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Real User Monitoring (RUM)


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Learn how end users experience your apps and get in-depth understanding of problems affecting real users. Analyze app performance from every aspect.

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Real User Monitoring (RUM)

  1. 1. Getting Started with Site24x7 Real User Experience Monitoring Site24x7 Webinar, 25th Nov 2015
  2. 2. • Introduction to Site24x7 • What is Real User Monitoring (RUM) monitoring? • RUM for Desktop, tablet, Mobile Web and Native Mobile Apps • Importance of RUM in End user experience monitoring • RUM Setup, features and functionalities • APM Insight integration - from the users click, to back end process • How Site24x7 RUM differs from others? • Best practices Agenda
  3. 3. Introduction - Who we are? Zoho Corp - Established in 1996 - Software. It's our Craft! 13 Millon Users 90,000+ Enterprise Companies 25,000+ Deployments by telecom service providers worldwide
  4. 4. End user experience monitoring • Flavors of End User Experience Monitoring • Synthetic (Active) • Real User Monitoring (Passive) • Synthetic Monitoring • Monitoring from a controlled environment • Real User Monitoring (RUM) • Real time customer emotion performance & analytics
  5. 5. > Synthetic - Uptime - Performance - Transaction > Real User Monitoring (RUM) - Real time customer emotion - Performance - Analytics Synthetic vs Real User Monitoring
  6. 6. What is Real User Monitoring (RUM) ? • Real User Monitoring is a Performance Monitoring software for desktop, mobile, web and native mobile applications (iOS & Android), from real user's perspective • It is not just an analytics tool, even though it does collect analytics metrics and analyze data • It is used to gain visibility into how the application is behaving, troubleshoot performance problems and fix them even before an user actually complains about it
  7. 7. Architecture
  8. 8. • Generate a small JavaScript snippet • Install it to the header or footer part of the HTML code of the web application that needs to be tracked • Once users access the applications via various browsers from different platforms and devices, the browsers capture and send application performance metrics How to setup RUM for Web?
  9. 9. Configuration Snapshot Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
  10. 10. How it works?
  11. 11. • User Browser Metrics • Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Android browser, Safari, etc. • Performance insight into various platforms • Desktop, Tablet, Mobile • Monitor individual Web Transactions • Page Rendering, Document Processing and Downloading • Complete Web Page Life Cycle Metrics • Redirection time, DNS resolution time and connection time • Segment performance by ISPs Real User Monitoring Metrics| Global Performance Visibility
  12. 12. • Internet Explorer 9 and above • Firefox 31 and above • Chrome 31 and above • Safari 8 • Opera 25 and above • Android Browser 4.1 and above • Chrome for Android 39 Supported Browsers
  13. 13. IT Admin Summary
  14. 14. Developer Summary
  15. 15. Web Transactions
  16. 16. Browser Performance
  17. 17. Global Response Time
  18. 18. Device Performance
  19. 19. ISP Performance
  20. 20. RUM Functionalities • Track web transactions • Track AJAX requests • Response time split-up • Front end (Browser) optimization • Native Mobile App optimization
  21. 21. Tracking Ajax Calls • Track Ajax calls to get deeper into your browser code • Track multiple Ajax requests from a single page • Ajax calls - Throughput, Response time, Component split up
  22. 22. • MVC - Model View Controller - is an emerging framework technology - used in client development • RUM enables users to collect metrics and monitor the performance of web applications that are built in MVC framework • You get response time, throughput, and component split up for these new client frameworks too Tracking MVC framework
  23. 23. • Integrating APM Insight with RUM, captures and displays the application's performance • Click on the browser • Time taken for the response • Backend time taken in processing the transaction • Integrated Browser time and the Server time helps in analyzing the metrics together • Individual transaction's performance is also tracked from browser click to browser display of response Front End and Back End Experience
  24. 24. Overview
  25. 25. Web Transactions
  26. 26. Web Transactions
  27. 27. RUM Analytics
  28. 28. • Tightly integrated front end through back end visibility by integration of Site24x7 APM Insight and Site24x7 RUM • Tracks any MVC framework based js clients like • angular js, ember.js and many more • Tracks AJAX requests • Track Web and Native Mobile Apps • Competitive pricing How Site24x7 RUM differs?
  29. 29. Site24x7 Pricing
  30. 30.  Use RUM information to better inform your Web/mobile development road maps  Determine if code changes or architectural/infrastructure changes had the desired efforts or cause errors and/or performance degradations for your users  Set the right Apdex score to understand the user's experience globally  Learn the performance of you webpage on different browsers Best practices
  31. 31. What types of Applications would you want to do Real User Monitoring for? a) Primarily Internet Web Applications b) Primarily Internal Applications used by office employees c) Both are equally important Please use the chat option in the webinar to type in our answer or send a mail to with subject "RUM webinar" A quick question to our users
  32. 32. Site24x7 Customers across the Globe
  33. 33. Knowledge Base : Phone USA : +1 408 352 9117 AUS : +61 280 662 895 UK : +44 203 564 7893 IND : +91 44 67447070 (Extn : 7273) Site24x7 Product Queries : Site24x7 Sales Queries : Chat with us : Forums : Email Connect with us
  34. 34. Visit our website for upcoming webinars Thanks