tips and Tricks Agenda
  3. 3. • Started in the 1950s with IBM Mainframe computing called RJE (Remote Job Entry process) • In 2002 Amazon Web Service provided a suite of cloud-based services including storage, computation etc.. • In 2006, Amazon launched its Elastic Compute cloud (EC2) as a commercial web service. Evolution of Cloud
  4. 4. • Cloud Computing is distributed computing on Internet. • Cloud computing refers to manipulation, configuration and access to the applications online. It offers data storage Infrastructure and application. • Offers three types of Service Models • Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) • Platform as a Service (Paas) • Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud Computing
  5. 5. • IaaS is the delivery of technology infrastructure, which provides resources such as Physical machines, virtual machine & storage etc. • PaaS offers runtime environment for applications, development and deployment tools etc. • PaaS supports the lifecycle of building and delivering web applications and services from the Internet. • SaaS is a software delivery methodology that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a web based service. Cloud Computing contd...
  6. 6. • Distributed Data Centers • Global presence • High computing power • Converged infrastructure Cloud computing benefits
  7. 7. Amazon Web Services EC2, RDS & S3 Monitoring from Site24x7
  8. 8. Site24x7 AWS Monitoring Architecture
  9. 9. Configuration Setting up AWS monitoring with Site24x7
  10. 10. Create an IAM user
  11. 11. Provide read only access
  12. 12. Obtain Access Key and Secret Access Key
  13. 13. Site24x7 Configuration page
  14. 14. • Create AWS IAM user with Read Only access privileges • Obtain Access Key and Secret Access Key • Create monitor • Auto discover resources How it works?
  15. 15. • Automatic Discovery of EC2 Instances • CPU Utilization, Network Traffic, Disk I/O • EBS Volumes • Volume Queue Length • Volume Read time • Volume Write time Amazon EC2 Monitoring
  16. 16. EC2 dashboard
  17. 17. EBS volume dashboard
  18. 18. EBS volume dashboard
  19. 19. • Automatic Discovery of RDS Instances • Availability, CPU Utilization, Storage Space • Plan capacity and allocate RDS instances Amazon RDS Monitoring
  20. 20. RDS dashboard
  21. 21. RDS dashboard
  22. 22. RDS dashboard
  23. 23. • Availability, Bucket Size, Number of objects, Virtual Folders • Capacity planning • Deep visibility into your cloud storage data together with performance stats on EC2, RDS and EBS volumes. • Verify access to resources stored in S3 buckets using Synthetic URL monitoring. Amazon S3 Monitoring Ensure Optimal Object Storage within Amazon S3 Buckets
  24. 24. S3 dashboard
  25. 25. Alert the right person at the right time
  26. 26. Reports
  27. 27. • Ensure high up-time and peak performance of your Amazon cloud resources • Gain insight into the performance of your cloud computing environment • Perform capacity planning in allocation of cloud resources Highlights
  28. 28. • Cost-effective • Historical data at no extra cost • A single console for monitoring your physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure • Get Notified the way you want • Scheduled Reports Benefits of Site24x7 AWS monitoring
  29. 29. Checkout the cost involved in CloudWatch Site24x7 offers all this for FREE!
  30. 30. • Group and name resources • Configure threshold for proactive notification • Do not delete the Instances, suspend it if not required Best Practices
  31. 31. Site24x7 Pricing
  32. 32. Site24x7 Customers across the Globe
  33. 33. Knowledge Base : Phone USA : +1 408 352 9117 AUS : +61 280 662 895 UK : +44 203 564 7893 IND : +91 44 67447070 (Extn : 7273) Site24x7 Product Queries : Site24x7 Sales Queries : Chat with us : Forums : Email Connect with us
  34. 34. THANKS Visit our website for upcoming webinars