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Optimize the performance of your landing pages. Website monitoring for marketers


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Understand the impact of a slow website on your business and effectively spend your marketing budget to convert leads with Webpage Speed test from Site24x7.

About Site24x7:

Site24x7 offers unified cloud monitoring for DevOps and IT operations. Monitor the experience of real users accessing websites and applications from desktop and mobile devices. In-depth monitoring capabilities enable DevOps teams to monitor and troubleshoot applications, servers and network infrastructure including private and public clouds. End user experience monitoring is done from 50+ locations across the world and various wireless carriers. For more information on Site24x7, please visit

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Optimize the performance of your landing pages. Website monitoring for marketers

  1. 1. Optimize the performance of your landing pages Website monitoring for marketers
  2. 2. > Understanding webpage composition > The effects of a heavy webpage on SEO > Analyzing your page load time to ensure you spend your marketing budget effectively > Optimizing page load time to convert your leads into customers > Getting insights on page speed to optimize page performance > Monitoring your site from multiple global locations > Alerts and notifications to instantly notify on the availability status of a webpage Agenda
  3. 3. Websites are built using many domains and subdomains...
  4. 4. ...and with multiple references from third-party domains.
  5. 5. 1. Multiple domains and third-party scripts mean that there's a higher chance of a page breaking due to broken links or missing icons. 2. Some of the scripts could cause the entire page to slow down. 3. Building a webpage with multiple references from third-party domains could increase the page size and cause sluggishness. The effect?
  6. 6. Advertising and marketing campaigns that cost thousands of dollars per day could turn ineffective in the blink of an eye, causing a huge hit to your marketing spending.
  7. 7. Savvy Tech Users Monitor your websites in real time, 24x7 • Use Site24x7 to check if your website's performance has degraded or has experienced any issues • Site24x7 uses a real web browser (Firefox) • See how a first-time user will experience your webpage Find our which component is slowing down your website and how to speed it up.
  8. 8. 1. As marketers, your primary concern is converting potential leads. If pages load slowly for a potential customer, you might lose them at the conversion stage. 2. Take care of SEO: If two pages have the same SEO ranking, the one that loads faster will be ranked higher. 3. Lower bounce rate: Website visitors are likely to spend more time on webpages that load faster. 4. Have you had a look at the size of images on your webpage? Or how CSS or JavaScript are contributing to your total page weight? If not, it's about time you revisit your site content as it may be slowing down your webpage. Attention marketers!
  9. 9. Diagnose slow webpage components and optimize them with intelligent page insights from Site24x7.
  10. 10. Savvy Tech Users Full page download time • If a webpage has a lot of images, CSS, scripts, and HTML elements, you might need a content delivery network (CDN) • Waterfall charts track the performance of all subdomains • Includes third-party domains serving content
  11. 11. Savvy Tech Users Screenshots and page rendering • Actual screenshots of the monitored webpage during downtime • Requests summary: Pie charts showing every page components' size and the number of page components. The larger the component, the slower the page is going to be.
  12. 12. Identify what is slowing down a page • Page load time from every chosen global location • If a location has a higher load time, you might need a CDN
  13. 13. Compare with industry best practices • Analyze webpage performance to help optimize the page for a quicker load time • Isolate slow page components with the help of the PageSpeed score • PageSpeed insights provide suggestions for best practices that you might want to implement
  14. 14. Geek out and send performance data to your development team • Break down performance issues by domain • View the number of requests (images, fonts invoked in your page) sent for each domain under a particular URL • Identify the version of the HTTP protocol used to render the resource • View each domain's response time and single out the third-party domain that is consuming the highest load time
  15. 15. Failure screenshots • View a snapshot of the webpage taken during downtime • Effectively manage the first level of troubleshooting with the reason for downtime and the duration
  16. 16. Screenshot history • Look at historic screenshots of monitored pages and see what's changed, along with page load times over the last 10 days
  17. 17. Make troubleshooting easy for your technical team • Checks from multiple locations confirm the authenticity of the alert sent by Site24x7 • Ping analysis • TCP traceroute • MTR report • DNS analysis
  18. 18. Benchmark against industry standards • Compare your website's performance with competitors • View comparisons across various industry verticals
  19. 19. Monitor from inside your office • Monitor internal URLs • Test the resources from inside your own office or from a remote branch office • Download On-Premises Poller, lightweight software that gives you visibility from both outside and within your data center and serves as a private monitoring location Data center 1 Data center 2 On-Premises Poller On-Premises Poller
  20. 20. Monitor from 90+ checkpoints across the globe
  21. 21. Alerts and notifications Email SMS Voice call Instant messaging
  22. 22. 10,000+ customers across the globe Scalability: • Billions of incoming metrics • SaaS software built from the ground up • Proven Zoho platform serving over 30 million users
  23. 23. crafted at Visit us at: Site24x7